Friday, October 13, 2017

How much is buyers remorse

So back when they were young these ladies used there bodies to get ahead, and now they have buyers remorse. They did not complain at the time, for only those who put out got ahead. That was the way of the time, there were many qualified and capable people, how was the choice to be made. Now that everyone is old, and the moral backbone of the world has changed, and we, the public, will not tolerate such behavior, all this becomes public.

Such behavior has long been the way. It was trained in behavior for some, others of us saw such behavior, and were trapped, being wage slaves at the time. The rich get the girls, it has always been that way. Why should we care? Now there is this scream that looks like buyers remorse. It does not involve me, but I say such behavior when I was young. I feel only apathy now.

Our natives are doing the same thing. Back in the day when the public thinking was only good Indian is a dead Indian, there were no big outcries. Now that the public are bleeding hearts, the Indians are harvesting profits from some of the attitudes we feel guilty over. But how long is that attitude going to continue? We boomers are reaching the stage that half of us are dead, and the next wave are taking over. We have let in so many immigrants... and they have no loyalty to our past. They will start saying ... We are not responsible for the wrongs of the past... We came here with nothing... get over it, get on with your life or die off. These are the good years.

Life, as we know it will end. Co2 levels, with methane hydrate melt, some volcano or meteorite strike, super bugs, nuclear war, what ever, will end life as we know it, or we each get terminated separately. It does not matter, it will come.

In the mean time we will continue. We will impose our imaginary life overlay on the reality that we do not look at... we will continue to live in our dream world that only we see. Trump will continue to see himself as perfect, and decimate those who do not bow to him. Un will do similar. Ref:


Monday, October 9, 2017

The fuzzy future

Jack Vance got me thinking. What does the future look like for me? In the end there will be death but before that is the real question.

I do believe that the criteria that I make life choices on have changed; they are not typical of religious peoples choices.

As the world is over populated, using Co2 as a "full indicator", I do not value the human life as much as do Christians, more at the level of the North American Indian, pre-whiteman. It was common to walk away from those who could not keep up; the old, the sick, and the young. Extra children were exposed, however I would not go that far. Other, beyond there tribe... beyond there family did not matter. The family tie beyond youth age was weak, the girls were allowed to run off to join other tribes. The boys could hunt, produce or were driven off, except for the medicine man's sons... They had a higher survival rate, and that may explain why so many claim linage to a "medicine man". Now native lives matter... to the natives.

Overpopulation removes guilt over not helping refugees, those who there people have declared unwanted or excess, useless, or unwilling to work at the available work to survive. The natives may wish to have southern services in the north, but other than having been their home for generations through government welfare, there is no reason to be there. Oh well. Most people born on farms for the last 60 years also faced this decision. Ireland, for the 400 years, has lost at least one son and daughter, in each generation, to the new world. Oh well.

It is wrong to impose my opinions on others. This, with overpopulation, clears the way for abortion, medical testing of fetus's and abortion of the defective, withholding of medical services from the enviable, assisted self termination, self termination directives, DNR's, etc. Life of a underdeveloped child just is not that valuable, and also of the old, beyond retirement, have lost much value to society. 

There is no god, no afterlife. Those who believe are simply like flat earth types, just simply wrong. Oh well. Get over it.

Overpopulation and minding my own business are the first two rules of existence, followed by living a virtuous life, and living according to nature, more or less, in this massive cosmos, are the first and including the prime directive.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Lab Rats

Is the story true or false? I have know idea.

If true, we were lab rats. The US should be banned. No US citizen should be allowed into Canada. Boycott the US.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Historical Whitewash

So what should it have said? Remember this all started at a time when it was acceptable to shoot the natives, as they were trying to drive us off the the land we took from them. They had a choice; go to the reserves or be eliminated. The last few went to reserves.

The native were considered a worthless people, as they could not be enslaved. They had so little value of there own lives that they would die before being enslaved. So then about a hundred years later, we tried to integrate them into society, and that failed. All they are good at is reproducing, and the arts. What should we do, eliminate them, or let them come to rule us? Those are the two choices we are headed for.

Saskatchewan has a major problem in northern towns. The communities are dyeing as the whites leave. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. As the Co2 level continues to rise, as the overpopulation problem continues, as climate change continues, why should I care? 

Monday, October 2, 2017

All Religion is not Rational.

Islam is a religion of hatred of all those who are not Islam. Just read the Quran if you doubt what I am saying.  But then there are the moderates that have not read or do not follow the Quran, so what is Islam? Violence? Or was it violent conversion, with death to all who try to openly leave. It is not freedom, but neither is Christianity.

The Christian bible is no better. These are both stone age religions, well perhaps iron age fabrications, or perhaps just historical documentation of stories. Both were written long after the alleged events, and we know how reliable word of mouth over time is; it is all about story, controlling of the people.

So today in Edmonton we have a mad moore with a couple of vehicles running down people and in Las Wages a mass shooter, possible a new convert to Islam as ISIS claims... how does anyone know, unless evidence is found of a visit by an Islam or a visit to some Islam center.

How quick is conversion Islam? My conversion to no god atheism was a few minutes, but then I was pushed back onto the fence for many years by survival first, then later lack of time to study the question. But what do I know? In the end we all just die anyway, and in a good environment should be allowed to rot in shallow graves, so that the carbon is sequestered in the root zone for recycling.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Justifing a Bad Decisions

There are time that all the known choices are bad or have at least one bad component or criteria outcome.

Typical decision theory generates alternatives, generates criteria and importance of the criteria, applies some form of evaluation, and pronounces the best choice. It is not uncommon to stumble across another criteria part way through the evaluation process, but beware, some computer evaluation process do not handle this, and well manual process can be work.

Now there are all sorts of criteria process; maximum reward, minimum regret, maximum profit, maximum sales, best quarter... next year may suffer, but I will have my bonus, what ever.

But if there are no clear good choice, now what. You want someone to blame, or to pass the decision on to. Is that what "god's will" is used for? Often it is to keep a historical decision in place, long after the reason is evaporated.

We live in an overpopulated world, not necessary in an overpopulated region or community. We have exceeded the viable earth population by two, but oh well... It is the Co2 level that indicates overpopulation, not water or food, fish health, climate change or something else. So should we hold to the same traditional value of human life... or should we allow Myanmar to eliminate a million radical Muslims... or should we promote reality... no god, or allow and even protect belief in god and historical belief in god, with attached idiotic beliefs and behaviors. It is the other side of the planet, and I am not going to get off my ass on this question, so it does not matter anyway, I cannot do anything anyway.

So the reality is to sit back and watch as the lives of the uneducated refugees are wasted. And that allow me to sit back and watch as the natives here destroy Canada by economic drain on our federal government. We should not let them starve, but we do not need to make the elders rich... well not really rich... rich implies retention of wealth... but they spend it all in a great high social life style, while there people languish is poverty. Many of the young that decide to leave do not survive. Oh well.

Conforming to standards has it place as long as the standards have reason. When the standards become just silly control freak issues, then it is the standard that should be questioned. So historically there are often more than one way to spell a word, and more than one meaning for the same word. Confusion, yes. There are concepts what we English speaking have no words for, like improvement to a artifact that improve one aspect and reduce another aspect. Oh well, all this generation need to do is to leave offspring behind and that is happening... but the offspring are not learning well and to many of the sick are reproducing. We are going through a evolutional wide period; the choke point will come.