Sunday, October 4, 2015


Trump thinks people who do mass shooting are mentally ill, when they are uniformly marginalized, some due to mental illness, personality, social awkwardness, or by choice of not associating with the main stream idiots. It is the marginalization that must be prevented, if we are to find a social solution. Now preventing social marginalization is a concept for study, but in reality, we conduct behaviors which we are compelled to by our opinions and beliefs. We do not like to associates with people who hold different views, so as the diversity of our culture grows, the amount of alienation grows. I will not voluntarily associate with the religious, for they do not live in reality, and as such, marginalization is real and by choice. I do not associate with the party crowd, as they are wasteful of a scarce resource, money, not the food pushing bunch. How would I not be socially alienated? But I understand this, so the world has nothing yet to fear from me, but just do not piss me off. 

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  1. Prior to the recent mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon...that town of just over 22 thousand averaged about 1 murder every few years. Not counting the dead body count, overall crime is higher in Roseburg than other parts of Oregon. (Rapes, Robberies, Assaults, etc.) Source - If any one good thing can come from this tragedy, it is that the U.S. media did not (this time) publish/read the manifesto (letter) the killer gave to one of the students that he allowed to live. That act of not publishing his letter and speaking of the why he killed, in effect marginalized the killer. If the media would stop reporting the body count and naming the shooters, maybe that might take the "glory" out of being the next killer to have the highest body count. Just maybe.

    People want to feel important. It is a need for most. So generally men get that "I'm important feeling" from being very good at their chosen profession. Or being a good provider and family man. Or volunteering of themselves in service to others via church or other civic organization. Those that can't feel important through these avenues will sometimes alienate themselves and a very small decimal point of a percentage will kill others to get the "I am important" feeling/need fulfilled within themselves. The BTK killer comes to mind. He enjoyed killing and it was a huge power trip for him to kill and get away with it. Unfortunately for him, forensic technology caught up him over the decades that he wasn't killing, and when he killed again, he got caught. Or did he want to get caught so he could bask in the glory (or the gory?)

    The US media only reports the news that it is instructed to report. Otherwise, why wouldn't there be more media/social outrage at the non-stop weekly weekend murders that happen every single weekend in Chicago, Illinois? There should be national outrage at that! Source - Someone skeptical might believe that because the US President worked as a community organizer in Chicago that the negative crime rate there might be under reported deliberately. Who knows?