Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Individual Rights

What "rights" does anyone have to push their opinions onto others?   What is the foundation for government, and are they over stepping their foundation rights?   How many freedoms and rights do we give up in living within a society?   What am I on about?  LGBTQ and the bathroom issue, gay rights, civil liberties, property rights, land development, planning and land use, bullying, Islam, Christian, Atheism... all have one thing in common; some group of people trying to force a behavior, belief, or action onto another group who do not want to behave in the manor prescribed by the group.

This saga all starts with a little town, Warburg, essentially forcing a senior out of his house that he has owned for the last 40 years. The old place was in need of paint, and the town bylaw officer place a paint or we will do it and send you the bill order. The old fellow had just a bit of pension, and cannot really afford to live there any longer, he cannot afford to live anywhere any longer, but the old house was not worth much; it is doubtful if anyone will ever live there again. But the town, in there infinite wisdom placed this order anyway. So the old fellow tried to paint it himself. He fell of the ladder, and injured himself. It was a wet year, so the town decided to paint the house and send him the bill. But the town does not know what it is doing, so they paint it when it was wet, and the paint pealed, and it needs scraping and repainting again.  Anyway, the only way he could raise the money was to sell the house, and move elsewhere. Oh well.   Does the town have the ethical right to force this? They may have the legal right but I hold they did not have the ethical right. The old fellow would have died off in a few years anyway. All this to keep up the look, to appease the rich bitch that lived next door. She harassed the town into the bylaw enforcement, which they did because they could legally. So the ultimate question is what gives the old bitch have the right to harass here neighbor out, and for the town to enforce this?

We see this over and over again; some group forcing a behavior, belief, or action onto another individual or group. This is the classic definition of bullying. We see this with Islam. Until people have free choice where both choices are reasonable, there will be conflict. People must be free to leave that faith without death threats, and isolation or shunning. Shunning is the ultimate display of phobia, of prejudice, of disrespect of individuals. We should not be raising people to blindly follow, or to adhere to the opinion of the masses. but to think for themselves.

Early Christians were condemned because they were considered atheists, they did not believe in the Roman gods. Many of us today just believe in one less god that modern religious. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

It seems that many of the religious do not really believe that which is illogical, but rather just go along with others for fear of losing the relationship with family and friends if they oppose the beliefs of the strong believers. Perhaps now it is time to stand up for yourself.

It is my opinion that much of the current psychological difficulties is caused by the cognitive dissonance of religion and modern life, of government over-regulation and society, of available powerful automobiles and low speed limits, of safety of others vs our desire to be elsewhere. We have people pushing that we can be whatever we want, but without the reality of ability, natural talents, or any knowledge of what will be required. It is bullshit. Our talent stack and interest stack must be considered, and we should not push people beyond what they are capable of with reasonable effort. This is all getting screwed by the rate of change in our society. We are unable to adapt at the current rate of change.

So what or how gives the ethical or moral right to force your beliefs on others? When the legal system becomes an ass, over-through of government is the moral and ethical choice. Government has gone to far already. Religion has gone to far. There is no evidence of a physical god, there fore is only in the mind of the believers.

The world is overpopulated; the maximum population is one at which the carbon dioxide level is near stable. 

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