Monday, July 31, 2017

What was the Purpose

What was the purpose of religious tests? Were they just a effort to educated the next generation? There is two ways to learn, one is by experience, the second and faster, more economical in both time and money is to read, and learn from written works. This has been known for a long time, since Alexander the Great, and his great library in Alexandria to educate the world. Oh well, it is nearly underwater now. Perhaps the oceans rose and the delta sank.

Johannes Stobaeus complied great works to "educate his sons" in the 5 century CE. Much of the old Greeks and Roman stuff came to us through Stobaeus, he has kept education alive, not just for his sons, but for many generations of humans. Was the bible also an attempt at recording and hence preserving history and stories for the purpose of teaching? and if so, we know that each generation learns more, so perhaps it is time to update and revise what is important enough and correct enough to teach the next generation. In that case, it is our duty to update all these books, or to produce new books for the same purpose. It becomes "what should be taught?" type of question.

The required information, aka knowledge, changes with each generation, and for each person. This is one of the missing bits, and what information we should have is also a problem. This might be useful is an easy way out; but it overloads each following generation with too much information, more than they can properly handle. Now we are left with too much, and yet too little. Consider critical thinking, and can you name all eight components? Without knowing all eight components, what you call critical thinking is not what I call critical thinking; so we have miss communications. That is the basics of the problem, no one has the time and effort to do in depth examinations of others ideas, because we have different foundations. If we are evidence based, without supernatural or magical  thinking, we are not willing to spend the time to learn what others think about the supernatural.

So what is this ranting all about? I do not have the patience to argue reality with the religious. They can do as they please, but forcing there religion on me is not acceptable. At the same time, having no or poor ethics is not right either, yet there is no need for ethics, morals, and our cultural values to tied to our religions of lack there of, yet these seam to be handles together. It is easier to adopt values that to reason what these values should be. To learn what are good values and why they should be followed is important for society to survive, but understanding what good values are has become a problem for all of us. It is not just what is possible, but there is the economy of life as well to consider, and the economy of the system. We cannot overspend to save something that cannot return value to the system. It has become that simple.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Religious Abuse

Religions have some right and take others that are not theirs.

Consider the Islamic who get offended at someone drawing Mohamed. It is not the right of a Islamic idiot to strike back or even to ask us to not draw the idiot Mohamed. It is not their right to impose their views on others.

Now consider the Catholic hospitals. They can choose to not provide abortion and assisted end of life services. But yet the government says we, the people have those right. This is the religious abusing there position as they are the service providers, and we the people, often have little choice. They withhold service that can reduce suffering.

And then you ask why we do not respect religions people.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

natural vs supernatural

The geological forces that are going on today have always gone on at the same sort of range of speeds, and with the same sort of results. All natural actions, and results, no supernatural. For anyone to say that something happened by god will require extremely good proof, as extraordinary results require extraordinary proof. Consider the biblical flood. How big was the known world, that is know to the survivors in the days of walking on foot, perhaps horses, where long distance travel was limited to the sort of distances horses could travel, day after day in pre-road days. Perhaps 7 days wide, perhaps 300 miles. So when the Black Sea flooded after the ice age ended... some 8000 to 9000 years ago, and a barn may have floated, and perhaps someone had seen the ice damn, and realized it would melt and built a float-able barn for the farm animals, and no one was recording time in a meaningful way... what happened?  So what ever happened must match the geological record. A big part of story telling is making it seam more interesting than it actually is.

So the geological record must be physically true, and the supernatural explanation is just wrong hypothesis. Is any thing else logical? So then the 6000 year old earth, is just bullshit. Bullshit has a definition; the author does not know and does not care if the statement is true or not. That is the best expression of the probable outcome.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Dark Force and Other Uncertainties

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that dark energy or the dark force is likely centrifugal force created by this sphere, with a radius of at least 13.8 million light years wide, spinning in three directions or rolling through space. As we cannot see beyond this dimension, we have no reference points to measure from, so we are unable to determine the rate of spin other than from the forces created by the centrifugal force. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed there are no god or gods, rather these are concept hypothesis of such being passed down through the generation as an explanations uncertainties of the mind. Some would rather have a false explanation than deal with an unknown. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that the human does not have a soul or spirit. It just seems like it to the human mind, another simple but wrong explanation for consciousness. We are what we are, a thinking organism in an animal body. The Greeks and Romans explained this as we were the decedents of animal humans and intelligent gods, which is another wrong explanation, as yet unknown in detail method that we developed intelligence and self awareness. As there is nothing that survives death of the physical body, there is no afterlife or reincarnation. These concepts are supernatural and do not exist in the physical world. If you wish to live in a fantasy world, just do that on your own nickle. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed dark matter is likely neutron cloud, or similar unattached particles that have no charge, similar to hydrogen atoms that the positron has be annihilate by low energy electrons or electron collision. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that all religions are feeble attempts of our ancestors to control future generations, or to give them a quick start into education. As what is taught is wrong, it is actually a handicap. We can do better by eliminating all the supernatural concepts and admit that there is much we do not yet know, and some of what we profess to know is actually wrong. But which? We can define how we should live or at least basic principles fairly easily by taking that which is common to most religions. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Religion is Irrational,

Religion is irrational, there can be little debate about that. Well, there can be little rational debate over that. There is no physical god. God's that exist in the mind of the religious person exist in the realm if concepts, ideas, and fairies. These are just not rational. So why do nations trust the direction of their country to people who are not rational? reminds us that they hold dollars and conviction to their cause higher than the law. Oh well, law is just rigid application of a principal, not logic. There are always exceptions, but really Omar Kandr. They should have awarded a apology for violating his civil rights, and taken his citizenship away or a one dollar award.

Having said once again that there is no physical god, anyone who is bothered by that is the equivalent to sticking there head into the sand, if any bird actually does that. Oh well. But so many people insist that there is a god, and when opposed, just physically attack. It is not rational to try to govern through fear, but trump and others try to.

It is not rational to think that the natives can hold this country ransom much longer. We are seeing the start of civil unrest, and the police are taking what action they see fit, given the situation. The native culture does not handle reality well either. When the Governor General reminded them that they too were immigrants, he was forced to retract his statement, likely under threat of firing. At that point it says money talks, truth walks out the door with integrity.

Immigration is often not understood. It is not a decision toward something, but rather a survival method, to leave a bad situation, and to go elsewhere. The decision becomes 'pick the best of the choices', not pick the best. It is more governed by the push away than the pull toward. Canada has a reputation for allowing people in, not as an attraction. It becomes running from something, not to something. Oh well, we go through life making the best available choices as decisions.  The zero alternative, the do nothing choice, must also be considered.

So the big question is how do we promote critical thinking, abcdefg's. How do we get people back to reality? How do we get people, how can live comfortably in their heads, back to face the barbs of reality? But it is not my place to say how people should live. How do I get myself back to reality, and the world can go screw itself.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Terrorism Pays

Terrorism Pays

Who says we do not pay ransom?

Omar was a terrorist, terrorist sympathizer, or terrorist in training, for he was with the terrorists.