Saturday, December 24, 2016

US Customs

the day after festivus, -15C, light snow....and not enough snow on the ground to cover plowed field. 

Does this mean that those of us who have spoken out against the Trump idiot are not going be allowed into the US now after January? Although I no longer have a current Canadian passport just because I never bothered to renew it when it expired back whenever that was, some time in the future, I may have changed my mind. Or is the US going to take a bigger dislike of atheists, and consider us potential terrorists, when in general the religious are much easier to radicalize for there lack of rational thoughts.

I do not plan to go south for the winter either, as I could not take my dog, who is more important to me than a lot of people. Oh well, that says where my proprieties are at.

So could an atheist could use "Oh god" as an expletive or Oh g0d as an explanative? but how would one pronounce g0d? gzerod?

Enough foolishness.

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