Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The State of Affairs

Last night I was at an atheist thing - discussion group. It is apparent to me this morning that the only thing atheist have in common is that we do not believe there is a god. We all got to this belief/knowledge along different paths; we are all at different stages. How we came; where we are is strikingly different. There is no evidence of a god; that we have in common.

The discussion was movies and how atheists are portrayed in religious/christian movies. These movies are written by christians, so of course, we atheists come off looking like derange people, but when we look at the real evidence, then there is none presented, only opinion. It makes a good entertaining story, nothing more. Movies are all fiction, and we cannot lose sight of that. These are not real, all atheists have in common is that we only believe in one less god than most.

The president of the local association is all upset because we are not being portrayed fairly, boo who oho. It is all fiction, most of non physical world is from this point of view, that which is not history or speculation of the future. If the author is not atheist, anything could only portray only one atheist, rightly or wrongly, and only at one stage of development, of life. Many of us change substantially over our lifetimes and over short period of our life. Most portray a fictional life, at one instant of time. Minor things can have major impacts on some people's lives. How a movie portrays us is just not important to me, at this point in my life.

To understand christianity, at the root, one must understand what was going on in the Roman occupied land of the Middle East. There was strife; life was savage, brutish, short. Many of the people were in revolt; some were hoeing out a living, raising a few sheep in community flocks. It was a time of little education. Many of the Romans could read and write, paper making was a well know technology. Life was mostly about living, but some had some excess income for more than essentials. It was a time of prosperity. Rome was having difficulty controlling the population. And along comes some lay about peace-nick. The real movement developed in the next four centuries, as the movement was adopted by "women and slaves" throughout the roman empire as it ungulate about trying to develop democracy among the various tribes and invasions. History is recorded by the survivors, so the real history is a bit warped all the time. Christians were and are more about story than facts, so haul in the salt, and so it began.

The human like a good story, and like to be able to explain everything to the story loving people. Many of us recognize that facts are the truth, but we have difficulty understanding / separating facts from good story. We are left struggling. Oh well. In the end we just die anyway, just like taxes.     


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