Friday, January 8, 2016

Police Over Reach

Australian bush fires, police block roads to farms to keep people out. OK. So they say they are doing it to save lives. To a farmer, what is life worth after his life's work, assets, livestock, property worth after it has been destroyed when he had been prevented from trying to save it? That is police overreach.

What each of us value may be quite different from what the government thinks we should value. In short, the government is leading it's life, but is not listening to the people, and not allowing rational decent.

The range in opinion is wide and mutually exclusive. There can be no peace between Muslims and Christians or any body else, if they are both allowed to practice there traditional religious beliefs. There are those semi-Muslims, so called moderates, that can live in society, but these ignore much of the Quran, just as many Christians ignore the moral teachings of Church religions.

The Quran says ignore everything else and follow blindly, with a bunch of rewards and punishment of death if you do not follow. Ignore modern laws or risk being killed. The Quran is a bloody killing direction book. So the moderates that preach moderation, kindness to fellow Muslims, and ignore the other prescriptions for killing off all non-believers are not following there holy book, but something else. This makes the Muslims easy to radicalize, or more correctly, follow the teachings of Mohamed.

So here we have more government overreach, mixing an potentially violent religion imports with ex-christian, peace loving population. Beware of the upcoming unrest in Canada: between the Indians, Muslims, Christians, welfare recipients, and the neutral minority that work non-government jobs and pay taxes. We are doomed, and that is the fifth horseman in economic collapse. We are doomed. The decline has begun. 



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