Saturday, December 31, 2016

Which sexual tribe are you in?

It seems that there were three, now a fourth sexual tribe has developed, the poly's. These sexual groups behave like tribes; they are hostile to all other groups. Gays, trans, mono or normal's, and now the poly's.

The human animals do not throw true to our sex, some have physical issues, other have psychological based sexual issues. Others are just never satisfied. Mono relationships are likely the most common, and are the most likely to provide healthy mentally balanced children. Poly's cause many family separations, and I cannot see how they can not cause jealousy, or lack of caring about the offspring, lack of support of questionable offspring and similar issues.

The poly goes around hitting on every one they feel attracted to. They cause much resentments, and much distress and unwanted effort to rebut. Some of them are far too pushy, and need to be publicly shut down. Their behavior can be discussing, even repugnant to normal mono's.  

Those who are beyond reproduction age only have relationships to be concerned about. But since these appears to be tribal like, anyone jumping between tribes can expect that some will not be happy about across tribal communications. In other words, when a parent becomes poly, they may lose the respect of their children, and also the attachment of the child.

A skeptics/atheists do not want our time, devoted to the study, to be wasted or diluted or wasted with poly perverts promotion, and took steps to ban a waster who is promoting poly rather than the study of atheism. There mistake was to publicly state the ban, rather then privately.

 Whether the hitting on was real, innuendo, or imaginary, unwelcome hitting on the prime organizer of the event may have caused a overreaction, and as a result they became 'person non grata.' Together with a bunch of complains from the previous year for time wasting on non advertised subject, decisions were made to not only not invite him as speaker, but to outright pan the individual. Oh well, there are always issues in organizations. Splits will occur. It is time to move on, but not in the USA. Sue the offender, and destroy the organization and the prime organizer.          

Saturday, December 24, 2016

US Customs

the day after festivus, -15C, light snow....and not enough snow on the ground to cover plowed field. 

Does this mean that those of us who have spoken out against the Trump idiot are not going be allowed into the US now after January? Although I no longer have a current Canadian passport just because I never bothered to renew it when it expired back whenever that was, some time in the future, I may have changed my mind. Or is the US going to take a bigger dislike of atheists, and consider us potential terrorists, when in general the religious are much easier to radicalize for there lack of rational thoughts.

I do not plan to go south for the winter either, as I could not take my dog, who is more important to me than a lot of people. Oh well, that says where my proprieties are at.

So could an atheist could use "Oh god" as an expletive or Oh g0d as an explanative? but how would one pronounce g0d? gzerod?

Enough foolishness.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Festivus, a tradition for some since 1997. Steinfeld. A festival for the rest of us.  Festivus pole, beer cans and duct tape. No deterioration. Speak your grievances, and feats of strength. Oh well.

Most cultures celebrate the end of this year or the beginning of the next about this time of the year. A festival of lights at the dark time of year or something. Saturnalia or old Rome, to celebrate  the end of harvest and clean up the eat early portion of harvest. It was a slow agriculture work time for a bit, so why not have a celebration. Now we do it to excess perhaps.

Further north the natives burned big logs on the longest night of the year, and likely for a while to keep warm and provide a bit of light. The fierce Quadi decorated trees; with what, I have no idea, to mark their territory. Yule was born. Along come the Christians and add there concepts to the annual seasonal solstice or cultural/religious celebration, and take gifting to new extremes of excess, and we have the present situation. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The Celts celebrated eight time a year, the solstices and equinox and midpoints. Their greatest fear was the sky falling, aka meteorites, as they had experienced. They were a prolific culture, expanding from their root area to all of northern Europe and beyond. Add to their holidays a few christian holidays, and we have the current situation. Reminds of the Life of Pi, where Pi tries to follow three religions. A lot of holidays. Oh well.

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the cold part of the year, so heat, fire and lights would naturally be a big part of any celebration, as would be food and drink, much drink likely. Story telling is the original art, and that would feature in any celebration. Repeating the stories of old, a history lesson of sorts, modified by each story teller down through the ages, to improve, or as remembered or as created. The Stoics suggest we periodically go back to the behavior of that time for a few days, just to accustom ourselves to being without. Such an exercise willingly will remind us of the past and "prevent us getting to soft" as was one of their concerns. (like Epictetus frags 13) ( or Marcus Aurelius  somewhere) Oh well, a bit of soul carrying around a dead body.        

Monday, December 12, 2016

Fake News and Religion

The similarity of fake news and religions became obvious on reading this. Lies, bullshit and a good story have this lack of truth in common. Fake new is just fake, as is much in religion. Both masquerade as truth. Therein lies the problem, we the people do not have time to test everything, and have assume them to be true. The more correct assumption is assume it is a lie until collaboration, or evidence is produced.

Since coming out as an Atheist, I have realized the hatred, intolerance, bigotry, ever persecution that Christian and Islam religious display toward the non religious. I was not prepared for the back lash that stating that I am an atheist caused.  Oh well.  It is true and is done.

I also had not realized the amount of intolerance that still is present in Canada 2016 toward the atheists. This is mostly from the so called Christians. Oh well, it says something about there actual beliefs, not what they claim to believe. More false self concepts. It is utterly impossible to understand that these people, who preach tolerance, understanding and love can be so intolerant, brutal, and savage. All I can say is "forgive them, for they know not what they do."

The foundation of science is the hypothesis that is supported with evidence, and is not falseafiable by any known test. Even then, any hypothesis can be questioned, but if there is no evidence, them perhaps it is true. Perhaps not also. We can assign probability, and generate a likely solution.

In reality, most people do not want to think to hard about these subjects, for they see the potential conflict and would rather just go along not openly saying anything. It is only those of us with mental issues, a need to know, or to be correct, that causes a problem for us in not knowing. Oh well.

At this season of
may reason prevail.
There are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
no heaven or hell.
There is only
our natural world.
Religion is but
myth and superstition
that hardens hearts
and enslaves minds.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lock her up!

I think this call shows a general discontent with government. She is out of touch with the reality of we working class. She says higher cost for those of us on small incomes is " good for the economy" , when in reality we have to either take the extra costs from our slim savings, or from other necessary items in the "budget". Retirement is about learning to do without. Being governed is all about paying the government too much and receiving little in return.

Government needs to be downsized, or decentralized. It has tried centralization, and that removes the decision making too far from the effected people. It just creates more problems than it solves. Oh well, lock her up.

"Lock her up" is a call that expresses discontent, but cannot happen in a elected environment. Oh well, we can still make the call.