Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ego driven assholes

We live in a world of ignorance and assholes; that is the only way I can describe it. Assholes, in this case think that there opinions are right and that there opinions matter to me. Ignorant because they do not know the reasons for things, and cannot know the reasons; they have never been told, let alone shutting down there ego long enough to hear and understand the logic.

In order to get in or out of my car, I need to open the door fully. So in the food store parking lot, where the parking spaces are painted quite small, I always park corner wise on two spaces beyond the used portion. It is the only way to be sure of being able to open the door when I return. This is prudent, for in the past, I have been blocked out of my car in that lot, so it is prudent to do this two space parking. This is a simple work around the ignorant and aggressive egos. For some reason, people try to park between the lines, and it is impossible to open the doors it you do. They think it is "right", but struggle to get in and out of their cars. Oh well. They seem to think others should struggle when there is a simple work around.

Parking spaces are not regulated in reasonable size, only in number. The required amount of spaces or retail assumes the store will be busy, and that is seldom the case. For this reason the spaces are too small, as the designer has to get so many onto the lot space. It has nothing to do with the function of the parking space. Oh well, we comply with the regulation.

Well yesterday, some bitch left a note on my windshield, calling me a dink for parking that way. I am reminded of Marcus Aurelius 2.1. let me paraphrase, "the world is full of ignorant and ego driven assholes."

Buddha also had something to say about those kinds of people, let me paraphrase that one for you; walk away from the negative people, ignore them for they are a vexation on the spirit. Stick with the positive people who are pleasant to be around.

But what do I know?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Deconstruct Religion

After we separate our beliefs from our knowledge, we can deconstruct religion. We can separate into five heaps at least; organization growth, fanatic/supernatural, story/myth, desirable virtues/characteristics, desirable behaviors/concepts. Little else remains. The first heap is to provide money and growth to the organization.  Two of those heaps have no real value, and two are important to civilization. These form the foundation of society, without these there would be continual strife.

Except for thieves who steal pensions like this guy... http://thelowcarbdiabetic.blogspot.ca/2016/04/high-street-retailer-british-home.html ...   If this is permitted, and not reversed, all "company pensions" are at risk. Now what? Buy the company, borrow money against it, take the money out of the company and pension plan, and walk away leaving the corpse of the company circling the drain. 

Anyway, in a general way Seligman found that that all the virtues/characteristics could be grouped into 6 categorizes: Courage, Justice, Temperance, Wisdom, Humanity, and Transcendence. Even philosophy falls in transcendence, but Seligman seems to ignore that. Oh well. Seligman did not concern himself with the recommended behaviors, and that is where the big difference between the various religions is at. Seligman is considered to be the father of Positive Psychology profession, and has blind spots to the drawbacks; any movement has some.

So now that the desired virtues/characteristics are established we have something to work toward. The behaviors become consistent with the virtues; well sort of, but there is conflicts, and choices. In many cases the choices become any one of many suitable options. There is plenty of space between "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others" and "Whatever you would that others should do to you, do you even so to them". The negative version is more correct; for there is also much space between what we like and do not like. Oh well, life goes on and I remain godfree. What do I know anyway?


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Separation of Faith and Knowledge

Separation of church and state is a fine thing, but more important is Separation of faith and knowledge. Here is a fine example of not doing that.
Even the title is wrong, it should be believing not knowing. Science and evidence is the method of separation of these two.

Absence of evidence is weak evidence of not existence of things like god; enough absence of evidence is must raise doubts, and even more should move us from unable to prove false to probable true range. Oh well, the placebo effect is still a real effect.

Trust of science is something that some of us have, and others do not. Yes, there is wrong science, but most of the time there is also early doubt, or obvious anecdotal condition. Wrong is also different from fraud as in the case of Ansel Keys, and some others. But there is a major step between belief and knowledge, and that must be larger than the placebo effect. You can test one placebo against the other, and pick the best placebo. That is the double blind standard. Unless you can show a real effect, what have you got? The better placebo. Oh well, fun was had by all, dollars turned, and someone made a bit of money.

But what do I know?  


I had a great long post, and then I deleted the draft, which happened to be the actually post. So I will let it rest for a while.

It was just me wining and ranting anyways. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

i hate immigrants

So the "I hate immigrants" page has been taken down, and is being investigated. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/brandon-racist-facebook-page-about-immigrants-1.3540593

So here we have a limit of speech, as directed by the Trudeau government.

And at the same time something over 50% of the population feel this. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/kelly-mcparland-poll-shows-canadians-are-nasty-anti-immigrant-sobs

Cognitive dissonance... what?  

At the same time they are setting it up so that the banks can steal our money with a bail-in, pg 223 of the budget. So the banks can issue bad loans and are not responsible for collections of bad loans.

And we live in a free country.  ...  Sure.

And the plankton are in collapse, as a result of rising Co2 levels. So this is the start of loss of buffering of Co2 in the oceans and the start of rapid temperature rise and drought on the prairies.  Oh well.

Soon (20-40y) the population had better be in decline, for the middle latitudes will not be inhabitable without much technology or cover.

And what do I know anyway?   

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flat Earth Society


There is http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/cms/   and the likes.

How un-sciencey or Luddite can people be? I do not believe all science yet, for I have know that some of it is wrong, and will be corrected in the future maybe. Look at ulcers, and diabetes T2, and statins, and diet wars, for examples. THe medical science was/is out to lunch. Oh well.

Physics may be no better. Dark energy, dark matter, single big bang and colliding galaxies; and expanding universe with it's red shift Doppler effect. Something just does not add up there. Something is wrong in that lot, perhaps.

The press has always had a issue of expanding the actual story a bit, and history is written by the survivors and is no more accurate. The written human records need to be taken only in a general way, not as truth. We know more today than we have ever known, and we still have not found a god, but also recognize the genetic seeking agency  and preference for explanation and story building characteristic that leads to conspiracy theories and creation myths. Oh well, there is no god, and science is a good story also, but that is what the evidence supports more or less.

But how can we improve education without logic? Religion has caused much of the ills of the world, it is time to abandon it in favor of sciencism. It is too much to put in one handy book, but then what details should be left out. Philosophy is too introspection based and leaves room for errors - incorrect memes, or similar issues. Mediation does similar introspection at a individual level, without the spreading by memes. Oh well. 

When I started trying to understand overeating I never though it would lead here to the point of suspecting that it is a brain problem, and the solution - work around - is in the mind. How does one teach those who will not learn, will not accept reality? There mind is firmly fixed on some delusion. They live in a deluded state, unable to understand reality, and the worst part is they indoctrinate the young. That is child abuse; filling the child's mind with falsehoods. Oh well, what can I do, other than keep telling them this?

But what do I know anyway?   

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Welfare in Canada

Here, in Canada, we have a welfare system, that it is possible to grow up in and on, get a fair education, and then the females can live the remainder of your life on welfare, if they are willing to settle for the little bit that welfare provides. I know a girl that did just that, except for the few years that she had a husband. That ended in her having an affair with a carpenter who was doing renovations on the house. Oh well.

When I see stories like http://ca.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idCAKCN0X927D we are reminded that reserves are just Indian welfare. Overpopulation is the simple description of the problem. There are more people that are needed. (1994-1246, 2011 1549, 2016 2000) There are business that serve the people, but no base industry. The main source of money coming into the community is welfare. There is no future for these type of communities beyond being a welfare load on the government. They are not willing to back to the inhuman life style of before white man, and unwilling to educate themselves to become experts in something to grow a community around. It is simply a case of overpopulation.

I was part of the post war baby boom that moved off the farms to the city's where there was work. It was not a question for many of us; the choice was farm or move, except for those who were in the service industry. I do not see how it is different today, except for the welfare that is available.

Oh well, what do I know?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cultural Issue


Once more we see the cultural norm of failure to adapt to the existing society norm come into play. If non-natives were to live in groups like that, without sufficient motivation, do you think it would be any different?

People need purpose in there lives. If you do not have one, create one and get on with it. Residential schools have been gone for fifty some years, get over it; they are not the cause of the problem. The cause is there unwillingness to make big cultural changes necessary to adapt to the modern culture. Natives want to live in southern conditions in the north, but are unable to develop base industry to support that lifestyle (base industry are ones where the money comes from far away in exchange for products). The residential schools were an attempt to correct what we saw as the problem. Many whites went through boarding school issue as well. Either live and work where there are schools or waste the next generation; it is not difficult to understand. 

Natives are a society in transition, from family group to small tribal, to now organized communities. They have just not adapted, and with modern communications, they see the way we live, and we see back. When we stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.

In native society, starvation was the limiting factor in population growth, and had been for years. Human population can easily triple four times a century, given sufficient food. It was a near full time effort to obtain food, close, shelter, for clan and neighboring clans. Where lack of food did not control, the area they could defend as there home range took the remainder to defend. Tribal societies are never at peace for long, territory is always in need for expansion, as the population always has need for more. That is just the way it is. Farming allowed more food production, now it is water that is the governing factor, and the Co2 release from energy production. Which do you want the next war to be over?        

Suicide was and is a cultural right. The door is always open, and it was often used as a method of preventing suffering among the elderly; and suffering in general. The adults would walk away from the old and infirm when moving camp seasonally. How much has there culture has changed?

Caffeine, sugar, too much starches, tobacco and alcohol... all leave the human susceptible to depression. Quit consuming eating the shit, and get on with what you see as your purpose for your life, beyond reproducing; there are too many people already. If you have no purpose, create one.

Their is little sympathy for the native among the working, there is lip service mostly, and a few liberal do-gooders, but only if someone else is paying the bills. The US has there blacks, Canada has its natives.

But what do I know anyway?    

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Idiot Muslims


Bangladeshi Police Tell Atheist Bloggers to Stop Criticizing Religion if They Want to Avoid Being Killed

Bangladeshi Official, in Response to Murdered Atheist, Will Investigate His Blog for Offensive Posts

There is no god, therefore all religions are bullshit. We have free speech. With non-rational attitudes like this, what can one do?

It is not safe to travel to these countries.

They think like emotional children. "I want it my way. I do not want to deal with reality or with other people who do not think like I do. I want. I want." (jumping up and down, fists closed, screeming) So they go out and kill the offender. Is that civilized? 

If the peace loving Muslims do not speak out and do something, all Muslims will be tared with the same brush.

and one more http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/04/07/muslim-killer-has-no-ill-will-towards-christianity-but-that-filthy-blasphemer-had-to-die/

But what  do I know?


Monday, April 4, 2016

Negligent Government

Negligent Government

The government of Alberta NDP have stopped sending out renewal notices for licenses. Oh joy. Now we are responsible for even more. THe government can now rake in more fines for expired licensees.

The government has now relieved the banks of the burden of providing only sound loans and are allowing the banks to seize the depositors money to stay afloat. Oh joy. It allows million dollar salaries, and no liability, That is a receipt for legal fraud. The bastards.