Saturday, May 6, 2017


After accepting that there is no god, never was, never could be, it is time to move on with life, stop debating and considering the arguments, and move on, but what do we call that moved on state? Realism. There are many people that are stuck at that arguing atheism stage, like David Silverman, who make money arguing that there is no god, that have nothing further to offer, once we make that step out of the sucking hole of religion. Once we are free of it, well then, we are free to make our own decisions, and responsible for those decisions. We need to review our major moral beliefs and make up our own mind on what is right and wrong, good and evil, moral, what is virtue, and away we go.

We are not bogged down in endless debate about religion, but all that down drag sucking is just gone, we are free of the gravity like suck of religion. It is time for others to end their attachment to that giant sucking feeling. Morals have nothing to do with many subject, these become just more taxes on life. Life has it's own "Higgs field". Religion is part of that.

Marriage is one tax dodge, binding agreement that was intended to provide more security to raise children. Same sex marriage is a fraud, but if they want it, there is a bit of tax benefit, or home security system, home comfort system to be obtained for those who like those methods. They were born or psychologically developed a twisted obsession, and so wish to live that way for the remainder of there lives. We are overpopulated, and they should be allowed to live the way they want in piece. The gays have always been with us, and likely always will be. Twisted psychics exist; there is nothing to be done for these obsessives, unless they start impacting on the healthy peoples, and then there are laws for that. We are too many people, living in each others businesses. That is the real problem. Without religion, it becomes a tolerance issue, and they have the right to live out there lives in relative comfort they can afford. If they wish to register the union, so be it. The taxes are too heavy anyway.

We, the too many, may need to open up and allow, even perform the service of abortion, as a medical choice of women, right or wrong. If you are in the medical business, and disapprove of that service, but are public funded, you may be required to provide the service or get out. For many years I, an atheist, provided foundation design criteria for churches and other buildings. I did this unflinchingly while knowing much of religion is fraud. Yet the leaders who are complacent in the fraud deserve a suitable building foundation. It is part of the job, just do it or get out of the business. We need to be willing to take on the whole job or none. Most of us suffer along with jobs which we only like part of the job. That is life and the nature of life.

We, the two many, need to allow the suffering, without reasonable hope of recovery, to be terminated with consent free of pressure. We would do the same for a dog and call it compassion. We need to allow nature to terminate without prolonging the life of those who are unable to give consent, and have no reasonable expectation of recovery.  

Religion is a rabbit hole that we need not go into, certinally not after we have escaped. We can waste a life down those holes. It can be pleasant, but it is not real, living in our mind, with imaginary concepts like Alice in Wonderland. We can select a system of thinking that deals with reality and away we go. The Stoics and Buddhists had most of this figured out, and the systems work well together with a few minor pruning for the lay peoples. Little needs to be added to deal with the digital age, the information age, plastic age, computer age, what ever this will be called looking backwards from the future. It all does not matter much, we all just die in the end.

We, the too many, need to pass on our skill to the next generation, if they wish those skills. If they do not, oh well.  


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