Saturday, February 21, 2015

What is an Extremest?

Much loved in there day.
What is an Extremest?

Bill C-51 tries to answer that in a generic way. It calls or outlines anyone who is against the government's wishes an extremest. That makes me an extremest. Harper is just out to lunch, but he does not have the funding to identify all the people who are against his "belief system and values". We are just too many. What he need to limit himself to is those who have the capacity and willingness, even the inclination to become violent, and more importantly anyone who councils violence, or even descent from his expressed values.  Reference:

So what are his values? Certainly not for the common man, but for his employer and big business. Those control the economy and government. Small business, where most people are employed, are so regulated that it has chocked out many, and is making life difficult for more. It needs to either be medium sized and growing or gone. That is just not right. Many specialty business just do not have the market.

This suggest Bill C-51 can be used against anyone the government dislikes. Not good situation.

Is anyone who wears a head or face covering an extremest?
Harper seems to think so. It certainly displays distrust, and contributes to self isolation. They hold themselves separate from our society. That is an open display of prejudice against the masses. It is that isolation that makes, we the people, nervous.They are the unknown and want to keep it that way. There beliefs and values have ossified. These people are unknown, and keeping them separate from the masses. This can lead nowhere but to violence. 

But what do I know?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Generation of possibilities

Peace River, a hill on the move.

I need to do something more. Most of what I know has been written about somewhere. I could put together articles on various little soils related subjects. Would anyone read it? Does that matter? It would be the right thing to do, to pass on the accumulated knowledge specific subjects. There is nothing new, not written about elsewhere, just one more version of the same thing.

Would anybody care?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Fake pigeons, I do not know why. Is it a statement of what someone (the artist) things of the US Washington Monument? 

Seligman makes the case that in order to flourish in life, we needs positive emotion, but ignores a mission(s) or purpose(s). (Be aware of the newfiism) An expressed mission provide positive emotion so that we may know without any uncertainty if we are on track. The expression of that positive emotion and mission may help. That mission must have meaning to us and we are therefore engaged in it. We have commitment. Achievement, if fate permits, with accompanying satisfaction and stoic mental joy is typical. He also says we need positive relationships. So how does one have a positive relationship with a negative person? And what to do if it is a familiar relationship that we cannot run from?

The Stoics think "virtue" is a suitable mission, or to develop virtue in life. Most any virtues will do. The typical virtues are grouped as wisdom, self control, courage, and justice or prudence, temperance, justice, courage, persistence, compassion to produce orthogonal space sort of. That is all that is necessary and sufficient for a good life.

Is it enough that we have a plan and we are moving toward something rather than away? I was raised poor, and my first objective was to get out. Then, I started to move toward a career. Now that career is over, but I still need something to move toward. 

It is all good to separate positive relationships out, active or passive responses, constructive or destructive responses, but how do we deal with a general negative person, or negative toward me at least? Abandon and walk away? Just shut down around them? Ignore them, shut them out? Avoid prolonged contact? I do not know. We cannot abandon these negative people and consider ourselves to be compassionate, but we cannot let them drag us down either. It is what it is.  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Islam clipings

The anti-terrorism bill unveiled Friday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper includes a section that gives his government the power "to order the removal of terrorist propaganda" from the internet.

"There are non-Muslims who come to our home and tell us, ‘Really, you cut off heads, you cut off hands?' But that’s religion. It’s our religion in our own country. We decide how we implement it," he said in a YouTube video which has since been made private.
'The teachings, if you will, of this imam, they are totally unacceptable in a free and democratic society." - Kathleen Weil, Quebec Immigration Minister
"Philippe Couillard needs to affirm that teachings of that nature are not compatible with our values, and we won’t tolerate them," said Nathalie Roy.

Mayor Denis Coderre says the refusal is not a matter of religious freedom, but rather one of public safety and order.
"It has nothing to do with freedom of speech," Coderre said at a news conference Saturday morning. He described Chauoi as "an agent of radicalization and instigator of social tensions," adding that the imam has "his own agenda" for the site.
Real Menard, mayor of the borough Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, said he will not allow Chauoi to set up in his jurisdiction.
"I'm not going to have any move that will give a place to this imam," Menard said at the same news conference.
Chaoui has made inflammatory and sexist comments in the past. He has also declared Islam and democracy "completely" incompatible.

Mr. Chaoui argues that Islam and democracy are “parallel lines that never intersect” because democracy allows for the election of “an infidel or a homosexual or an atheist who denies the existence of Allah.”

And so it begins in Canada. Islam is not logical. Note: Islam and democracy "completely" incompatible.

Islam has a wider definition of what religion is, what the purview of religion includes that Christianity or most other mainline religions. It includes punishment and laws. Islam was all there was when Mohamed (a general sort of person) was riding his camel across the sands.

Religion should be about doing the right things for the right reasons and knowing the reasons. It should be about developing good character, teaching how to identify character, and what is important for what reason. It should lay out the reasons and allow individuals to pick freely or reject freely, but always with reason. It should be logical and within reason for all. The greatest human characteristic is reason, and we should be using it to make judgements for ourselves, not following the dictates of some long dead.        

Monday, January 26, 2015


So the bankers are a bunch of weasels. Reminds me of one of my old bosses. To "raise capital" he sold leased cars to a leasing company and leased them back. AKA. fraud. But by paying two leases....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Old Power

How many of you are old enough to remember the sound of a hit and miss elevator engine? They have a unique sound. When they are over speed, there governor holds the exhaust valve open. It sounds like this.

In the background, in this tune, I can hear one. 

Hit and miss engine

Tetris effect?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Triune Brain, Triune Memory?

Humans have a triune brain which we can also term as primal, unconscious, and conscious. Our recall memory seems to be connected mainly to the conscious. It is my contention that our beliefs are mainly connected to our unconscious brain. The primal should also have a memory portion, and that may be even deeper burred than our beliefs. We can examine ourselves and find what we believe. There are things like the purpose of life test to discover some of them. I have read enough philosophy to answer some of those very differently that I would have, but yet I have no current mission in my life. As I am more of a process person than goal oriented, a mission fit better than a purpose. Until now, my mission has been to get through to retirement, by doing what looks to be the next right thing. So now that I have reached retirement, I am still trying to understand myself, other people and world around me.

So, getting back to mind, memory pairs, we should have a third memory/ storage which stores reflexes and other trained in actions. Is this where the tendency to overeat is stored?  The primitive usually translate the intake of the senses into something meaningful. Vibrating air becomes sound, light reflections become images, molecule vibration becomes heat or cold, smells are identified, as are tastes. The primitive mind translates this to the unconscious/conscious into something we can interpreter, and our beliefs and reason can make use of these adequate impressions or not. It is amazing that this can happen, and mean something to the conscious and rational mind.

We know that a concept can enter the conscious mind either via visual or sound input. It it has foundation, clarity, importance, and is repeated, it can remain in the conscious mind, actively and then into recallable portions. If it is used enough, it can progress into the automatic belief portion of the mind, to the point it is automatic. Beliefs are usually learned over time by social learning, seeing others do, and say, by actions repeated ad infinitum; to infinity. So is primitive brain accessed in similar fashion, or is the information stored chemically, in diverse locations at the source of the signal. What does it matter if the system is broke; there is a problem, if there is no mission.

So once again we come to the same conclusion. Just as long as one is busy doing something, everything will be ok, until it is not, and then it does not matter anyway. The Last Marigold Hotel. Everything will be all right in the end, and it it is not all right, it is not yet the end. When we are returned to where we came from, it will not matter either. In the mean time, positive emotions on.

So what happens when the memory goes? Does it just become inactive, or does it go the way of the alzheimer's, a shortage of fat, too much carbohydrate problem? Do we learn to relate to vegetables better?