Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is there to understand, Bob?

 What is there to understand, Bob? Islam is faith, not reason. Those that believe, believe. That is the problem, it is the Islam faith. It is blind acceptance of a hypothesis as real. It is based on ignorance. All religions are.

Mohamed was a general. He wanted young soldiers who would charge to death without question. He created a religion that would provide that and more. It replaced all other belief systems. As long as no one questions, and those that do are terminated, it can take over any other religion. Fear is one method of short term control of the minds.

The suicide bomber gains in standing, and looses nothing. Life has no value in Islam to the soldier. That is the root of the problem. As long as we insist on freedom of religion, the problem will just grow. We cannot call then disenfranchised, they were never franchised. They are the spares of big families, the disposable of Islam. Religions are allowed to infect there young with dangerous memes before there brains can reason. Memes are dangerous things, especially that it is good to kill non-believers. The root cause is religion and specifically the Islam religion. The solution is to disallow the teaching of religion of any kind to the young. If they wish to learn and adopt it after the age of majority, well, then it is another problem.

Islam trains their people to follow without questions. Those that follow are selected, the remainder are just too busy with life. The next steps are small, and already well started, to follow through a simple action to a glorious conclusion and massive reward, all with the blessing of the leader and the great sky leader.  The religion is brain washing, to follow, to believe, to do as they are instructed, period. To pass from this place of deprivation to the place of plenty, pleasure, peace and the like is reputed to be wonderful; it is really just a story of bullshit. The final activation step are small and to the non-thinking person easy. No thinking person would do it; they are aware the promises are empty, the only life there is is the here and now.  

Keep in mind that all belief systems have no foundation and reside only in the mind of the believer. These mind parasites, memes, control all our actions almost automatically, some are fully automatic and beyond the control of the person...  Once we have them, to change, requires considerable effort... we need to overwrite them, provide alternatives, or have a major psychological shift. As these are often not based on logic, these are often termed spiritual awaking, or other goofy term with limited real meaning. It is like learning that traditional food are destroying us, yet we want to eat them, for we know not what else to eat. We need a change in attitude sufficient to bring an immediate end to the problem.

It is not about understanding the insane, it is about accepting they are insane, and offering them a real true alternative, not just a different version of insanity, or your untrue meme system. That alternative is really the secret of life. It is logic, realism, possibly derived from first principles. We are just animals with intelligence. Some have tremendous memory, others logic,or understanding. We need to cooperate for our own survival. For survival of all, we need to all cooperate. Those that will not cooperate need to be expelled from the community, and that is the problem. The community of non cooperatives are larger than the cooperative now. We have a major problem. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

We also need the conditions to be able to live the truth, without harassment and conflict. We atheists, humanists, realists, what ever we call ourselves, need the same conditions free of god that religions are given, imbibed with the goofy delusion of gods. We need the freedom to make all efforts at converting others to reality. There is no god, no souls, no afterlife, and no self for the most part, in the Buddhist meaning. Where do we go from here?  

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