Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flat Earth Society 
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How un-sciencey or Luddite can people be? I do not believe all science yet, for I have know that some of it is wrong, and will be corrected in the future maybe. Look at ulcers, and diabetes T2, and statins, and diet wars, for examples. THe medical science was/is out to lunch. Oh well.

Physics may be no better. Dark energy, dark matter, single big bang and colliding galaxies; and expanding universe with it's red shift Doppler effect. Something just does not add up there. Something is wrong in that lot, perhaps.

The press has always had a issue of expanding the actual story a bit, and history is written by the survivors and is no more accurate. The written human records need to be taken only in a general way, not as truth. We know more today than we have ever known, and we still have not found a god, but also recognize the genetic seeking agency  and preference for explanation and story building characteristic that leads to conspiracy theories and creation myths. Oh well, there is no god, and science is a good story also, but that is what the evidence supports more or less.

But how can we improve education without logic? Religion has caused much of the ills of the world, it is time to abandon it in favor of sciencism. It is too much to put in one handy book, but then what details should be left out. Philosophy is too introspection based and leaves room for errors - incorrect memes, or similar issues. Mediation does similar introspection at a individual level, without the spreading by memes. Oh well. 

When I started trying to understand overeating I never though it would lead here to the point of suspecting that it is a brain problem, and the solution - work around - is in the mind. How does one teach those who will not learn, will not accept reality? There mind is firmly fixed on some delusion. They live in a deluded state, unable to understand reality, and the worst part is they indoctrinate the young. That is child abuse; filling the child's mind with falsehoods. Oh well, what can I do, other than keep telling them this?

But what do I know anyway?   

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  1. Thanks for Pharyngula link - need to start following PZ again...
    I must admit, I've never been to NJ, but right here in Big D we display fossils recovered from N Texas - & I'd love to take Mike on a field trip to the Paluxy River (Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, about 100 mi W of here)... Of course it must be all faked ;-)