Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pitty the US

You Americans have a big problem now. You and your Trumps. The man is so paranoid, and sociopaths. He loudly puts down anyone like the media who do not agree with him, and his "I am the greatest" attitude. He will destroy the already poor reputation of "American Citizens" outside the US. "Yankee go home" has become a common refrain. Outside of the US, a yankee has a different definition than in the US, a yankee is any American, to us.

He not only has a bombastic, abusive, threatening attitude toward those he does not care about around him, but also to other nations. He is a high functioning sociopath, who only cares only for those he sees as valuable to him. His attitude is going to start a nuclear war with North Korea, as he is unable to allow others to be free to do as they need to do. North Korea lives in a state of well founded fear of aggression; they are a dangerous in that state of fear; as long as the US threatens them, there fear will grow. Can the US handle mutually assured destruction. Anyone starts it, then we all lose. The US is overstepping if they think they can prevent development of the ability. Today North Korea, tomorrow some other third world republic or religious caliphate with WMDs.    

He does not believe the direct relationship between carbon dioxide and methane level and erratic weather shifts. This is the final destructive force which the masses will not be able to handle. The rich will be able to have clean air filtration to deal with the breathing problems or oxygen generators to dilute the pollution. Look at the rise of CPAP machines to help sleep breathing. How much of that is just air contamination?

He does not honor existing agreements. This can throw others into chaos, and the US as well. NAFTA, and our Canadian supply management of milk products. Most products have a supply-price curve. But what about historical industries, where capital cost are high, and overproduction common? Can a Country afford to loose that industry. Lumber is the same, but the US lumber industry does not have the capacity to supply the US, and Canada has currently adequate but dwindling supply and lower cost. Most of the small lumber mills are gone; our domestic need is served by big companies who rape the land. Oh well, it employees people.

The US has a problem, whether or not they realize it. They are a society in decline. Europe is on the rise, as is China, Britain is about to split, Canada - who knows, but we are going broke also. Trump has become hated in many industries and parts of the world. The fasted solution would be assassination, them impeachment for conflict of interest, but that does not fix there problems. The next in line may be less bombastic, but still has no solutions. The world has over-regulated itself into a corner; we have laws which we are unwilling to spend the money to enforce, laws that we do not have the moral authority to make or enforce, hence do not have the good will of the people. Government is useless in that case. The people themselves must want to enforce the law, and abide by those laws. If that is not the case, civilization is lost. Truth must be the foundation of laws. a religion cannot bring peace except through annihilation of opposition, of truth seeking opposition. The US is doomed if this trumping continues. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Once more into the breach

We hardly, but this past weekend, I retook the Coach Training Workshop. Perhaps this time I may do the certification work required. Too much information in too short of time, It should be two weekends.

It is a pit of alphabet soup. FCA course, under NCCP, delivered by AA... That is the Federation of Canadian Archers, National Coach Certification Program, Alberta Archery.  It is one more case of breaking things down to the point of no one having control, so change is slow. Much of the work is done by volunteers anyway, and to jump through all the hoops is time consuming. Much of the information and process are useful, but without the background theory.

Not the other AA, a god based treatment for Alcohol that works for those who can believe a lie or story and live that delusion instead of thinking for themselves, and to control the information by calling them self Anonymous. The truth is that most suffer from a delusions, personality disorder, psychological disorder, chemically induced psychic disorder, homeostatic disruption or disorder, or related combination of issues.  But that all is a different issue.

Along the way, life has prepared me for this point, using information that I have for purposes it was not intended. The entire CanBow program built for the purpose of supplying ideal young athlete to the competitive archery stream. Recreational and hunters are not included. I am a recreational shooter, using modern traditional recurve and older compound, both using fingers for release and finger on mouth anchors (high anchor). I shoot indoors in the winter, and have the choice in the summer, however indoors has advantages. I shoot reasonable short distances, 18 meters indoor, and up to 40 meters outdoors. I shake some, so I am not accurate. Process not outcome is my focus, enjoy the process, get some exercise, meet some people, learn a bit, understand more. It is more about putting in the time until death. I can do something to make the time pass quickly or not.

Outdoor involves too much time searching for arrows. I cannot/willnot leave an arrow behind. It is an inbreed personality thing, a compulsion, a need to find that arrow. Outdoor shooting will likely be even less in the future as I creep toward the final demise. Recreational shooting is a potential lifetime activity that does not require expensive equipment. Club membership is the largest single cost for most, but transportation to the range is higher for me as I am twenty five km from the heated/cooled/equipped range.

Now you may have noticed I keep saying recreational shooting. Competition and hunters are different cats, with different goals. The competition cats are driven by being the best or the love of competition. Some parents drive their children and are results driven, not enjoyment driven. Hunters are purpose driven and usually have training wheels, aka compounds with sights. Most no nothing of archery, only a compound.

I think my future in archery is likely recreational with no competitions beyond me against myself. It lies in low tech, but not primitive technology, aka modern traditional. Bows can be found that are works of art, and often such are only used as show pieces, to nice to shoot with. I prefer utility, tough, durable that shoot fairly well. With recreational, $200 get you shooting, with competition you need $3000 bow to be competitive.

Aiming with the arrow is effective at shorter distances, and is one of the traditional methods of aiming. Much of the real traditional was done by instinct, which for most would take ten years to master. That is ok if you start at 4 years old, but most adults will not have patience enough. Some will catch on to instinct automatically, and some will not ever get it. It is not my interest. 

Instinctual shooting is learned, and is competency without comprehension. I have never seen a instinctual break 150 at the range. (150/300) But the arrow aimers often hit 250 to 280 range. These do not compare to olympic recurves 285 and compound 295's. Oh well, it is all about the process not outcome, competence with comprehension. Distance is all about seeing the arrow path.    

Fine tuned argument

The answer to the fine tuned argument can be found here. In short, fine tuned argument is backward... We are an opportunistic carbon based life form that grow where we can. We found a place where we could grow. The world was here first, and we invented religion to explain the Higg-Boson.

Monday, April 24, 2017

We are getting closer

 We are getting closer to understand the beginning of life as we know it just when we can see the end as we know it, as a result of carbon dioxide rise, which stimulates methane release from methane hydrate. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Trump, another 20% on softwood. How about we put on a 50% export tax, and 200% on timber, and 100% on oil. That should shutdown Alberta.

On a high note:
Caterpillars are not fussy on what they eat. Now are wax worms eatable? A bit of genetic selection and we could have a method of cleaning landscape or plastics.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Directions Anyone

I was at a atheist meeting... where the topic was Countering Apologist or similar. I guess I am just not interested in debate or the illogical or quzi logical "science" arguments. Fine tuning.  Consider 𝞹. 3.14159... and how fine tuned is that. It is what it is, the science constants are what they are. The constants are what they need to be. There was competence without comprehension, just like in evolution.  A schism of self.

The numbers are what they are. The order is the universe, last big bang 13.8 EE9 years, sun 4.8 EE6 years, earth 4.54 EE6 years, man 200EE3, H. sapiens, since the last population bottleneck 74 or 75 EE3. Religion 3 EE3. Religions are created by man, and is a artifact of abstract thinking and time not devoted to carving out a living. If there is any doubt that religions were created by man, consider Ron L Hubart, Joseph Smith, Rastafarians, etc, and the Cargo Cult. Promises that are impossible, in effect fraud, if there is no god and there is not. Expect for North Korea, which is leader worship religion, Praise, thank, praise..., repetition brain washing.

There is no physical evidence of a god. We are just opportunistic animal with a capacity for abstract thinking and problem solving. Arguing, debating is just not my style, take my word or not, I just do not care, is more my style.

Many of the people there were new to the atheist way of thinking, and/or were actively converting. Some were abstract thinking still, and were interested in debating the religious. Not I. I know some of the truths, and seek more truth.

Some one said that our beliefs do not impact our behavior and that go a rise out of me. Our behavior is a direct result of our beliefs, we do not do things that oppose our beliefs, and we only do that which aligns with our beliefs, unless we are forced by a more basic need to do otherwise; greed or money need... to do work that we do not value, as an example. We do it for the money. We do it at the government direction. We do it for our defense. We do it for our safety. We do it for our god. We do it for our religion.

Moral behavior is conducted as a result of empathy for people and their lives, our lives. In the short run, we may follow the directions of others, as a learning method; competence without comprehension. Some later come to understand it.

I guess my approach is more one of reworking history, an anthropological approach. It may come from the geology, how our near surface soils deposits came to be.  There were floods, small in geological scale; massive in human scale. If there was a boat, it likely involved the farm animals. It may have had a visible cause, someone who understood water flows downhill, and may have been just a river flat "world".

We know that the Macedonians and later the Romans burned the bodies of the defeated as a final act of brutality to prevent martyrdom of dead heroes and hamper to grieving. Is this the resurrection story reworked?   

It becomes a schism of self. And in the end we all just die anyway.   

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ethics and Religion

SO religion says there is a god, but there is no physical evidence. Lack of evidence is not proof of nonexistence, but after an long search, where can god hide? In the mind of the believer, and is non physical but an mental object. God is a mental object, and as a mental object has no physical or consistent presence. This makes all religions that claim a god to be fraudulent, so how can they claim to be an ethical authority to provide moral direction?

So with religion safely out of the way as a moral authority and all peoples being equal, it is equality that becomes the moral authority. After education and scientific knowledge is corrected for, the greatest moral rule is likely the negative or the golden rule, do not do to other people that which you would not permit others to do to you. We are all here to cooperate with each other, to advance society of humans.

We are overpopulated it we look at the rise of carbon dioxide as the indicator. This should be our guide to creating a universal code of behavior, what ever that might end up being. Religion, aka artificial thinking, historical/cultural creation/guidance hypothesis need to be abandoned, and a cooperative attitude must take it's place. Death must once again be allowed to become the rule of those who cannot live without heroic measures. That is the proper job of the opoids and other medically appropriate drugs if the patient wishes.

Many people have written about what there version of utopia is. I will not. All I want is warmth in the winter, close, food and a bit of space to wander. What more do we old need? In the end we all just die anyway.

Before WWII, there was little for drugs, for welfare, and already too many people in the well populated areas, and too few in great swaths of the globe. Now there are too many even in the least populated areas, where making a living is hard. Once the oil is gone or in decline, we will be desperate for energy. Solar energy will not heat northern homes. That time is coming. our current young will see it, if war does not erupt soon.

Some were about 75,000 thousand years ago, we humans only numbered perhaps 10,000 after the Lake Toba die off. Perhaps it was the supervolcano, or that serves as a marker of time. We have had remarkable reproduction and survival to decimate so many other species and our atmosphere is now in danger. It is time to give up religion and start cooperating to save the planet from being destroyed by overpopulation.

Religions, without a god, are just fraud. So why are religions so unwilling to really take a serious look? Perhaps they have and realized this. Without god, religions are fraudulent organization, and chose to suppress the truth. Feel free to draw Mohamed👦👦👦.    

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Religions are immoral

Any group of people who try to subjugate a second group are immoral. This is typical religion subjugating their young.

Religions are fraudulent. They promise to save your souls. They are unable to deliver, and there are no souls, no self.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cannot Stand the Truth

So the DOE does not like the truth. Perhaps it is the word myth. Perhaps she need to us something more politically correct, historical cultural creation hypothesis.

The basic problem is that people do not want their beliefs to be challenged. Islam are more outspoken than Christians, but tell the truth should be the first Commandment of all human relationships.