Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bullshit Secrecy v. Unwilling to Communicate

I belong to a archery club. It's purpose is to provide a range and training to promote archery. The reason I belong is indoor shooting in the winter is reasonable exercise. Like many clubs, there is a shortage of  participation in volunteering, and a whole list of vacant positions. The question is why and how to overcome this issue?

I think one of the biggest problems is specific volunteers creating issues for the others volunteers through trying to tightly control or limit the activities, the unwilling or inability to communicate effectively, and the inability to delegate and accept the results.  The lack of communications or a logical plan is the other issue. A president who is a control freak, or has a inability to effectively delegate, is a real problem. If some control freak will not let the control go, expect disagreement, or more likely, a shortage of volunteers, which later translates into a reduction in the number of members. It all comes down to personalities.

I just came back from the annual general meeting. It has executive meetings where all the business is conducted, and everything is actually decided. The problem is that so much information is secret, that is not available to the members, that I just do not care anymore. Screw it, it just ain't worth the hassle.
There were no financial statements. OK. In the last year several substantial expenditures were made, which on the face make no sense, like a major amount of money spent on floor finishing in the fourth year of a five year lease; but we coaches cannot get a white board and a line buzzer mounted on the wall. Oh well.

There is a communication problem. Look on the web site to find out about the annual general meeting. Can You find it?

So they depend on email from a list of members. The default on firefox is any email with multiparty addresses above ten is spam. Out it goes. So now I need to hand filter CRAC out of spam. 

How about issues the club members have with the club? How about the process of bringing up something to the executive? Find an executive member and if he thinks it is worthwhile, it may come up? How about light small targets for the traveling show? More than one year and nothing? So why do I care? The executive meetings should have a new business section where anyone from the membership can bring up anything and have it resolved. If you do not respond, you will likely lose the member. How many members can we afford to lose?

How about the decisions made at the executive level? Are these ever made public? Consider the moneys spent on that floor. What does the membership think? It looks nice, granted, but at what cost? How many members left because of that decision? How many members will go to our competition because of the decision, if they knew the amount spent?

Control to the point of killing desire to cooperate or just secrecy for the sake of control?
It is my opinion and just my opinion that open communications is absolutely necessary for an volunteer organization to operate.
How about what happens at the coaches meetings?
There is a policy committee. Who beside the executive is on it?

Members need to be part of the decision making process. If we are not, why are we members?

Legal Issues

I was down yesterday doing a defense "professional witness" gig on a non binding arbitration. What an experience. A delusional home owner/landlord who suffered some vibration damage on two house that originally had severe settlement problems, and here lawyer is as bad, but not delusional, but hourly paid hustler. The houses are worth about 380,000 and a vacant lot is worth 400,000 current price. At the time of damage, which she would not settle the damage at the going rate, about 30,000 per unit. She want two new houses out of the deal. Oh well.

The legal people have a term for this; the thin skull situation.

Even the lawyer does not want to believe physical evidence of previous damage, a tile floor set in segments to accommodate the hump in the floor. It is difficult to convince anyone when his paycheck depends on not accepting reality.


Monday, October 12, 2015

21st Century Problems

21st Century World Problems

1. Overpopulation

2. Religions

So what is the solutions?

Birth control, one child policy....

Truth. All there is is nature. Gods are just bullshit concepts.

But what do I know?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reverence for life

Reverence for life was a Albert Schweitzer concept.

Reverence for life need to be prioritized:
Human, useful animals, wild animals, .... vermin .... virus or bacteria - disease agents.

The real conflict is when the disease agents/vermin are human.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

USA second ammendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The problem is not the amendment, but the diversity of this overpopulated world. We, in Canada have the same problem, but not entrenched in our constitution. It is underground, and in the municipal government thinking they are overlords.

Everybody always thinks they are right and so it goes. No one  knowingly does wrong except for the criminals and those retaliating a perceived injustice. So we believe that we do right, or at least when we have choice. An atheist who knows that all that exists is nature, and man is part of nature, cannot accept a god v. a religious person who has no doubt that there god exists can never resolve this until one admits they are wrong. A negative can never be logically proven, even if is true. It is up to we atheists to teach the next generation the truth.

There are those who think guns, everyone owning several and knowing how to use them is the solution to our current problem of guns available to everyone. There are those who feel no one should have any as the solution. Nether is realistic nor practical. There will be conflict. The two concepts cannot be resolved.

It is the marginalization and alienation of some people that can be resolved. Maybe. Sometimes. There is the case of the British Military being harassed by the IRA to the point of desperation. The establishment that sent the British Military is not supporting its past disciples. When they are done with us, they care about as much as a pet rock. That is the attitude of most government. What choice is logical, no guns or all guns? At least with guns, we can do something, and have the illusion/delusion of some power over the situation.

With guns, the self ending choice cannot be un-made after we have begun. I expect that many marginalized find this an easy choice. We always have choice. The door is always open.

I intent this to offend some people. I care about them about equivalent as my pet rock cares for me.   Honky tonk ba donkey donk. but what do I know? 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Trump thinks people who do mass shooting are mentally ill, when they are uniformly marginalized, some due to mental illness, personality, social awkwardness, or by choice of not associating with the main stream idiots. It is the marginalization that must be prevented, if we are to find a social solution. Now preventing social marginalization is a concept for study, but in reality, we conduct behaviors which we are compelled to by our opinions and beliefs. We do not like to associates with people who hold different views, so as the diversity of our culture grows, the amount of alienation grows. I will not voluntarily associate with the religious, for they do not live in reality, and as such, marginalization is real and by choice. I do not associate with the party crowd, as they are wasteful of a scarce resource, money, not the food pushing bunch. How would I not be socially alienated? But I understand this, so the world has nothing yet to fear from me, but just do not piss me off.