Friday, March 31, 2017

And the Survey says...

Residential schools have been closed for how long, and since 2008 the natives blaming residential schools has gone from 31 to 48 percent.    And how many benefited from residential schools? over half. And our senator who reminded them that there were benefits was hassled out. Reconciliation anyone?

So the choice was residential school or nothing in those small communities. Would they have rather that?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Individual Rights

What "rights" does anyone have to push their opinions onto others?   What is the foundation for government, and are they over stepping their foundation rights?   How many freedoms and rights do we give up in living within a society?   What am I on about?  LGBTQ and the bathroom issue, gay rights, civil liberties, property rights, land development, planning and land use, bullying, Islam, Christian, Atheism... all have one thing in common; some group of people trying to force a behavior, belief, or action onto another group who do not want to behave in the manor prescribed by the group.

This saga all starts with a little town, Warburg, essentially forcing a senior out of his house that he has owned for the last 40 years. The old place was in need of paint, and the town bylaw officer place a paint or we will do it and send you the bill order. The old fellow had just a bit of pension, and cannot really afford to live there any longer, he cannot afford to live anywhere any longer, but the old house was not worth much; it is doubtful if anyone will ever live there again. But the town, in there infinite wisdom placed this order anyway. So the old fellow tried to paint it himself. He fell of the ladder, and injured himself. It was a wet year, so the town decided to paint the house and send him the bill. But the town does not know what it is doing, so they paint it when it was wet, and the paint pealed, and it needs scraping and repainting again.  Anyway, the only way he could raise the money was to sell the house, and move elsewhere. Oh well.   Does the town have the ethical right to force this? They may have the legal right but I hold they did not have the ethical right. The old fellow would have died off in a few years anyway. All this to keep up the look, to appease the rich bitch that lived next door. She harassed the town into the bylaw enforcement, which they did because they could legally. So the ultimate question is what gives the old bitch have the right to harass here neighbor out, and for the town to enforce this?

We see this over and over again; some group forcing a behavior, belief, or action onto another individual or group. This is the classic definition of bullying. We see this with Islam. Until people have free choice where both choices are reasonable, there will be conflict. People must be free to leave that faith without death threats, and isolation or shunning. Shunning is the ultimate display of phobia, of prejudice, of disrespect of individuals. We should not be raising people to blindly follow, or to adhere to the opinion of the masses. but to think for themselves.

Early Christians were condemned because they were considered atheists, they did not believe in the Roman gods. Many of us today just believe in one less god that modern religious. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

It seems that many of the religious do not really believe that which is illogical, but rather just go along with others for fear of losing the relationship with family and friends if they oppose the beliefs of the strong believers. Perhaps now it is time to stand up for yourself.

It is my opinion that much of the current psychological difficulties is caused by the cognitive dissonance of religion and modern life, of government over-regulation and society, of available powerful automobiles and low speed limits, of safety of others vs our desire to be elsewhere. We have people pushing that we can be whatever we want, but without the reality of ability, natural talents, or any knowledge of what will be required. It is bullshit. Our talent stack and interest stack must be considered, and we should not push people beyond what they are capable of with reasonable effort. This is all getting screwed by the rate of change in our society. We are unable to adapt at the current rate of change.

So what or how gives the ethical or moral right to force your beliefs on others? When the legal system becomes an ass, over-through of government is the moral and ethical choice. Government has gone to far already. Religion has gone to far. There is no evidence of a physical god, there fore is only in the mind of the believers.

The world is overpopulated; the maximum population is one at which the carbon dioxide level is near stable. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Consider where the advice is from

Everybody has advice. Consider where the advice is from and if your objectives and the objective of the advisor are the same.

5. “You are never too poor to give.” // Parents, 1979. 

I give enough in taxes for the government to waste in support of welfare, natives, and other low energy people that I do not feel any more is required.

Some people just need more pressure to feel the need to earn a living. There are those who are too damaged to hardly live, and perhaps they need our support. Many of those though, would not have survived without extraordinary efforts of the medical community. This has produce a tremendous long term liability on the government. It is my opinion that extraordinary efforts should be at the cost of the patient, and there long term care also at there expense. This is a reality of self supporting population.

I recognize that the population would not stand for such a change, but it will come as the medical system will bankrupt Canada, along with the welfare system. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

But back to charity. I volunteer as a Archery Coach at Capital Region Archery Club, a totally volunteer run archery club. I do the drop in class, a class intended as the first introduction to archery.
I teach traditional style with modern wood riser recurves... sort of oxymoron. Oh well. The modern recurve shoots a faster arrow, much straighter and with far superior accuracy than any traditional bow for the beginner. The class can handle anyone that is old enough to pay attention to what they are doing to seniors. In general, archery is a light upper body workout to a heavy upper body workout in time, if you desire.That is my contribution to our society, likely over 100 to 150 hr/year. Two to four days, taking the show on the road, 2 to 4 days of workshops, open houses, etc plus perhaps 40 drop in classes, and still have to pay membership. Oh well, in the end we all just die off anyway.


Friday, March 24, 2017

M 103 is not the solution

It seams like colors and religious want special treatment. I do not think they are entitled to anything more that we whites.   

So what is the dividing line between the normal abuse that the public servants (including police) dish out to all and racist / sexist remarks. We whites take a lot of abuse from many we encounter on a daily basis. Just look at the abuse we old fogies get down at the local coffee shop. Some of what is taken as racist is just federal civil service abuse and normal interpersonal abuse.

The real solution for religious percussion is to abandon all religions. These are just scam at the conceptual level anyway, and have a negative value anyway. The solution for race issues is to recognize that we are a group of different species flocking together, and that we treat our own species different that we treat other species. Get over in and grow skin, and recognize they as different species. All whites are not even the same species, there are the gay species, the one percent species, the hillbilly species, the middle class species, the street people species, the malignant overlords species... etc. The inter species relationship is far different than the within species relationship between individuals, as is the relationship between known and unknown within one species. Many within any species are just assholes, for the lack of a better work. We need to be able to deal with all kinds.

There is no physical evidence for any god. It is all just concepts, ideas, beliefs, superstition. The books are just documents of the superstitions. There may be some history, perhaps, perhaps not. These books may contains much alternative facts, story, as well as stories of what to do or not to do, but no statement of which. The logical thing is to eliminate all religion, and learn to live in reality without thinking there is a magical old man in the sky.

We often see bullying by a religion, trying to force a specific cultural belief onto the remainder of the population. Consider the "no drawings of Moe rule of Islam." Bullying, is forcing others to behave as the bully desires, against the public opinion of what behavior should be, aka standard practice. Without religion, we would know that we all are responsible for our own actions, in the here and now. We could make more behaviors worth spending money on to prosecute, like fraud and even treason. Islams, on seeing a depiction of Moe feel offended. They want us to apologize and adhere to their beliefs. No, that is bullying, and is the start of the slippery slope. There is no gods, so your feelings are your problems. Get over it.

Acceptance of violence is a cultural and time dependent thing. In old time, much more violence was acceptable then now. All violence should be eliminated. Any violence should be prosecuted by the state, to the point of seizing all assets of the propagator, deporting them, if they are not nationals. If they are national, long prison sentences, possible even forced labor, or slavery.

Parental approved mutilations should be a civil matter, with no statute of limitations, so that the child can suit the parents at the age of majority for every thing they have, leaving the parents in poverty if they dare to mutilate.

We should not tolerate any consideration of sharia by Islams, for it is treason to consider to replace Canadian Law with something else. Note that sharia means law, so to say sharia law is redundancy. Anyone suggesting sharia is guilty of counseling treason. 

I think the Heritage Department should define acceptable conduct for everyone, an impossible task. But with no physical evidence for god, first the would need to say that there is no god, therefore all religions are just people living in a fantasy, or they would be defining a fantasy world.

In the next 240 days, behind closed doors the malignant overloads will make decisions that do not reflect the desires of the populous. It is necessary to voice our opinions.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Out with Political Correctness

Out with Political Correctness, up with truth.

We have been hearing about native reconciliation. Yet the natives shoot moose from the road in acreage subdivision and are not charged because they are natives.

The Natives are just running wild, and some of the females get harvested by the predators. They do not behave like whites, consider the predators, and not run wild. And of course we whites are at fault. Oh well.