Saturday, May 27, 2017


 Well is this not just a fine pickle? Is it Kosher?

Muslims have some good ideas, just as the stopped clock is right time twice a day. They have a concept of right and wrong that is different. Depending on who is writing about it, it is more of a five point scale: required, permitted, neutral, wrong, absolutely forbidden. so Halal are permitted.

So the food rules are essentially the same as the old testament, and in a hot dirty country are about what is necessary to stay healthy. Now we have cleaner conditions, refrigeration, we generally understand disease, bacteria, blood borne parasites, and similar disease agents, these rules are just well archaic and followed out of blind faith.

So I will leave it to you to look up those rules if you like; Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy, Torah, and or Quran.
Now let us consider pizza; first you have crust, grain; then cheese, dairy, then meat. In what alternate reality would these be acceptable in one dish? He was only concerned about the meat. Pizza, with halal meat violates about four other rules. With such a ignorant question as "is it halal?", the answer to such ignorance must always be yes, for you do not know the rules, why should I, an atheist or christian for that matter.

In one rule set it is not permissible to mix grain, dairy or meat. Even a sandwich with butter and meat is not halal, you idiots. Pizza, is a vegetable according to a US senator. Pizza is a mix of all three also.

For meat to be halal, the animal (not pig or rabbit) must die from a slashed throat, which is not legal in either the US nor Canada for humanity rules. No commercially produced, government inspected meat is halal. So imagine the outcry when this is recognized. On one side there is the animal right, on the other the Muslims.  Oh well. The Kosher Rabbis know this and look the other way in the slaughter houses, for the animal is just stunned then the throat is slit, as the rabbis pray.

Halal pizza and halal meat is like a bank looking after the customers interests. Just does not happen. You can think that if you like, but you need to get hold of something solid and give your head a real good shake. It is like believing that there is an all knowing, all wise old man in the sky to call god.      

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is there to understand, Bob?

 What is there to understand, Bob? Islam is faith, not reason. Those that believe, believe. That is the problem, it is the Islam faith. It is blind acceptance of a hypothesis as real. It is based on ignorance. All religions are.

Mohamed was a general. He wanted young soldiers who would charge to death without question. He created a religion that would provide that and more. It replaced all other belief systems. As long as no one questions, and those that do are terminated, it can take over any other religion. Fear is one method of short term control of the minds.

The suicide bomber gains in standing, and looses nothing. Life has no value in Islam to the soldier. That is the root of the problem. As long as we insist on freedom of religion, the problem will just grow. We cannot call then disenfranchised, they were never franchised. They are the spares of big families, the disposable of Islam. Religions are allowed to infect there young with dangerous memes before there brains can reason. Memes are dangerous things, especially that it is good to kill non-believers. The root cause is religion and specifically the Islam religion. The solution is to disallow the teaching of religion of any kind to the young. If they wish to learn and adopt it after the age of majority, well, then it is another problem.

Islam trains their people to follow without questions. Those that follow are selected, the remainder are just too busy with life. The next steps are small, and already well started, to follow through a simple action to a glorious conclusion and massive reward, all with the blessing of the leader and the great sky leader.  The religion is brain washing, to follow, to believe, to do as they are instructed, period. To pass from this place of deprivation to the place of plenty, pleasure, peace and the like is reputed to be wonderful; it is really just a story of bullshit. The final activation step are small and to the non-thinking person easy. No thinking person would do it; they are aware the promises are empty, the only life there is is the here and now.  

Keep in mind that all belief systems have no foundation and reside only in the mind of the believer. These mind parasites, memes, control all our actions almost automatically, some are fully automatic and beyond the control of the person...  Once we have them, to change, requires considerable effort... we need to overwrite them, provide alternatives, or have a major psychological shift. As these are often not based on logic, these are often termed spiritual awaking, or other goofy term with limited real meaning. It is like learning that traditional food are destroying us, yet we want to eat them, for we know not what else to eat. We need a change in attitude sufficient to bring an immediate end to the problem.

It is not about understanding the insane, it is about accepting they are insane, and offering them a real true alternative, not just a different version of insanity, or your untrue meme system. That alternative is really the secret of life. It is logic, realism, possibly derived from first principles. We are just animals with intelligence. Some have tremendous memory, others logic,or understanding. We need to cooperate for our own survival. For survival of all, we need to all cooperate. Those that will not cooperate need to be expelled from the community, and that is the problem. The community of non cooperatives are larger than the cooperative now. We have a major problem. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

We also need the conditions to be able to live the truth, without harassment and conflict. We atheists, humanists, realists, what ever we call ourselves, need the same conditions free of god that religions are given, imbibed with the goofy delusion of gods. We need the freedom to make all efforts at converting others to reality. There is no god, no souls, no afterlife, and no self for the most part, in the Buddhist meaning. Where do we go from here?  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In Search of That Old Pleasant Feeling

Jack got me thinking:

When I was young and going to church, it was more a social outing than a religious one for me. I grew up in quite isolated conditions. Church, and Sundays was the main time we escaped for a short while from the farm life. That and school; school was not fun, the town folk abused the rural, the ranch kids, abused the farmer kids. It was not good. But at church, the group was small enough that there was not so much abuse, except for that shin kicking asshole, McKnight.

Now knowing there is no god is only one of the factors. I never found the relief when I tried to go to church in the city. It was different, not the religion part but the extended social situation was not there. Those who go to church never talked about the sermon, just the people and the socializing afterwards, perhaps the potluck dinner; they were predictable, Jessie's casserole, mothers pies and potatoes, turnips, and/or coleslaw, the community turkey, or beef roast, etc. All the cousins, second cousins, extend families, in-laws, etc, on most Sundays; these were not community, but familiar community, my community. There were also those who never darkened the doors of churches except for weddings, funerals, and other specific functions, yet occasionally would show up for the dinners.

Those time are gone, and that is something atheists cannot address. Nor the opportunities to listen to the great storytellers, those who could spin a yarn so effortlessly, that kept us kids amused and quiet for hours. No truth, just tails, however there may have bit of truth there; how would we know? It is the memories of childhood which can never be recreated. Oh well, the young will be occupied with other things today. Life is much more complicated today.

Atheism could become a religion today, but not as just atheism. Realism has a chance, but not as Marc Perkel suggests,( ), although some of his stuff is good in content, it requires additional input and over larger subject areas, and a concept/belief/personal directives areas. Rather than reason everything, prepackaged concepts are helpful to teach to the young, which is an essential function of religion.

I think any replacement of religion needs to be community based, real person to person contact, where a common belief system, value system could develop and be recorded. There is so much literature available for us to pick possible values from, or to develop our own, but ultimately, these need to be recorded and distributed. These need to go beyond the atheist no god, no soul, no afterlife, no reincarnation, no supernatural, all evidence based, but not clear and useful description of core beliefs or extended rules to live by. We all have our rules, but everyone's are in different orders, and the foundation for each must be included to deal with time change and needs change.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Much Information

Today we are exposed to too much information to really take in, in a well understood way. We take in much of this based on faith. For the religious it is taking in of god on faith, For the remainder it is taking in science facts on faith that somebody understands this stuff, and we sort of do understand, and can see some evidence for the logic. Religion is fraud; what they point to as evidence is evidence of a result, not the process that in there view, requires a god. There is no physical evidence of a god, yet so many insist there is a god.

The internet has allowed us to find much information, books and the like. Much of it is untrue, hypothesis, pure bullshit, story, but there is also some correct information. It is hard to sort, truth vs pure fabrication, fiction, bullshit. Bullshit now has a definition; the author does not care if it is right or wrong, it is just a good story. 

Atheism is superior to any of the religions today as it is truth and knowledge based. It does not simply go on believing as our ancestors have for thousands of years but stop to ask questions. Is there any physical evidence of god? No. Is there any physical evidence for souls? No. Life after death? No. Afterlife? No. So what is the foundation of Religion? Stories from long ago.

Man, an opportunistic animal developed on this whirling rock. We went from our latest evolution out ward in all directions and mated with our primate relatives, any that we could interbred with. We were just the latest out of Africa group, or were we. The process of evolution, variation and section pressure continues everywhere. So we who carry the genes necessary to reproduce, and those who do not or chose not to do not reproduce. Not reproducing in an over populated world is a proper response, but our genes die out. Overpopulation will become just another selection pressure. Oh well.

So what should be the foundation principle for the morals of the world. This is 2017, I am a man. I am responsible for all that is wrong in my relationships, so the wife tells me. Ultimately, we all are responsible for us all getting along. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump Burns Canadian Asset

OK, so trump burns an Israeli asset. Trump to Russia to Iran and Syria, then kills the whole village and the asset.  A day and a half, and it is all over except for the screaming and more killing to come. A well placed source (the internet, well placed but I did not say reliable) told me so. It could be true but it was the US strike. 
In the world of spy novel, which often have some foundation in the past reality, Trump just burned someone's asset. Oh well, we now know that Trump and by extension, the US, cannot be trusted. The effect is that if anyone wants to be safe, then sharing information about what the undesirables have been up to is risky. It always was, and as the governments have, in the past shared info, it is more of a problem.

That is if Russia can figure out who gave them the information, and Russia has a reason to act, and if ... and if... and if....  .  But the real damage is trump cannot be trusted to keep his mouth shut when dealing with Russia.  Impeach.  Assassinate. Shut him out of the real information flow.  Your choice or not.

Now what does that have to do with anything. I have a neighbor who has three greenhouses. I have never been in the third, yet, from the heat, I know it is active, and has been for years. I also know that he spends a fair bit of time in it, and plants do not come out of it in the winter, nor in the spring that I have ever seen. The other two are part of a smaller greenhouse operation.  Yet occasionally a van pulls up and "something" is moved.  Occasionally stuff comes in as well. But what do I know? Am I going to say anything to anybody? not likely beyond this.

So if the trump cannot be trusted, is the Canadian government going to continue to feed the US information? Not when the information gathering is active, for they value their sources, or at least I hope they do. Or the sources will filter information for their own safety. Although he may have the right to pass on the information, I doubt that he will be given it henceforth. He just shot himself in the foot and has not realized it yet, openly anyway.

If trump cannot be trusted, I suggest that Canada impose a matching softwood export tax on the US and watch them scream. The damage is already done in Canada. Shot down the BC coal port that the US uses, or apply the carbon tax on that coal. Do something anyway.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Religion, the home of the uneducated

Religion is just not compatible with advanced education. Where ever we look, we find answers but no god, no afterlife, no soul. There is no physical evidence of any gods. The only place left for a god to hide is in the mind of the believer. The more we learn, the more it is apparent that any continued belief is just not compatible with higher education. Cognitive dissonance, is just not reasonable to live with. One concept is wrong, the other is right, both cannot be.

Some of us were raised on farms and saw first hand the development of livestock. Evolution, that is at least change in livestock, generation after generation, is a given. To say that evolution, aka change, did not happen was just a non-starter. Some of us have spent our lives working with the residue of time, geological formations containing traces of the past, fossils, and processes visible today. We have explored for the devil, and found only nature, and natural process, no god or anything that is not natural. There is no god. Some, among us, have moved on. Now it is time to become positive, and develop understanding of the foundation of society at a practical level.  

The foundation of cooperation between humans demands common ground to build a relationship on. Cooperation for survival is a good place to start, once survival gets to be dependent on cooperation. We are near that point now. Survival has always had a component of cooperation, but we are living in a good time of survival. We spend freely on medical research, and now have the capability to extend life of the generally nonviable bodies " about as long as the money lasts." It is time we need to make a decision on our priories. The first should be survival of the species, and to a large extent, that depends on accurately understanding the real problem we face. Religions are not looking at nor helping in the understanding of the problem.

Looking forward, we are facing a number of situations. Islam intent to take over the world with their over control of the people, and those of us who resist religion in general. Europe is a power keg, and there are sparks here and there, so it could touch of at any point. The middle east is unstable, and the US and North Korea, where propaganda is the religion. Unless these are resolved, the problem will just fester, all the time becoming more dangerous. It is time for the religious to see clearly, that they are part of the problem, if the foundation is reality.

One of the truths of the world is that as population grows, so does the variety of possible governments. The problem of government is it is a dead weight that must be carried. As they grow, and they all do, the burden of carrying the government grows, and at some point will kill the incentive to work legally. So tax crime grows, to the point tax avoidance become acceptable in the society, even preferred. Than regime changes occur, and we start over again. We are getting near that point again. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.        

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The Irish law states:
“matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion”

So even saying that I am an atheist would be blasphemy. " Especially, saying that there is no physical evidence of a god anywhere, so the likely last place for a god to hide is in the mind of the believers," aha it is all in your heads, would be blasphemy, yet that statement is true.

We in science have not yet found any traces of god. True statement. Not that we have looked everywhere, but we also know that to go from a believer to a non-believer, all we need do is to remove god from our mind; we therefore know that god exists in the minds of the believers. In other words, gods are concepts that are wrong and cause problems for many people as they try to leave religions. 

Blasphemy is the emotional cry of those who cannot put forward a logical operation due to first and second person thinking. Once we step into third person thinking, as some of us need to do to overcome other psychological problems, it is obvious that religions are all frauds. Bullshit. Sheepdip.

So the Irish Law is likewise illogical, trying to avoid offense to major religions. We atheist should take the next logical step to Realism, stop telling what we do not believe, and instead say what we believe. If we call ourselves a religion, we can be offended and anyone who suggests there is a god, or tries to limit our ability to speak out against such foolish concepts. We, the Realism Religion can then press charges against any religious leader, by taking offense.

Our first great commandment is there are no god, gods, fairies, souls, afterlife, reincarnation, or the like.
Our second is we should be offended at anyone who does not believe the first. It is up to us to educate the population of this reality. Those who will not learn may be left to die off, as in the end we all just die anyway.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


After accepting that there is no god, never was, never could be, it is time to move on with life, stop debating and considering the arguments, and move on, but what do we call that moved on state? Realism. There are many people that are stuck at that arguing atheism stage, like David Silverman, who make money arguing that there is no god, that have nothing further to offer, once we make that step out of the sucking hole of religion. Once we are free of it, well then, we are free to make our own decisions, and responsible for those decisions. We need to review our major moral beliefs and make up our own mind on what is right and wrong, good and evil, moral, what is virtue, and away we go.

We are not bogged down in endless debate about religion, but all that down drag sucking is just gone, we are free of the gravity like suck of religion. It is time for others to end their attachment to that giant sucking feeling. Morals have nothing to do with many subject, these become just more taxes on life. Life has it's own "Higgs field". Religion is part of that.

Marriage is one tax dodge, binding agreement that was intended to provide more security to raise children. Same sex marriage is a fraud, but if they want it, there is a bit of tax benefit, or home security system, home comfort system to be obtained for those who like those methods. They were born or psychologically developed a twisted obsession, and so wish to live that way for the remainder of there lives. We are overpopulated, and they should be allowed to live the way they want in piece. The gays have always been with us, and likely always will be. Twisted psychics exist; there is nothing to be done for these obsessives, unless they start impacting on the healthy peoples, and then there are laws for that. We are too many people, living in each others businesses. That is the real problem. Without religion, it becomes a tolerance issue, and they have the right to live out there lives in relative comfort they can afford. If they wish to register the union, so be it. The taxes are too heavy anyway.

We, the too many, may need to open up and allow, even perform the service of abortion, as a medical choice of women, right or wrong. If you are in the medical business, and disapprove of that service, but are public funded, you may be required to provide the service or get out. For many years I, an atheist, provided foundation design criteria for churches and other buildings. I did this unflinchingly while knowing much of religion is fraud. Yet the leaders who are complacent in the fraud deserve a suitable building foundation. It is part of the job, just do it or get out of the business. We need to be willing to take on the whole job or none. Most of us suffer along with jobs which we only like part of the job. That is life and the nature of life.

We, the two many, need to allow the suffering, without reasonable hope of recovery, to be terminated with consent free of pressure. We would do the same for a dog and call it compassion. We need to allow nature to terminate without prolonging the life of those who are unable to give consent, and have no reasonable expectation of recovery.  

Religion is a rabbit hole that we need not go into, certinally not after we have escaped. We can waste a life down those holes. It can be pleasant, but it is not real, living in our mind, with imaginary concepts like Alice in Wonderland. We can select a system of thinking that deals with reality and away we go. The Stoics and Buddhists had most of this figured out, and the systems work well together with a few minor pruning for the lay peoples. Little needs to be added to deal with the digital age, the information age, plastic age, computer age, what ever this will be called looking backwards from the future. It all does not matter much, we all just die in the end.

We, the too many, need to pass on our skill to the next generation, if they wish those skills. If they do not, oh well.  


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The State of Affairs

Last night I was at an atheist thing - discussion group. It is apparent to me this morning that the only thing atheist have in common is that we do not believe there is a god. We all got to this belief/knowledge along different paths; we are all at different stages. How we came; where we are is strikingly different. There is no evidence of a god; that we have in common.

The discussion was movies and how atheists are portrayed in religious/christian movies. These movies are written by christians, so of course, we atheists come off looking like derange people, but when we look at the real evidence, then there is none presented, only opinion. It makes a good entertaining story, nothing more. Movies are all fiction, and we cannot lose sight of that. These are not real, all atheists have in common is that we only believe in one less god than most.

The president of the local association is all upset because we are not being portrayed fairly, boo who oho. It is all fiction, most of non physical world is from this point of view, that which is not history or speculation of the future. If the author is not atheist, anything could only portray only one atheist, rightly or wrongly, and only at one stage of development, of life. Many of us change substantially over our lifetimes and over short period of our life. Most portray a fictional life, at one instant of time. Minor things can have major impacts on some people's lives. How a movie portrays us is just not important to me, at this point in my life.

To understand christianity, at the root, one must understand what was going on in the Roman occupied land of the Middle East. There was strife; life was savage, brutish, short. Many of the people were in revolt; some were hoeing out a living, raising a few sheep in community flocks. It was a time of little education. Many of the Romans could read and write, paper making was a well know technology. Life was mostly about living, but some had some excess income for more than essentials. It was a time of prosperity. Rome was having difficulty controlling the population. And along comes some lay about peace-nick. The real movement developed in the next four centuries, as the movement was adopted by "women and slaves" throughout the roman empire as it ungulate about trying to develop democracy among the various tribes and invasions. History is recorded by the survivors, so the real history is a bit warped all the time. Christians were and are more about story than facts, so haul in the salt, and so it began.

The human like a good story, and like to be able to explain everything to the story loving people. Many of us recognize that facts are the truth, but we have difficulty understanding / separating facts from good story. We are left struggling. Oh well. In the end we just die anyway, just like taxes.     


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The nuts are in control

 If you are not for us, you are against us. There is a bit of a logical error here. There is a big space between for and against, including the do not cares, do not know about, the apathetic and ignorant, and those who have no sneakers in the race.. Raise a toast to Rodger Runningshoe. Slave Lake 1973

 So the US thinks those are unfair trade issues. This is magic fairy thinking, that the world was created for the US. The US is an idiot state, in the same thinking league as North Korea. We all have the world rights to do what we like in our countries while trump does his idiot thing about making america great again, but he is lording it over other nations which will not fly. Europe, and TTP group are all wild for trade. US loses once we start trading elsewhere. Something are just cheaper to produce here, just as some things are cheaper to produce elsewhere. If we wish to keep our industries, we need to protect them. US is entitled to do the same.

So perhaps we need to put on a "trump tax" on our lumber exported to the US. Increase the cost of lumber in the US, and watch the fire works. Keep the money in Canada.

So trump is just an another believer of  "fairies at the bottom of the garden" type person. How can a nation elect such a person, except in a country with a "fairies at the bottom of the garden" believing population. It is just not logical, not rational, not possible to believe. The nuts are in control. That explains much. The nuts are in control.

So back to the current world, CNN is not going to print trump propaganda without getting paid to print it.  ... well they recognize it as propaganda, when it its trump boasting what he has accomplished, but nothing has happened yet beyond presidential declarations.