Saturday, December 31, 2016

Which sexual tribe are you in?

It seems that there were three, now a fourth sexual tribe has developed, the poly's. These sexual groups behave like tribes; they are hostile to all other groups. Gays, trans, mono or normal's, and now the poly's.

The human animals do not throw true to our sex, some have physical issues, other have psychological based sexual issues. Others are just never satisfied. Mono relationships are likely the most common, and are the most likely to provide healthy mentally balanced children. Poly's cause many family separations, and I cannot see how they can not cause jealousy, or lack of caring about the offspring, lack of support of questionable offspring and similar issues.

The poly goes around hitting on every one they feel attracted to. They cause much resentments, and much distress and unwanted effort to rebut. Some of them are far too pushy, and need to be publicly shut down. Their behavior can be discussing, even repugnant to normal mono's.  

Those who are beyond reproduction age only have relationships to be concerned about. But since these appears to be tribal like, anyone jumping between tribes can expect that some will not be happy about across tribal communications. In other words, when a parent becomes poly, they may lose the respect of their children, and also the attachment of the child.

A skeptics/atheists do not want our time, devoted to the study, to be wasted or diluted or wasted with poly perverts promotion, and took steps to ban a waster who is promoting poly rather than the study of atheism. There mistake was to publicly state the ban, rather then privately.

 Whether the hitting on was real, innuendo, or imaginary, unwelcome hitting on the prime organizer of the event may have caused a overreaction, and as a result they became 'person non grata.' Together with a bunch of complains from the previous year for time wasting on non advertised subject, decisions were made to not only not invite him as speaker, but to outright pan the individual. Oh well, there are always issues in organizations. Splits will occur. It is time to move on, but not in the USA. Sue the offender, and destroy the organization and the prime organizer.          

Saturday, December 24, 2016

US Customs

the day after festivus, -15C, light snow....and not enough snow on the ground to cover plowed field. 

Does this mean that those of us who have spoken out against the Trump idiot are not going be allowed into the US now after January? Although I no longer have a current Canadian passport just because I never bothered to renew it when it expired back whenever that was, some time in the future, I may have changed my mind. Or is the US going to take a bigger dislike of atheists, and consider us potential terrorists, when in general the religious are much easier to radicalize for there lack of rational thoughts.

I do not plan to go south for the winter either, as I could not take my dog, who is more important to me than a lot of people. Oh well, that says where my proprieties are at.

So could an atheist could use "Oh god" as an expletive or Oh g0d as an explanative? but how would one pronounce g0d? gzerod?

Enough foolishness.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Festivus, a tradition for some since 1997. Steinfeld. A festival for the rest of us.  Festivus pole, beer cans and duct tape. No deterioration. Speak your grievances, and feats of strength. Oh well.

Most cultures celebrate the end of this year or the beginning of the next about this time of the year. A festival of lights at the dark time of year or something. Saturnalia or old Rome, to celebrate  the end of harvest and clean up the eat early portion of harvest. It was a slow agriculture work time for a bit, so why not have a celebration. Now we do it to excess perhaps.

Further north the natives burned big logs on the longest night of the year, and likely for a while to keep warm and provide a bit of light. The fierce Quadi decorated trees; with what, I have no idea, to mark their territory. Yule was born. Along come the Christians and add there concepts to the annual seasonal solstice or cultural/religious celebration, and take gifting to new extremes of excess, and we have the present situation. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The Celts celebrated eight time a year, the solstices and equinox and midpoints. Their greatest fear was the sky falling, aka meteorites, as they had experienced. They were a prolific culture, expanding from their root area to all of northern Europe and beyond. Add to their holidays a few christian holidays, and we have the current situation. Reminds of the Life of Pi, where Pi tries to follow three religions. A lot of holidays. Oh well.

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the cold part of the year, so heat, fire and lights would naturally be a big part of any celebration, as would be food and drink, much drink likely. Story telling is the original art, and that would feature in any celebration. Repeating the stories of old, a history lesson of sorts, modified by each story teller down through the ages, to improve, or as remembered or as created. The Stoics suggest we periodically go back to the behavior of that time for a few days, just to accustom ourselves to being without. Such an exercise willingly will remind us of the past and "prevent us getting to soft" as was one of their concerns. (like Epictetus frags 13) ( or Marcus Aurelius  somewhere) Oh well, a bit of soul carrying around a dead body.        

Monday, December 12, 2016

Fake News and Religion

The similarity of fake news and religions became obvious on reading this. Lies, bullshit and a good story have this lack of truth in common. Fake new is just fake, as is much in religion. Both masquerade as truth. Therein lies the problem, we the people do not have time to test everything, and have assume them to be true. The more correct assumption is assume it is a lie until collaboration, or evidence is produced.

Since coming out as an Atheist, I have realized the hatred, intolerance, bigotry, ever persecution that Christian and Islam religious display toward the non religious. I was not prepared for the back lash that stating that I am an atheist caused.  Oh well.  It is true and is done.

I also had not realized the amount of intolerance that still is present in Canada 2016 toward the atheists. This is mostly from the so called Christians. Oh well, it says something about there actual beliefs, not what they claim to believe. More false self concepts. It is utterly impossible to understand that these people, who preach tolerance, understanding and love can be so intolerant, brutal, and savage. All I can say is "forgive them, for they know not what they do."

The foundation of science is the hypothesis that is supported with evidence, and is not falseafiable by any known test. Even then, any hypothesis can be questioned, but if there is no evidence, them perhaps it is true. Perhaps not also. We can assign probability, and generate a likely solution.

In reality, most people do not want to think to hard about these subjects, for they see the potential conflict and would rather just go along not openly saying anything. It is only those of us with mental issues, a need to know, or to be correct, that causes a problem for us in not knowing. Oh well.

At this season of
may reason prevail.
There are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
no heaven or hell.
There is only
our natural world.
Religion is but
myth and superstition
that hardens hearts
and enslaves minds.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lock her up!

I think this call shows a general discontent with government. She is out of touch with the reality of we working class. She says higher cost for those of us on small incomes is " good for the economy" , when in reality we have to either take the extra costs from our slim savings, or from other necessary items in the "budget". Retirement is about learning to do without. Being governed is all about paying the government too much and receiving little in return.

Government needs to be downsized, or decentralized. It has tried centralization, and that removes the decision making too far from the effected people. It just creates more problems than it solves. Oh well, lock her up.

"Lock her up" is a call that expresses discontent, but cannot happen in a elected environment. Oh well, we can still make the call. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Point of not Return, Climate wise

 We are past the point of no return. Will Trump realize this in time to stop the destruction of all humans so that you can just suffer a major die-off? That is the question.

So the Arctic was 20C warmer this summer than the long term average. Methane hydrate is starting to melt. We are losing Arctic sea ice.

The methane atmosphere will do the most damage. Humans and mammals do not do well in this atmosphere yet. Methane keeps the heat in; the northern latitudes will be sauna, the central latitudes to hot to live in, except perhaps underground. Oh well, I will be dead by then. But the children of today will be here to see it, it is coming that quick.

We cannot stop it at this point, we could moderate the damage a bit, but if the US does not, no one else will. US and China are the two big emitters now.

The earth carbon cycle could handle 1960 level of human carbon production. That's it, that's all. No one has been willing to stop in the last 50 years. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.  

But why do not other people see this and do something? No one is going to stop unless they have too. That is the basic problem.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vitriol on Religious

This post is about the religious arrogance and stupidity of those who believe  that god has all power and this allows not having personal responsibility for anything that happens. Providence is not a real physical concept, what happens is in the past by the time we thing about it, that is the problem. We should do nothing until we think about it.

Providence is we simply are unaware of all the factors, decisions of others and choices made to lead up to an event. We chose to believe it is all luck, which it is not.

Speed is dangerous, for those that speed, should carry the liability of those actions. I know that single axle trucks and school buses have a high center of gravity and are unstable on curves. Lose loads, like children, and reverse crown make this worse. School buses have repeated routes, so the driver should have know all the typical conditions. If we is that aggressive of driver, should he be driving children? So what am I on about?

So this religious person is not willing to assign responsibility, or take responsibility for their actions. Well at least the mother not. That is a dangerous attitude for anyone. This person is not involved, but this sort of dangerous attitude is what causes these religious people to fail to take responsibility for there own actions. Failure to take responsibility, self forgiveness for atrocities committed to benefit one's self, must be considered a crime to humanity. It is sociopathic behavior, and should be called out as such. It is like Hitler's "how terrible for you." No society should permit such sociopathic behavior, nor the organizations that support such attitudes.

Failure to follow the laws of society shows a lack of respect for society, which is the essential definition of sociopathic behavior. Now granted there are some laws that the reason for there existence may be a control freak city council, cash cows like photo radar, or some other city council personality issue. There may also be conditional or time dependent needs for some laws, that full time enforcement is applied. Not rational, but the law conditions.

Speed is dangerous in other ways. We typically make traffic decisions based on distance, not the speed of drivers. We would otherwise need to study the speed and distance of oncoming traffic, which would require waiting a bit more time to make decisions, which we often do not have. When pulling out onto a busy roadway, we often know how much space we need, but if someone is coming at twice the speed limit, we need twice the space. I frequently turn onto a main road with a 80 kmh speed limit, onto a road suitable for a 100 kmh speed limit, where people frequently travel 120 to 140 kmh. Now should I assume everyone is a sociopath, or everyone is law abiding? On that road I am forced to assume everyone is a sociopath until proven otherwise.

But to get back to the wrong thing that religion trains into people, that is the basic cause of terrorism. Training that our life does not matter, and that death is a glorious thing, better than living this life is just training terrorism. It is just training sociopaths. It is a small step from this mother to a bomber. Once we realize that death is final, that afterlife is pure fiction, fantasy, bullshit, then we are open to testing if there is a god or not, and as soon as we test, we see that a god is similar fantasy, Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Irrational Muslims

Those Muslims are just irrational, crazy, what else one could call them.

How we value things, both moral goods and physical goods, has a lot to do with how we live. If we value food, eating, perhaps time at the dinner table more than a trim body, we can become overweight. That is a hard one to reason with. What do you (I) value in your (my) life?

But so are some so called christians.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Need for religion

Religion provides a community within our modern society. Even based on a fallacy, there is something comforting about being with group of well meaning people. There core concept is just wrong, their reason for doing as they do is wrong but there behavior, well some of it is right. It come down to some of everything is likely wrong.

Now on average do churches do any good? Well there is no doubt that they do some good and some bad, they hold back development, birth control, treatment of disease, the protectors of traditions, weather that tradition is right or wrong. There is also no doubt that up until about a hundred years ago, they were on average better than the alternative, nothing. Now, I am not so sure. We live in an overpopulated world. We have too many people, problems of food distribution, labor distribution, aka abandon all that we worked for and move to some other area and start over. Some will say sure, others of us will just stay here and struggle until we die.

Some people accumulate things, others have no attachment to there surroundings, and just rent. These are two very different mindsets, or foundation beliefs.  

The issue, as I see it is continuing education at a social level. We grew up in a limited society. As we change, as the world changes around us, we need time to learn, people to learn from, and that societal anchor, which religion provided for some. There in is the problem, the anchor is just gone in modern cities. It has become irrelevant to the next generation, as a useless residual organization, yet it still has benefits to offer, namely some form of community. 

The biggest issue with churches are the top down control of thing like abortion, birth control, easing of pain, suffering, etc where it is the individuals which will be effected, not church official in the Vatican or elsewhere. They have no right to try to control others from the grave. There only right is we let them do it, we seek the advice of the elders, but we are not bound to there advice. Moving on is not easy, but it is the individual that must do it, not the organization. Governments add one more layer of control freak-ism to our society.

So what right does the government have to control social concepts or our drug use? Too much control and we will rebel. As we approach the end of our lives, we need to have more methods of pain control, some of which actually work.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Help defeat ISIL

In order to defeat ISIL, we must inoculate all the people from becoming radicalized, both here and abroad. This is the elimination of wrong memes within our traditions, our cultures, and language. We need to identify and eliminate garbage ideas.

There are still people who believe the earth is flat and the sun rotates around the earth. This will be a long haul.

The first big meme is that there is a god. This meme must be eliminated. When we create two diametrically opposed hypothesis, one saying there is a god, the other saying there is no god, the evidence all seems to indicate there is no god.

The evidence must be real, and not hear-say. That eliminates all the old "holy books", and all old religious papers. Those people who cannot be called upon to testify and be examined.

So religion must be abandoned, and logic must take over. That will change the world. Oh well.

There should be a word to describe these sorts of concepts, that have been handed down without testing.  Wait, there is, myths. Yes, religions are myths, but we should keep the few truly logical lessons that come out of the stories.  That is to say that which is common to most religions, or at least the "do as I say" parts and abandon the do as I do parts. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Moving On

It is time to accept the environmental loss that is coming and prepare for the future, as best we can predict the future. If the Co2 is not controlled, we can expect climate warming, drying of the Southern US, Mexico, and people on the move northward to where the climate is more suitable for human activities. I expect that there will be seasonal migration as well, where people are trying to avoid winter.

One of the antidotes to high Co2 is dust in the atmosphere to block sunlight, nuclear winter if you like. Ozone production is another. Ozone oxidizes methane at low temperatures, and thereby reduces the methane and methane effect. That would be one way of storing solar energy, spit water into oxygen and hydrogen, store the hydrogen for night use, and convert the O2 to O3 with a bit more electricity. Release the O3, to clean our O2 of all sorts of nasties. We can live with trace amounts of O3 and dust.

Clean air Rachel Notley will not like that but that is but one choice if we are unable to keep Co2 down. We will lose much of the ocean and lake fish, and with that there will be a shortage of omega 3 oils. To some extent grass feed beef can make that up, but only grass feed beef. Humans will be eating jellyfish where they are dependent on fish for protein. Oh well.

Canada will need to become tough to deal with Trump. No more NAFTA, but we are likely to develop medical tourism with Mexico. Many of our imported vehicles will come from Mexico, China, Korea, perhaps even India. Expect the US to become protectionist. They will not honor many of there treaties either, so US will lose credit rating quickly.

Oh well, we live in a rapidly changing world. Who knows what the new US government will do next year, 68 days from now.


Friday, November 11, 2016

Orange haired asshole

Asshole tweets" Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"

like you know anything about fair, you asshole... 

“I am the flail of god. Had you not created great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

"The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you,
to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears,
and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters."
or was it more like:
Man's highest joy is in victory: to conquer one's enemies; to pursue them; to deprive them of their possessions; to make their beloved weep; to ride on their horses; and to embrace their wives and daughters.

aka; displace, loot, pillage, plunder, destroy, rape

“Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.”
Genghis Khan

Now comes the whining about all resistance, decedents, and media, and that just from the tangerine head.

He is a nasty little ego with no magnanimity.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Now for Climate Change

These are exciting time. Change just got a big push. It will soon be politically correct to be a sociopath, when the US elected one as president elect. Those who voted for him have four years to change there minds, and see the removal of all social support systems. It will be each man for himself now. Crime will increase, policing will increase, the prisons will be death sentences, and the rich will get richer.    

Now that Trump is coming in, any cooperation with the reduction of Co2 is not going to happen. What is the next logical step? There is no point flogging a downed horse.

What is the antidote to high Co2, high methane? Well that is dirt in the atmosphere, nuclear winter, asteroid strike, to block the sun light for a while. So shutting down coal plants, and clean coal plants are suddenly out, dirt coal is the way to go. Blow soot into the air, to block out the sun. China has it right. Carbon capture on land as grow high oxygen producing, carbon fixing plants. Cattails and sedges, rice, in the sewage, and kill two problems at once. Oh well, I am not in charge, and nobody listens to the unpleasant but a correct answer to the problem. Plant potatoes corner post to corner post, and cabbage.

We the people need to learn to live with much less, and to die earlier. We need to lower our expectations to a life of struggle, and relearn self sufficiency, and community self-sufficiency,  where the community needs little from the outside world.  We need to relearn community cooperation, where the ideals of a commune can be practiced. That would fix a government; there would be no way to collect taxes beyond expropriation. Welfare, is the solution, all pile onto the system, and soon, we will be free of the government.

Other alternatives are tax revolt, or as the US did, elect a radical... Trump. We have or soon will pass the Co2 point of no return. Climate change is on us. Trying to keep the rise below 2 degrees C has been lost by electing Trump; 10 degrees as a target is now possible. Inland Canada will not too bad off for a time. I am glad I am retired now. I expect a big die off of population, and I could be part of the first wave of the correction to overpopulation through extreme hot climate. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day of Trump vs. Clinton

The US election is upon us. Both of the main choices are less than ideal, but the US will bare the blunt of this choice. Trump does not lie, for to lie is to know it is false, he is a bullshiter, as he does not know what is true or not, and does not care. Hillery, has experience, and little will change, yet it need to.

No one has the right to push their views on others, and I do not have the right to push my views on others, at least in trivial matters like religion, abortion, gays, politics, yet the government does push it laws onto us, and we submit to a point. I can lay out my views, where you can examine and pick over. The US may have a few radicals who get out of hand after this election. Oh well, that is in the US, where I fear to tread.

The most pressing issue is temperature rise and green house gasses, co2, methane, CFCs. These are gasses that are lighter than air, but still attracted to the earth. The carbon dioxide level is over 400ppm, and will clime fast until spring. We are at the point of no return, all governments will need to force carbon dioxide cuts on all populations. No government can be exempt. If any do not comply, there will be no progress on the issue, and the earth will be doomed to higher temperature, which is the likely outcome. There is a correlation to population, but it is in least partly causation, depending on how well we live. By the time Co2 climes to 475ppm, methane, from seeps and methane hydrates thawing will also be so high that we will have a real fast temperature rise. We are at the point of no return in temperature rise, save nuclear winter. Oh well, the politicians are not listening.

Ozone is the only solution, to oxidize the methane and CFC at high altitude and low temperatures, that and dirt in the atmosphere to cause cooling... or to learn to live and the new higher temperatures, until nuclear winter, and then learn to live with cold temperatures. That will be the likely outcome. Human life, in a overpopulated world will have even less value. We will just terminate the terminators, with government license. Lung disease, drug resistant bacteria, food issues, new diseases, and bigger ranges of warn areas disease may be some of the population reducers. Civil unrest is likely to be also major factors. Oh well. in the end we all just die anyway. Death is inevitable, growing old is not.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Damn Government

Trudeau, the gutless, is saying no more pipeline, Alberta, but forcing us to figure out what he is saying. There is just no way to comply with what he is asking for. This means there can be no expansion in the oil sands, just the status quote of steady production. This is not an entirely bad thing. It just means the oil sands will be there much longer. Oh well, slow steady production is not that bad.

So the government just fined a deaf school for not treating a teacher with a guide dog better. There were children with allergies, and the teacher was moved to a small classroom where she and here dog could receive allergy free children. An impossible situation for the institute, and the government fined them for not doing better. Stupid Politically Correct movement, stupid government. These allergies and free access for guide dogs are just logically incompatible. The school was in a lose/lose situation. It had no choice.

Compassion is a virtue, but not stupid compassion. Indians do not want a Habitat style housing program, they want total gift, but are not willing to do the maintenance on their housing. WTF. Why should we keep on giving? Either grab a brain, or suffer. It is a cultural issue, native cultural problem. It is up to them to change. Perhaps we need to explain the facts of modern life to them.   

Thursday, November 3, 2016

So WTF are Christian Values

Obviously not compassion since these Christians are not willing to allow correction of bad situations which people find themselves in. 

Obviously heavy on the control freak/do as I say culture.

Obviously not much for personal freedom, but for heavy handed forcing their culture onto the next generation.

Obviously not much on accepting science advancements, genetic knowledge, geology, evolution.

So WTF would I care about what they think?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Error - error - error

"Sending good-paying factoring jobs overseas"  but that is not what is happening. We the people are choosing to buy the most low cost products, not local product. As a result we cannot compete with the foreign producers that have lower cost of production. The local jobs just dry up and blow away, unless a country produces tariffs or the like to equalize the price.

The third world has few well paying jobs, certainly not in factories. Perhaps a few factory owners. They may be among the 1% of their country.  

Now I am Canadian and in Canada. We went through this a few years ago with the US lumber, where the US violated the free trade agreement. US lumber production is more expensive, mainly due to the price of standing trees. In the US, most are private. We still have some crown trees in bits of Canada, and our government is not as greedy as the US land owners when it comes to trees. 

The US government thinks this is unfair, so they imposed a significant tax on our lumber when it crosses the border, and that acts as a subsidy to the US producers, keeping them in business. Canada should have placed a export to the US duty, and kept the money in Canada, but our government has no political will for such things.   

A country must do something to help develop jobs inside her borders. Note that I am using the feminine pronouns, for reason is not a political strong suit. Oh well. 

In the end the customer vote with their wallets or feet. In this globalization, many lose, while the no value added transport industry and fuel industry benefits. Oh well, the rich one percent always get richer, and the rest of us struggle. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Be Aware of the Thought Police

We have government goons with guns running around creating bad situations in traffic and writing tickets for anyone who does not handle the situation within the letter of the law. Baiting and trapping. Revenue generation. Not for the public good, just another form of taxation.

Now the government is trying telling us what to think. They can regulate against behavior, but not against thought. We can think they are idiots, we cannot call them idiots. The government has just got silly, and must be treated as silly, for the lack of a better word.

Behavior is cultural. Those who live in the ghetto do not like those outside the ghetto. Those outside are not permitted to express their dislike for those within the ghetto, but those in the ghetto can do or say anything. There is no way to enforce the law. Prison is a better living condition than they have now in some cases. Only there freedom to choose body location is removed from them. Many were too nervous to leave there ghetto before, so what does prison take away?  Nothing they value much anyway.

If government thinks it can change our thinking, it is just silly. Religion has always been just silly anyway. Our thinking is the only thing we have control over. The government can abuse people, but they cannot enforce logic on themselves, and not force ideas onto people. It just cannot be done, even if the idea is good. They may be able to sell the idea, but they will need to state the benefits and drawbacks. Mixed culture have never worked in the past. So who thinks this one can work?

We cannot go around making posters that say the government, colors, or religions are ignorant of the nine point scale of truth, or that they are just silly. We cannot say they are just wrong, but we can certainly think it and teach it to our children, privately. We can certainly teach our children to be psychopaths and sociopaths, anti-social money wasters, religious freaks, criminal, and like depraved sorts. The government does not even speak out against such activities, but say something against a group of people who are causing local unrest in the population, and you are a public enemy. There needs to be a bit of uniformity in the logic. No group can be considered better, more important to protect that the herd. But that is what we have.

If we hung up fliers saying stomp out criminals, would anyone care? So if the government wishes to change the public culture, it better know what it is doing, but it is obvious it does not.        

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Painting on a Purpose of/in Life

There is no genetic purpose of life beyond reproduction, and it is not important to reproduce anymore; humans are too effective at that now. We need to paint on a personal purpose, one to give meaning to our own lives. This search for meaning, value becomes the prime motivation in our lives. Frankl saw this in his life and wrote "Man's Search for Meaning." What we chose should be clear of money, power, prestige, perhaps happiness, and be open ended, for these are more a function of luck than our effort. We should apply meaning to something within our control, and that way we are more likely to to be able to acheive success.

We are free to change our search several times each day. First we can serve our clients, our employer, and provide a service that has value to us to the end client or customer. Work that provides something that we do not value will be just for the revenue, which is not good motivator long term for some. If it is just money, that unethical gains become the easy way, and become the default, which is not good for society. We need some money, but we also need to enjoy our work and life. We must become willing to live on the funds that an occupation can generate. Greed is not a good characteristic, but it is heavily promoted as good in modern life. Evil mass media.

There is no doubt that my search for meaning drove my life in the past. It was first to get enough together, money, to leave my ancestral home and assumed occupation. There was a change from away from something to toward something. Then to get enough together to get an education, than to get that education, expand that into a career, step wise. Along the way I lost interest in much of the industry, so much bullshit for so few good projects. Oh well, I retired.
Now the search for meaning takes a different direction, money is not the primary concern, but a secondary issue. That is much better but has much less urgency and less future.

I agree with what Frankl saw as the meaning that provides the primary motivation for action. It is essential for life, but along the way are the rules of conduct that keep us from doing wrong, our virtues that we select, for life. Stoic and Buddhist concepts outline life much better in this area, but Frankl provides the understanding for motivation better than anyone. Maslow and Adler fix up the broken, Positive Psychology Friedman and Seligman outline the requirements, many religions provide a complete system if we have " buy in" into there hypothesis presented as facts, but untruth is easy to spot. There are no god's. There is nothing beyond this life, make it or not. There is nothing wrong with an ordinary life. That is what we should aspire to, as it is the most likely outcome. Being extraordinary is more luck and chance of birth, genes, and opportunity that under our control.

Now what is under our control? Our attitude, our ability to choose our attitude, our ability to choose our beliefs, our values, our ability to ascent or decent to concepts, ideas, proposals, our likes, dislikes, and to make thing neutral, not caring about, to some extent, and now our meaning which is the seed of motivation, from which effort comes. The Stoics had similar ideas of what was within our control and what was not. Oh well, itewajda (in the end we all just die anyway.)

Until then, however, we live in an overpopulated world that is losing the environmental race. We are headed for a rough patch, declining fish stocks, air quality problems, increasing carbon dioxide, declining oxygen, declining sea ice, and once that sea ice goes, methane release from the melting methane hydrate. That will be the near end of humans, the great die off. Those who survive will be able to live and reproduce in a hot dry climate, until the next dust producing event. Oh well, itewajda.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

meaning of life

There is none. Pleasure, good life of doing right (Stoic), a life of purpose, a life of meaning, be it aimed at ego, understanding, wealth generation, farming, trade, profession, what ever in meaningful to the individual. It is a choice, what are we content with. Most of us do not start out with a clear plan or direction in our life, rather we start, and make decisions as opportunities present themselves. Some create opportunities at school age, other struggle for survival, even in Canada.

I grew up without, living without much was economical, so education fairly economical to start. By the time my formal education ended, it was far from economical. I had undergone hedonistic adaption.

We humans are an opportunistic animals. When we see an opportunity... we take it. Oh well, itewajda.

We start with a hypothesis... and we are off to test that hypothesis... I want to be in the construction industry I think... and then it is too damn cold to be outside in the winter... I need an education... what are my choices? Pick one, and do it. What are my choices for employment? Pick one and do it? Advancement, security, benefits, poor. More education, and the situation is not any better.

There is an underlying hypothesis that education increases the chances of prosperity. This is false. Luck, choice of fields (largely luck, genetics, skills, interests are largely luck), and the time and changes in the economy of the time make such a impact on employment possibilities. Effort, concentration, work are important but more is just luck. A poor memory and work will not equal a gifted memory. Oh well, itewajda.

We start with a concept, an hypothesis, and if it is right, we do well, if it fails to be true, oh well, itewajda. The hypothesis is an unknown, assumed to be true, until shown not to be, or remains unknown.

Many hypothesis are just our best guess at the time, and with more information, are still resistant to change. We adopt hypothesis as true when we are raised with those hypothesis being assumed to be true.  Religions, are examples of hypothesis systems that have built up out of lesser hypothesis. Many are built up to promote a selected group of virtues, obedience to a story and institution being one of the necessary virtues. Once we become obedient to facts, truth, analysis, the whole religion thing falls apart. We see it for what it is, a hypothesis system.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hypothesis, Hypothesis, all is hypothesis, until we can prove it.

Definition: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. So all is hypothesis, until we can prove it. God, gods and the various concepts, no god atheism is also; however, when there are two opposing hypothesis, only one or neither can be correct. Evidence toward one is away from the other, we grow toward the more correct in science. Religions are dying for lack of evidence; yet they hold on. Starting hypothesis, formed without any knowledge are usually wildly wrong. This can almost always assumed. When there are many different, they are likely all wrong, except for the universal opposed, like there is no god. 

Once we start to look at religion as hypothesis, and each story as a separate hypothesis, it becomes apparent that each was an attempt at explanation, and we know more today, so the new hypothesis is more correct, yet are lacking. When we/I look at these as hypothesis, it becomes easier to let go of the lesser hypothesis.  

Considering the triune brain, physical, emotional, and rational behaviors, thoughts, and looking at US presidential election, the emotions are in the way of rational decisions. Religion is in the way of rational progress in society, and in the criminal element. Make drugs legal, but regulated and tax it. That is the only way to get control of the drugs, otherwise the US is just playing whak-a-mole. 

Mixed race culture has never worked in the past, except when one was subservient. What makes the government think it can work today? Canada has a problem with natives, Us with blacks, and everybody has a problem with Islams. Carbon dixoide is on the rise worldwide. The real problem is overpopulation, so what is the obvious solution? Pakistan - India tried it, and did it work? Not well. So we need a new hypothesis, and I suggest the problem is overpopulation, and the antibiotic resistance bacteria are the world's solution. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Logos goes to My Logos to The Logos

First what does it mean?

Here's Wiki:  It is a Greek word meaning "ground", "plea", "opinion", "expectation", "word", "speech", "account", "reason", "discourse",[1][2] but it became a technical term in philosophy beginning with Heraclitus (c. 535–475 BCE), who used the term for a principle of order and knowledge.[3]

Others: "reasoned discourse", "premise", "word","logic",

 and finally:   the rational principle that governs and develops the universe or  the rational principle that governs the universe, humans and directions for a good life. 

So there is a bit of uncertainty in the translation. Just depends on who is speaking... so it becomes a personal journey. It could go from the logos to my logos, for others may have a different opinions. Yet the logos should trend toward right thinking, therefore in the limit should approach truth, hence the logos may be more appropriate. 

So the logos here are the rational principles that govern the development of a rational future life. It is not about making a living, but how we live, and think, and in the end behave and do. It is about overcoming emotions, which are our automatic first responses, genetic, epigenetic and trained into the organism.  We are never done learning and adapting, so as we go, our personal logos grows and changes. Much is gathered from philosophy and other studies.   

The logos is about principals, concepts lifted from other and reproduced, it is about bits of culture separated from there source, it is about truth and story's. Story is used here to describe a tale which is knowingly untrue, created as an explanation for the unknown, for we humans seem to be more at peace with a falsehood than an unknown. Story should be replaced with facts, truths, even when the truth is unpleasant. What is truth? It is a continuum from absolutely true to absolutely false with unknown in the middle. Seven and nine point scales are often used to represent this concept. 

The logos is not traditional behavior, although it may be. These are two separate processes, one with the input of the ancestors and community, while the other is a rational process without regard to where it is from or how it fits with the attitudes of others. In the Oriental philosophies, tradition rates higher than reason some of the time, but logos places reason and logic above tradition. This sorting of priories is in conflict with tradition; we do it this was because we always have. We are approaching or at the turning point in human society, earth population and resources, carbon dioxide levels, energy, systemic economic overpopulation, inter-religion intolerance, race intolerance, intercultural intolerance, rebellion against government policies, political/military/police control freaks; which one will be the first in your area to blow up. 

We need to settle for ourselves which to support, which are worth supporting, and which are worth dying over.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Purpose in Life

Finding a purpose for our life is one of Positive Psychology (PP) suggestions for a successful life, what ever that is. When we look at religions, most tell us how to live a good life, but the definition of good varies so much as to be mutually exclusive, aka cannot coexist. So WTF? When I look at any of the belief systems, there is some garbage in them all, as well as in PP, yet in all there are truths. Some of the truths are common throughout; yet each group has exceptions. Buddhism is peace based, and ignores the military forces necessary to maintain a country. Stoicism deals with much but Epictetus acknowledged a god, beyond nature. He did outline five possibilities and leaves it up to the student of philosophy to make a decision or not.

There is the Pleasant life, the Good life, the Meaningful life, the life with Purpose, where the meaning and/or purpose can be picked from a long list. We can switch along the way; we can run two or more and switch for parts of the day or week. We can do only part of the total meaning or purpose, leaving the hard part or just selected parts out. Consider the environmental movement; a good cause, and a major portion of the final solution will be birth control and immigration control, to control population. The Alberta Government will attach the production of industrial carbon, but is unwilling to much on the demand side, which is going to be the only way in the final solution, which will take hundreds of years to develop. Some things are just rationally compatible. Oh well, itewajda.

So what would the universal belief system look like? Well, it would be correct in a scientific way, truth would be one of the cornerstones. Yet truth is an abstract reality; better understood after looking at "the best current knowledge", and truth being the ultimate limit value of the function. We do not know what the final truth is but we ratchet closer to it all the time in science. There is no god is what we are trending toward, so in all probability, there is no god. Some of us have accept this and moved forward; there is no supernatural; no life after death in any form, no reason to pray beyond verbalization of thoughts and perhaps a better self understanding from that verbalization. So what is our purpose now?

Many religions say and think that the only purpose is to serve god, or some such nonsense. Life is the universal purpose, and to make that life comfortable is a secondary purpose, possible to make it comfortable for all or many is also in the running. Warm, fed, clothed- after that all is luxury. And if your priories do not match up with mine, you are on your own. If you want drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc, it is beyond what we are willing to provide, you are on your own.

So what happens when we stop wanting, stop wanting to do things? Just stop caring? About others, and about doing anything beyond sitting and watching the human circus? Online one can just watch, the pointless movement, and idiots flailing about without clear purpose.

It is apparent to me that purpose of life is life, and we can paint on any purpose in life, and if we believe it, all is good. Greed is the purpose of many, the search for money, while other take on mundane thing like defining what and how to build a suitable foundation for structures, roads, lines, and other such things. After a while we get old and cannot or do not want to do it any more. 

Ultimately, a great purpose would be to write the Logos, v 0.1 outline.   


Friday, September 30, 2016

Spread of Misinformation

Here more spread of misinformation.

Post death section of the brains on autistic, normal and dyslexic people can be identified accurately by the spacing of the neuron columns in the brain. The autistic represent the short end of the distribution, while the dyslectic represent the long end, but the number of samples was small at the time of the Eide study. This is post death identification, not the cause of the long or short distribution. As this is normal distribution, there may be no cause other than natural distribution. The problem is one of brain structure, hence diet of mother and child are also subject. Vegan diets are correlated to some autistic children; that is to say that Vegans more frequently have autistic children.

Now comes the second issue, that the child needs to be 2 or 3 before development has progressed to the point that a diagnosis could ever be made, more often 8 or 10. So the inoculation then diagnosis is very shaky as a cause. A lot happens in development.

Previous generations pushed all these sort of people out of school as slow, and never tried to address the real problem. It is therefore impossible to examine change of frequency over time or between cultures and nationalities. Neuron spacing data is too sparse yet to show any trend between races.

As the autistic/dyslexic issue is brain structure/brain development issue, by the time it is diagnosed the problem exists, and nothing beyond learning to live with it can be done. Living as a dyslexic is such fun, and it is associated with poor memory for literal strings, to add to the issues. Yet dyslexics often have other advantages, fixity of knowledge, ability to sort and eliminate non matching concepts. Spell-checkers has made writing so much easier, but there are word usage issues and similar word issues that spell-checker is of no help for. Grammar checkers have a way to go yet.  

So when I see someone promoting the vaccination autism link, which likely does not exist, all I can say is follow the money to understand that someone is making money out of the concept. Why not. Our government allow a lot of bullshat ways of conning we people out of money. Oh well, itewajda. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Churches are not rational

Churches are not rational and never have been.

They oppose birth control when the major world problem is overpopulation. They each fear they will lose population share. In reality they are lose population share to the none and atheists.

Here is another example:   More irrational thinking, but this comes from the same group that burred people in road allowances outside cemeteries in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan, and sold churches where other were buried.

Religions are bullshit, for there teachings do are not provable either true or false, yet at ever turn in science, we do not find a god anywhere. The obvious but unprofitable and unproven-able solution is there is not one. They do not really care either, therefore bullshit. The bullshater is not concerned with the correct of the statement. They are unable to offer explanation for there supernatural statements.

They just made a Saint out of someone who would no give pain relief to the dying because suffering would ensure a better outcome in the afterlife. Why would I or anyone care about what they think?  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Self Reparenting

There is a psychological process often referred to as reparenting, even though spell-check does not like that word. What it amounts to is that some parents did a less than ideal job or raising children;  they provide physical necessaries for life; little more. As a result many grew up as wild humans, and we need/needed a little house breaking. Some of us need a lot of change also for the environment we live in is nothing like the old home situation. Oh well, itewajda.

All parenting is deficient. How could it be otherwise. Parenting should prepare the youth for most things in life. Yet with the rate of change we have had in the last couple hundred years, what should we know? what should be taught in any course. It is likely obsolete by the time we know it, and most assuredly then, by the time we learn it, what ever it is. Stop the world, I want off.  

This self reparenting process is just adjusting our thinking, habits, behavior to something different that what we are/were, for change is the only constant. What the new us is going to look like is the big question, along with what should be changed. This process may leave us at odds with those around us, for they may not be changing, or may be changing in much different ways. Now what? How to we learn to tolerate those old characteristics that we find annoying, and those negative people?

I may have been negative in the past about some of the idiocy we see around us, where only a optimist could not see the broken conditions, the receding economy, and falling wages, dangerous working conditions, and the like, yet management insisted that all was roses. Oh well, itewalda, and shortly they went broke after declaring themselves big bonuses with the reserves, and not paying out owed wages. It always has been each man for himself.

The big issue with reparenting, if figuring out what we should know, how we should behave, act, and what we should do. Yes, that is life. Now if all we want to do is sit in the sun, we need to find where the sun shines, and go there. What is it that we want from our life? Not having too high of expectations helps, we are assured of success then, for it is life satisfaction that feeds back positive emotion into the positive psychology engine. Parents forcing big expectations on children is abuse, or may create necessity to achieve, even at the expense of there integrity. That is the downfall of a declining culture, a declining environment, a declining society. Oh well, itewajda.

There is doubt the environment in decline, and the issue that we in science are unable to motivate the politicians to do enough about it is a sure sign of a society in decline. It is every man for himself, to the limits of what we will do. All I have to guide me to the good stoic life is my integrity and virtue; if you prefer Epicurean pleasant life, or the religious purpose or meaning concept, have at it. It does not matter to me. In the end, it is each man for himself, and I do not really care what others do anymore.      

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Damn. he came back.

What? A what? " "ideological loyalty test" for prospective immigrants ".

OK. so he wants a philosophy blueprint, and those who do not match some standard are out. It is a nice concept, but what is normal and American? Trump himself is a idiot when it comes to how normal, healthy people think, for he is a narcissist, with delusions of grandeur. So what is normal?

This is how he is going to correct the employment? Create new government jobs rounding up and herding out the illegal immigrants. Good one Trump.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump goes to Mexico. Will he come back?

As an Canadian who is afraid to go into the US, what Trump does or does not do is none of my concern. It is just entertainment.

Did the Mexico Government invite Trump south so as to educate themselves or him, detain him or eliminate him?  That question will answer itself in a few days. It is doubtful if the Mexican State can provide security to him. They do not provide security to tourists. Why should Trump be any different. He has pissed of so many, come coyote or cartel may simply make a preemptive strike. He is a presidential candidate, a US citizen, and a asshole. A high value target? What? What would make some poor Mexican famous? Good bye Mr. Trump.

Trump is or thinks he is part of the 0.1% that own most of the world. He has nothing in common with the rest of us peoples. Clinton is also.  Bernie Saunders lost out but he would have made the best president for the majority. Oh well, itewajda. (in the end we all just die anyway.) The US already lost.

Neither us nor ornament, as the old saying. (Moore's Principle)


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oh, the times are a changing...

So now they can charge someone for doing what was allowed at the time? Retroactive law changes?

So some guy goes out with a iron age tool and kills a bear. His mistake was not doing it, but in posting the video, and the very public and far reaching communications about the event. There will always be some people, usually vegans, who object and some of them have a bit of power. Oh well. Idiots always exist, and some will take offense at most any thing.

In South Africa, where the effect of not enough protein is can be seen in the population, they are considering charging parents who enforce a vegan life style on the children, and cause protein deficiency; slow growth, poor muscle development, red hair, eye problems, gut problems, mental development problems (def in O3 fats). Vegan women have a higher frequency of autistic children. Oh well, it is difficult to educate against wrong beliefs. It is the false-truth/gullibility of the religion founding premise that underlies this whole issue. We are taught to believe the authorities, even when they are obviously wrong.

Rational proof must be considered, and at least evaluated. The vegans are just nuts. The Canadian Good Food guide is wrong, and is a leading factor in the obesity epidemic, but why should I care? I know that sugar, wheat, and other carbohydrates that drive weight gain and food fixation, resulting in the epigenetic switch being thrown to to large of appetite. Weight control then becomes a battle. Oh well, it is the public that needs to learn to live with this.

Vegans think they are `saving the planet` when the real problem is overpopulation; Humans need meat, some perhaps more than others, but we all need meat and fats that are just not available from plants. Maintenance of the inactive may be possible with only plants, but when the physical body is screaming for meat, that what should one do?     

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Medieval Attitudes

Medieval Attitudes of the religious folk as show the real reason that religion should be abandoned. Not only are religions based on false premises, they are just irrational. As it was, as it is, as it will be... attitude. No time to step back and take a good look at the problem, just push on, unflinchingly. Persistence without evaluation or consideration of others views.

We see this kind of stupidity in government as well, when it tries to do the political thing. Same blind doing as they have always done. Rather than stating the obvious, asking for a report from a group of experts, and ending the debate, the government spends millions with another Indian  inquiry, which is the political thing to do, the outcome is largely irrelevant. The natives get there way, spend our money, and learn nothing. I am truth seeking, not caring how this all sounds.

More difference between groups of peoples can be found in looking and comparing within the most common areas;
  • cultural / social behavior, 
  • polymorphic (differences in distribution of characteristics), 
  • clinical (differences due to location, distance, time, development, education) and 
  • then finally epigenetic/genetic. 
These are listed in descending order of differences, cultural / social behavior being the largest, so it is the first place one should look. This can be changed widely by education.

We know that there are human predators; these exist and until we can determine who they are and lock them up by the rules established in law, all we can do is study them and there behaviors. We know they harvest those who they can cut from the herd, and isolate. It is doubtful that race is one of there considerations. It is all about opportunity within there hunting territory. The fact that there is a disproportionate native may indicate hunting territory or a cultural/social behavior that makes the native population most susceptible, hence most frequent prey. This may also indicate that the predictors are native or familiar with native ways, or marginalized within there own society. The devil takes the hinder-most.

It is all about personal safety, self preservation, and caution in life. Likewise, self-sufficiency, personal finical responsibility, and developing money generating skills are all required, all of which require education and a frugal attitude. Without frugal attitude you can have a pleasant life but never accumulate anything. Compassion is a fine attitude, but too much compassion for self and others will break the bank also. Needs and wants separation is a necessary skill also. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.          

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Militant Atheist - No

Militant Atheist or Atheist Activist?

Atheist or one who recognizes that one of the founding premises of religion is just wrong ... false, unproven, not able to be proven, likely wrong, no evidence of, Monty's parrot comes to mind.  So having made that realization, is there any point in pushing that belief onto other? I doubt it. If they do not see the false founding premise as no foundation, is there any point in continuing to talk? I watch the blogs, so what is there point? Well each one are doing there own thing, in a different direction. Some rail against the god pushers, some against the religious views or the preachers of those views. Some make progress, some less so.

So what is the next logical step? To carry on my life, as best I can. Those who do not accept this reality, well, I am just not going to waste my breath, and I will continue to lead the Good life. (as Stoic). Positive psychology (PP) philosophy, a concept of improving how we feel about our life, is happy to provide exercises to help in this matter, but these may not in fact improve, but only change how you feel about them. A Stoic outlook will actually change our inward looking and humanist undertakings can help the outward world view. So not that here I have separated how we feel about life and changing our actual life even a little bit. Change is of more value than changing how we feel about it.

PP makes a point about winning pretty and winning ugly. Many big companies win ugly, take without giving good value. Governments are the same way. We know this, but have little choice. So how do we make corrections? That is where the Stoic had the inside hand. It is all about management of our expectations, delusions, and beliefs. We can lose ugly or lose pretty, and the stoics remove the ugly from us, leaving us with only the pretty. Smile, for we are the pretty, and only the pretty as long as we follow the virtues. Knowledge and wisdom being the first, temperance, courage, justice, fortitude and compassion rounding out the set. Some of us were raised poorly, even trained to be a slave to the family business(farming), and frugally. Living within our means is habit for some, while not for others. Some of us realized that life has more to offer than work, and yet find it difficult to change that mindset, likely encoded epigenetically. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The point is that what others think does not matter when they are wrong. It just does not matter to me if they will not take the time to understand. Life goes on, and if there is wrong committed in this world it is not by me, well intentionally at least. The reserve clauses apply.  

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Time goes on, memory not so much. Those of us who are getting older... well we all are, but some of us notice the change more... memory is failing, and changing. What was important is less so. What was right is not so anymore. I meant every word when I wrote it. That is one issue of blogs, we learn along the way. Much of what we know... is just wrong. We learned it and it was wrong then, we taught it, believing it was true, but it turns out now, that it was wrong, we were wrong. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Memory is failing. I can read something one day and agree with it, yet cannot remember what it said about anything. I can learn something well and not be able to recall anything of it a few months later. Is it important enough to look up again? It does not matter or does it? Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Friday, July 29, 2016

We live in a police state: obey or die

Over regulation is everywhere. One thing that the Boston Prison Experiment showed is we will put up with some over regulation, ego driven demands, but at some point we will revolt.

We, the public, are showing signs of near revolt. The first sight is blatant disregard of the laws. That is where we are today.    

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Muslims are still Savages

In the last post I made this point, or at least some Muslims are savages.  But is ISIL a religion or a political power grab using a weakness of Muslim non thinking/theology? Is it the theology that makes Muslims susceptible to radicalization?

Once one accepts that gods are at best concepts, and in fact do not exist, then one is forced to take responsibility for our own actions. This confidence and thinking for oneself removes the possibility of any group radicalization, but not of one tripping out on drugs, self produced or otherwise. Oh well, life goes on until it does not.

The simple solution is education into secular humanism type of philosophy, where evolution is understood for what it really is. The next step in evolution of humans is to remove religion and faith based learning and replace it with truth, evidence, and science based learning. Our sciences understand so much now, it is time to bring this learning to our youth, and to all youth in the public educational system. Those who want a private education could do so, but to enter college or trade school, a comprehensive testing would be required for all that have not done standardized testing.

Learning attitude and emotion control should be part of school at several times. Truth testing of myths should be taught. Something with the hall marks of creative writing should not be considered anything beyond story, even if it has some real feel to it or the odd fact thrown in.

Tribalism is a term for attachment to the familiar and close people around us. It is this attachment that makes up family and clan relationships. It is this same attachment that creates nationalism, and patriotism, which, from a world peace view, is not desirable, but has been necessary. It is this attachment that creates the us verse them concept, yet protectionism, self protection is essential for our survival in a real physical case. So what does all this mean? Well if the Muslims do not get control of there extremists, it will be all Muslims that suffer, for they will all be thems.

Branding one whole race is bad. Equally so is to brand one whole religion. But from a practical view, how does one protect ourselves from those cultures and religions who have different values than we hold. How does one protect ourselves from culture who do not value life? Just the way we protect ourselves from those who do not take responsibility for themselves. Race or religion can be used for profiling, and will be as long as the profile provides a "course screening" of behavior types. Most terrorists are Muslims, therefore we can ghettoize Muslims, as is the case in France, and leave them be, or they can integrate into the existing society. It is the choice of the immigrant. Those who integrate in are accepted and soon learn to think for themselves. Those who do not integrate continue to follow their "holy book", stand outside of our society, and are profiled. It is that simple.  It is their choice.   

Muslims are still Savages

Last post I made at this point, or at least some Muslims are savages.  But is ISIL a religion or a political power grab using a weakness of Muslim thinking/theology? Is it the theology that makes Muslims susceptible to radicalization?

Once one accepts that gods are at best concepts, and in fact do not exist, then one is forced to take responsibility for our own actions. This confidence and thinking for oneself removes the possibility of any group radicalization, but not of one tripping out on drugs, self produced or otherwise. Oh well, life goes on until it does not.

The simple solution is education into secular humanism type of philosophy, where evolution is understood for what it really is. The next step in evolution of humans is to remove religion and faith based learning and replace it with truth, evidence, and science based learning. Our sciences understand so much now, it is time to bring this learning to our youth, and to all youth in the public educational system. Those who want a private education could do so, but to enter college or trade school, a comprehensive testing would be required for all that have not done standardized testing.

Learning attitude and emotion control should be part of school at several times. Truth testing of myths should be taught. Something with the hall marks of creative writing should not be considered anything beyond story, even if it has some real feel to it or the odd fact thrown in.

Tribalism is a term for attachment to the familiar and close people around us. It is this attachment that makes up family and clan relationships. It is this same attachment that creates nationalism, and patriotism, which, from a world peace view, is not desirable, but has been necessary. It is this attachment that creates the us verse them concept, yet protectionism, self protection is essential for our survival in a real physical case. So what does all this mean? Well if the Muslims do not get control of there extremists, it will be all Muslims that suffer, for they will all be thems.

Branding one whole race is bad. Equally so is to brand one whole religion. But from a practical view, how does one protect ourselves from those cultures and religions who have different values than we hold. How does one protect ourselves from culture who do not value life? Just the way we protect ourselves from those who do not take responsibility for themselves. Race or religion can be used for profiling, and will be as long as the profile provides a "course screening" of behavior types. Most terrorists are Muslims, therefore we can ghettoize Muslims, as is the case in France, and leave them be, or they can integrate into the existing society. It is the choice of the immigrant. Those who integrate in are accepted and soon learn to think for themselves. Those who do not integrate continue to follow their "holy book", stand outside of our society, and are profiled. It is that simple.  It is their choice.   

Muslims are Savages.

ISIL are savages, as evidenced from there neck slashing of an 84 year old man. By extension Muslims are savages. I do believe this may be the turning point in the war, ISIL war, or the new crusades, or what ever this turns out to be called. This time the Moors have gone too far and shown there true colors. It is time to act, we have had enough senseless violence. 

In this age of reason, of science, where the only rational religion is secular humanism, a positive form of atheism, it is time to make a change or many will perish in the coming war. We atheists will not capitulate to savages of irrational adherence to a iron age belief system. It is time to call out the real problem - religion and belief in supernatural - old holy books, of all forms - and the like.

Now where do we go - well rational behavior to start with. All religions must be eliminated.

I am not alone in thinking ISIL (Muslims ? ) went from annoyance to something which must be eliminated. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Yes, we live in a Police State.

The city of Edmonton is trying to regulate the growing of trees on private property, and the removal of said trees. The City wants that you should pay for a permit to remove old trees, and have control. That is just government over reach for sure, with that will come a big ticket if you remove without permit. With that also come a bit of liability, I think.

Trees drag moisture from the soil, and that causes the soil to shrink, taking houses with it. Who caries the liability now?

Friday, July 22, 2016

And it's Friday again

This week has gone fast, but then I have been fixing again. The sociopath bitch which I had rented a house to moved out. When I rented it to her I did not realize she was a sociopath. Oh well, education costs money.

The third Thursday of the month is Secular Humanist meetup. A whole new bunch for me again, well only two that I recognized. There is a shortage of history as far as knowing how culture and religion developed. Sapiens. We evolved, and went through the cognitive revolution 70k years ago (tasted the fruit of knowledge). Each generation is a copy of the previous with small genetic changes and long epigenetic switches included. We went through the agricultural revolution, domestication of animals, development of transportation industry, trade systems, development of money and the bank systems, industrial revolution with coal and steam, and into the electrical era.  On to electronics, the communications to the information age. Now what?

Faith was needed for quick learning, the smart will learn understanding. Well now we are seeing the down side of faith based education, the reluctance, even fear, to apply reasoning, physics and mathematics to life. We need to return to reason based learning... scientific method... well sort of. Truth. there is what we know to be true by reason, what we believe to be true, what we are uncertain of, that which is likely false, and what we know to be false, even if it is impossible to prove false.

I am not going to allow myself to be drawn back into the religion myth and debate from there. I have abandoned those myths.  Others at the meetup have not yet abandoned the myth, but are struggling for footing within the myth. The foothold is just not there. To grow, we must abandon the myth, clean all the old myth thinking out, and rebuild from there. Each lurch forward, in a ratchet style, something like the under ice fish net dragger, is more like how we change our beliefs. Once we get set on a path, we may start moving quite quickly, on a line. It may be s struggle to not get drawn back into the old myths.

The Stoics claim virtue is the highest priority, the only good that is always good, by definition. It is those acts that we need to understand. The Stoics are the first positive thinker philosophy that there is a good record for. They had some useful and effective techniques for thought control, as well as reality checks and corrections. Oh well, in the end we die anyway.

Afraid of death; how did the world get along before we were born? 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

To Quote

George H. Smith
"It is not my purpose to convert people to atheism...but to demonstrate that the belief in God is irrational to the point of absurdity. If a person wishes to continue believing in a god, that is his prerogative, but he can no longer excuse his belief in the name of reason and moral necessity."

Lawrence Krauss
A belief in a god is just irrelevant to science. Science is how we understand reality.


Desire/instinct verse best rational behavior, like the eat/not eat of the epigenetic switched overeater, is a dilemma we face. It come down to choice. I no longer have the excuse of not understanding the real problem. To continue to eat as my instinct/desire demands is not rational behavior, yet the body wants what the body wants. I have studied this now, and understand, so I can no longer just eat until the desire leaves and claim to be rational.  Oh well.  Sugar and overeating sets the epigenetic switch, once in a lifetime.

We are driven forward at a cellular level. We do not have a choice but forward or die. The only meaning in life is what ever we paint on it; family, community, religion, business, education, knowledge, truth, what ever get you out of bed in the morning. We are just opportunistic organism living on a big rock. Meaning of/in life is a human construct. A concept, nothing more, and yet it gives satisfaction, contentment. Just because we can have a concept does not mean that it is real.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Teresa May tells it like it is

"That means fighting against the burning injustice that if you are born poor you will die, on average, nine years earlier than others. If you are black you are treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you are white. If you are a white working-class boy you are less likely than anybody else in Britain to go to university. If you are at a state school you are less likely to reach the top professions than if you are educated privately. If you are a woman you will earn less than a man. If you suffer from mental health problems, there is not enough help to hand. If you are young you will find it harder than ever before to own your own home.”

Class system has been around a long time. Hammurapi detailed the elite, the commoners, and the slaves, and then subclasses of females. The Romans captured and imprisoned, or converted to slaves all northers including the Slavs, where the word slaves is likely from.  The US had there black slaves, which were not considered human by the Catholic Church, hence suitable to enslave. The natives were not suitable for slaves for they would murder the owners when they got the chance.  They see nothing wrong with killing and suicide. Oh well. Now we live in the aftermath of all this. There need to be a plan, front and center, on what and how this is to work. There is none. We have depended on religion to teach people how to live, and the result has been; well, no classes except for the 1%, and the welfare poor.

We still have slaves, wage slaves, and sex slaves, and lack of opportunity slaves. Little has changed; we are led to slavery; we can leave and be poor... that is the choices. If we want anything, then we are slaves to the economy. Yet we claim to be free, it is our choice to work... or have less. But slavery is banned... in name only, oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We are culture driven

Consider what we learn from family and where those lessons come from. I was taught mostly fear of police, but also do what they say because they carry guns. Father was raised in the time of the Black and Tans in Ireland. Thugs with clubs and guns. Mother was raised in the west with RCMP before they took on traffic. There was one RCMP to serve an area of several thousand square miles. Not much contact with them until late in life, long after I was gone. In adult life, avoiding contact with police was preferred.

Now consider the increased police presence we see today. I doubt if I go a day without seeing at least a police car. They are everywhere, and with a egotistical aggressive attitude on most of them. What is this telling our youth about them? They have the same attitude as the guards in the Stanford Prison Experiment. 

Consider the black culture in the US. What are they teaching for an attitude to the cops, which likely have the same egotistical aggressive attitude, on of escalating force until they achieve compliance. Attitude on one side or the other must change before the issues can be resolved. There is no obvious way to change other that that of the citizens. Citizens must obey else the trouble will continue. But the real problem is the attitude of the police all over, that they are right, always. There are laws that even thy must follow, and those need to be a bit tighter.

Baiting, forcing bad situations in traffic and then ticketing those who do not handle the situation correctly is one of those bait situations. Sitting at stop signs when they have clearance to go is just baiting or is distracted driving, if they are fiddling equipment. That is there culture. Ours must deal with their baiting. We may all need car cams also for our own protection. Until a open citizens revolt happens nothing is going to change. They have gone beyond safety, law and order and become a revenue generating industry here in Canada.

“If you do it, they’ll do it,” David S. Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, said. “Young children are like ducklings, they want to do what their mothers [and fathers?] do.”

and so it begins.   

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Never argue with an idiot. They will just drag you down to there level and beat you up with there experience. Never point out the error or limit in the argument with an Idiot, There is no win possible.

The internet has given everyone the ability to be heard in public, and some of the loud have big platforms.

To change society, we need a method of getting the message out, and a message that is workable. To make a huge course correction violent over through of the government is the only way, and are the conditions that bad? No. It needs tweaking, likely but what should be the tweak? In the US, the cops are shooting anyone who does anything that the skittish cops can construe as threatening. Oh well, in the end we all die anyway. It is the cops point of view that must be considered as they are the one with the guns, at least some of the time.

There are always loose lip radicals that can scream and say nothing useful. Oh well, idiots also die. It does not matter. Unless someone comes up with practical small changes, nothing will change. What is needed is a public information campaign to teach the public how to deal with armed police in a safe manner. It is the public that is at risk, and the silence is not helping in the US especially. 

Police use the principal of escalating force until success can be expected. You offer anything that could be considered deadly force and you get shot. It is that simple. Cops do not back down, especially scared skittish cops. Calgary, this guy is lucky to be alive. 

Skittish Nervous Cops

Nervous Cops are everywhere now. Canada and the US. Nervous cops are dangerous for everybody. Nervous people carrying guns is just not good. Anything that can be perceived as the least bit threatening to the cop will likely get oneself shot. It is dangerous time we live in. And the danger is from scaring a skittish cop.

When a senior citizen at a setup traffic stop can make a cop put his hand on his gun, that cop is too skittish. Oh well, we all die in the end. 

So now it is on we citizens to not scare cops. Become silent, slow moving, do nothing until asked.... Describe the required movement first... take your time .... waste time... etc...

Friday, July 8, 2016

And the short answer is


If China Is So Committed To Renewable Energy, Why Are So Many New Coal Plants Being Built?

And the short answer is we are selling them our old plants. In some cases even paying them to dismantle, and remove the old plant. What a deal, a whole plant that they can have for taking. Labor is cheap in china, it is material that is expensive. So the cheapest plant can be repaired and away we go.

So Notely's losing plants doe little for the world as a whole, but puts cleaner technology at considerable cost in Alberta, while contributing to total pollution in China, or what other third world country that bought a old second world plant. Oh well, we all die in the end.  

Those plants are going to there for the next fifty years. That is the value of China's commitment to green house gasses. Only the depletion of coal will stop them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On free will and diet

Some things are within our power, and some are not. Within our power is opinions, beliefs, values, the power of assent or rejection, some aversions and attachments, delusions and illusions. Most other things are only under our influence, nothing like control, and much is totally beyond the influence of anyone. So we can only have free will over those things that we have control over. Note that our body, at best we have some influence over but nothing like control. Our mind cannot influence our genetics, or our epigenetics much. Over extended time we can turn on or off some characteristics when we are young, before we have anything like mature reasoning ability. Those early decisions can screw us for life.

Epigenetics control our desires for food at a cellular level. When the demand is turned on through overeating, we are harnessed with that desire for life; it is no longer anything like free will. That is why sustained weight loss through diet is only successful long term in 5% of the population. We need to fight our very nature for the remainder of our lives or accept obesity. We do not have free will in this matter. We have a natural desire at a cellular level to eat. Anyone who says lifestyle knows less about this issue than I. Yes, I have confidence in this fact. The research is elsewhere.

AA, NA, OA, etc work by the creation, in the mind, of a divinity that is more powerful than the problem, submission to this divinity, and following the directions of this divinity and other "suggestions." It is not rational. When/if we are unable/unwilling to create this delusion in our mind, those programs are unable to provide any help other than "just do it because it works." So what is the rational approach to overcoming our nature? Well that is where things get really scarce. There are "tool systems" and education, and knowledge, but mostly it is unknown. We are exploring for the devil, as if there was one.

So what is stronger than our nature? One thing is obsessive compulsive behaviors. So is it possible to train in limited obsessive compulsive behavior in the self?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brexit: the only way to apply brakes on immigration into Britian.

Some say patriotism and nationalism is wrong; perhaps it is but we live in a overpopulated world. Survival means deciding who to save and who to let parish.  We will not tolerate other dictating to us what we "should" believe.  Why should we care if the brown religious hordes are reproducing like rabbits and killing each other off. The few flee in front of the insanity of religions. Why should we let them into our country, which is already overpopulated? Perhaps the government needs to answer that question first? Canada has the same problem but to a smaller extent. But we whites took this land from the brown people... but never eliminated them... nor enslaved them... because they made poor slaves. Oh well, that was then, and now is now. And now we are letting a new group of browns in to take over this land, and they will unless someone develops the political balls to stop them...

All religions are not rational. They are belief based. Science and evidence, truth, and reason, these are real. Science is seldom wrong, some people jump to erroneous or wrong conclusions, or theory's to justify the observations...and in the end the group that grows faster will have the most people...

Perhaps the first question we should ask is what religion are you? If it is anything beside atheist in some form, then they are not rational or have never given the question any deep thought more likely (Socrates unexamined life) , or are holding on to religion so as to not disappoint parents, for those who believe family has value... all not good way to live but... oh well in the end we all just die anyway.

It does not matter anyways for me, it will all come to a head in the next generations time. It will be interesting time they live in, just as we have seen the electronic age, computer, internet, cell phones, in our time. I grew up harnessing work horses, and now self driving cars are around, or so I am told. But do we trust them; there was one "failure to recognize" the side of a truck and that killed the operator, (not driver for he was not driving). Perhaps we are too eager to adopt new technology. Anyways, the next generations will have there own issues.  

We are on our own, there is no government help comming.

This summer we have seen wild fires in Alberta. There was the flood in the south last year. Early drought over much of Alberta this year. The rain came but too late for some. The government "help" was sparse, just like this years canola crops. Oh well, we all die in the end.

The government and aid groups talk a good story, but when it comes down to the actual on the ground benefits, well those seem to be lacking. When we see the non-profit reports and we see 25% of the income actually got to the people, we cheer, often it is much worse than that. Oh well, it is non of my concert. I know we are almost all on our own. As it was, as it is, as it will be.

The insurance industry is guaranteed a profit on average. If they have a poor year, the rates go up. They delay paying out, quibble ever claim, disallow everything they can possible avoid or the homeowner is unable/not worth fighting. Impose a rider to uninsured over land water flow, that is floods. and it is not just overland; if it comes from the sewer, due to high water table, and the water has no where to flow out to, it is not insurable any more.

Wild fire, where there is not sufficient buffer area is no longer covered. For those of us on acreages, this may mean no fire coverage is available, if the fire is related to a wild fire. Now what? and how about the neighbors dry bush? and the counties?  Oh well, in the end we just die anyway. Is the struggle worth the effort?