Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who has the responsibility?

Do the parents bare any responsibility? Does the kid have any responsibility?


Vaping is just goofy anyway. I have difficulty feeling much for anyone who would us such an unknown but likely dangerous product anyway, especially a parent, allowing a juvenile to use.

It lit my kid's face on fire': Alberta father calls for ban on e-cigarettes for minors

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And we taxpayers pay again

Pollution in a big problem. So in the Peace area, where the well have stock die-off around them, are these methane powered pumps being used?

The bastards put it behind a pay wall!!!!

Those pumps should never been allowed in the first place. Instead of using compressed air, they use methane.

Essentially, where natural gas pressures are adequate, the oil companies are using natural gas pressure to drive oil pumps and control equipment. The natural gas is then vented to the atmosphere. Not burned. Methane one of the worst green house gasses. It is in the same group as CFC for which the government banned hair spray, but allow the big oil to vent.

And the government want us to give up cheap electricity.

and then we have this. I cut and paste so that they cannot hid it behind a pay wall.

Many of us know that ethanol destroyed all those old B&S engines with plastic fuel parts. It also burns slower, so in high reeving engineers, it kills fuel economy. Oh, well, we just pay.

Ethanol policy far more hazardous than VW cheating

With the Iowa caucuses less than a week away, here's a newsflash: The corn ethanol mandates, always a pivotal issue in that state, are more deadly than the emissions from those cheating Volkswagens. Four times more deadly, to be precise.
By now, most Americans are probably aware that Volkswagen AG, the world's second-largest automaker, is facing legal woes both in the U.S. and abroad for installing software on its cars that allowed the vehicles to defeat emissions control tests. Earlier this month, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the German company for violating the Clean Air Act by outfitting more than half a million cars with the software. In the U.S. alone, VW could face fines of as much as $90 billion.
The vehicles in question produced 10 to 40 times more nitrogen oxides than the law allowed. And those increased emissions will cause about 60 premature deaths a year in the U.S., according to a study by researchers at MIT and Harvard University.
Shortly after it was discovered that VW had been cheating, Cynthia Giles, the Environmental Protection Agency's assistant administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, denounced the company's effort to "evade clean air standards" as "illegal and a threat to public health."
But corn ethanol is an even bigger threat, as the EPA's own research shows. In 2010, the agency detailed the environmental and economic effects of the Renewable Fuel Standard, the federal mandate that requires retailers to blend ethanol into the gasoline they sell. Adding ethanol to gasoline causes higher emissions, including nitrogen oxides, the same pollutants at issue in the VW case.
Ethanol-blended fuel also increases "emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other pollutants," the EPA found, and that will "lead to increases in population-weighted annual average ambient PM [particulate matter] and ozone concentrations, which in turn are anticipated to lead to up to 245 cases of adult premature mortality."
Thus, the corn ethanol mandates are more than four times as deadly to the American public as the Volkswagens. Yet the front-runners for the presidency are marching in lockstep in favor of ethanol. Indeed, their nearly unanimous support for the mandate is like no other issue in American politics. The reason for their fealty to Big Corn is obvious: No presidential candidate has ever won the Iowa caucuses while opposing corn ethanol.
Donald Trump, a leading Republican candidate in Iowa, has said, "Ethanol is terrific … I am totally in favor of ethanol, 100 percent. And I will support it."
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner in Iowa, is also an ethanol booster. Never mind that as a U.S. senator, she voted against ethanol 17 times. Last August, she said, "We need to strengthen the Renewable Fuel Standard" and expand "the overall contribution that renewable fuels make to our national fuel supply."
The only current candidate who has dared stray from ethanol orthodoxy has been Sen. Ted Cruz, but even he is backpedaling. About two weeks ago, he published an op-ed article in the Des Moines Register saying it was "utter nonsense" that he was opposed to ethanol.
While it may be too much to hope for bravery among presidential candidates during their quadrennial pilgrimages to the Hawkeye State, the EPA should be protecting the public from ethanol, not promoting it. Alas, the agency has chosen the latter. In November, despite its own findings that ethanol-blended fuel is resulting in the premature death of more than 200 Americans per year, the agency actually increased the amount of ethanol that must be blended into domestic fuel supplies each year by more than 1 billion gallons.
If the federal government is going to fine Volkswagen billions of dollars for knowingly increasing air pollution, it should take similar action against the corn ethanol industry. Better yet, the EPA should eliminate the ethanol mandate.
— Robert Bryce is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the author of "Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper: How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong."

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The begining of the end

So the beginning of the end of the usefulness of the internet begins. This idiot shouts down this opponent, and because he does not threaten them, that is ok. Well ok. So the courts say.

The internet is uncharted territory, OK, and with excessive advertising that just gets in the way. It is the advertising that "pays the bills", but once it impacts on the use of the net, it stops being of value to some of the users. How effective is the advertising really anyway?

So can we convince anyone of anything by just shouting them down? No, but we can keep them from getting there message out there in a big way in this form, for a while. It is another form of denial of service attack, a form of overload on the system.

It is a old school method, blunt force, but not lasting effect. It is like the Muslim religion... well not quite... they choose to ignore reality... as the Buddha said... dust in there eyes, wax in there ears. They choose not to hear and see. To them, it is OK to kill off non believers, or that is what there holy book says. The believers that do not follow the teachings completely may be OK, but it is not a religion of peace and should be eliminated, but the government says we must allow freedom of religion, even when that religion wants to take us over and ruin the world. What bullshit from the government and religion. Wake up, there is no god. Gods are concepts and do not exist, just like the self and rainbows. Your mind is just playing tricks, because it has not yet evolved to understand concepts automatically.

It is this automatic part of our mind that allows us to think and do something at the same time. It is a wonderful part, but hard to control, it does not want to be still. That is what meditation does, still the subconscious, shut it right down. That is why meditating people seem so relaxed, the automatic part of there brain is turned off. They lose all sense of urgency in life, all desire to get things done, all industry in life. There ability to chew gum and walk is just not there. Oh well.  They are at peace with the world, at one with all that is.

Getting back to shouting down the competition on the internet is one more reason to not utilize the twitter system. We need to draw a line somewhere, we can only do so much, and if we extend into the communications to far, we cannot be a expert in an major field; there is just not time in our world.

We reality based people cannot shout down all the religious fanatics that cannot separate myths from reality. Oh well.  

But then what do I know?     

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baiting in Beaumont

How long is it necessary to remained stopped at a stop sign when a cop is watching? Well that depends if the cop has the right of way. Until he is gone, even if that is several minutes. Beware if you make a left turn, even when the cop is just sitting, waiting, stalling traffic. Police baiting the citizens in Beaumont, Alberta is getting excessive.

Beaumont has long liked it stop signs, some of them requiring the road with more traffic to stop. Yah, backwards to what it should be, but there are reasons: dinosaurs in town hall. Now, it has a lot of them, and the police like to pull up with an intention of going through, across a legal high level road, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

And now, if you would like to turn left, in front of the cop, he has the right of way. Now failure to yield the right of way is not a minor charge, but it is a revenue generator for the dinosaurs and cops. Baiting is what it really is.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Police Over Reach

Australian bush fires, police block roads to farms to keep people out. OK. So they say they are doing it to save lives. To a farmer, what is life worth after his life's work, assets, livestock, property worth after it has been destroyed when he had been prevented from trying to save it? That is police overreach.

What each of us value may be quite different from what the government thinks we should value. In short, the government is leading it's life, but is not listening to the people, and not allowing rational decent.

The range in opinion is wide and mutually exclusive. There can be no peace between Muslims and Christians or any body else, if they are both allowed to practice there traditional religious beliefs. There are those semi-Muslims, so called moderates, that can live in society, but these ignore much of the Quran, just as many Christians ignore the moral teachings of Church religions.

The Quran says ignore everything else and follow blindly, with a bunch of rewards and punishment of death if you do not follow. Ignore modern laws or risk being killed. The Quran is a bloody killing direction book. So the moderates that preach moderation, kindness to fellow Muslims, and ignore the other prescriptions for killing off all non-believers are not following there holy book, but something else. This makes the Muslims easy to radicalize, or more correctly, follow the teachings of Mohamed.

So here we have more government overreach, mixing an potentially violent religion imports with ex-christian, peace loving population. Beware of the upcoming unrest in Canada: between the Indians, Muslims, Christians, welfare recipients, and the neutral minority that work non-government jobs and pay taxes. We are doomed, and that is the fifth horseman in economic collapse. We are doomed. The decline has begun. 



Thursday, January 7, 2016


Imagination is the creative module of the brain. It provides the generation of alternatives that is useful in the problem solving ability. It provides fiction writers with plots, stories, details, and all that rich tapestry of stuff. There is a separate area of visual storage that some are so good at. Some of us can ID an image, but I could not tell you what was on it before I see it. Seneca describes a horse with such a memory, no clue until the recognize something familiar.

There is a executive testing function as well, that sets up tests to separate real from fiction, and also to test those solutions to problem as to possible or if the idea should be left in the field to grow or change into something else. Let x equal the answer, or let x equal the time, distance, or something else, and y something else, and the answer is the the solution of the equation(s) generated, or the matrix resolved.

As the equations become more complex, the solutions become more textbook based. I still remember a few "method of integration" like look up the solution in the Canadian Rubber Company handbook or in the back cover of Thompson.

It is our ability to generate alternatives that creates decision making processes. We can then set up criteria to judge those possibilities and pick the "best" solution. But so often the criteria require future knowledge, or knowledge of the future to accurately evaluate, and sometimes only crudely evaluate. We need to act on faith, rather than on any real knowledge. Faith in what though, that the world will keep turning? That the work will come? That oil will come back to profitability? That the government will have the balls to do what is necessary? Deport ISIL's... or those who do not behave like those idiots in Cologne who are not yet citizens? Or to run Trump out of town, or should you all just elect him?

The Koreans need to do a big hydrogen bomb test to prove that they can, and the same time radiate themselves a bit more. After having tasted freedom, no one would want there oppressive system. But if anyone bothers there sovereignty, look out. All religious promotion is forbidden, and subject to the death penalty  and that is sovereignty. Oh well.

But what do I know?       

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Question on advertising?

How much advertising will we tolerate before we just shut off the internet and go away?