Monday, April 18, 2016

i hate immigrants

So the "I hate immigrants" page has been taken down, and is being investigated.

So here we have a limit of speech, as directed by the Trudeau government.

And at the same time something over 50% of the population feel this.

Cognitive dissonance... what?  

At the same time they are setting it up so that the banks can steal our money with a bail-in, pg 223 of the budget. So the banks can issue bad loans and are not responsible for collections of bad loans.

And we live in a free country.  ...  Sure.

And the plankton are in collapse, as a result of rising Co2 levels. So this is the start of loss of buffering of Co2 in the oceans and the start of rapid temperature rise and drought on the prairies.  Oh well.

Soon (20-40y) the population had better be in decline, for the middle latitudes will not be inhabitable without much technology or cover.

And what do I know anyway?   

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