Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pitty the US

You Americans have a big problem now. You and your Trumps. The man is so paranoid, and sociopaths. He loudly puts down anyone like the media who do not agree with him, and his "I am the greatest" attitude. He will destroy the already poor reputation of "American Citizens" outside the US. "Yankee go home" has become a common refrain. Outside of the US, a yankee has a different definition than in the US, a yankee is any American, to us.

He not only has a bombastic, abusive, threatening attitude toward those he does not care about around him, but also to other nations. He is a high functioning sociopath, who only cares only for those he sees as valuable to him. His attitude is going to start a nuclear war with North Korea, as he is unable to allow others to be free to do as they need to do. North Korea lives in a state of well founded fear of aggression; they are a dangerous in that state of fear; as long as the US threatens them, there fear will grow. Can the US handle mutually assured destruction. Anyone starts it, then we all lose. The US is overstepping if they think they can prevent development of the ability. Today North Korea, tomorrow some other third world republic or religious caliphate with WMDs.    

He does not believe the direct relationship between carbon dioxide and methane level and erratic weather shifts. This is the final destructive force which the masses will not be able to handle. The rich will be able to have clean air filtration to deal with the breathing problems or oxygen generators to dilute the pollution. Look at the rise of CPAP machines to help sleep breathing. How much of that is just air contamination?

He does not honor existing agreements. This can throw others into chaos, and the US as well. NAFTA, and our Canadian supply management of milk products. Most products have a supply-price curve. But what about historical industries, where capital cost are high, and overproduction common? Can a Country afford to loose that industry. Lumber is the same, but the US lumber industry does not have the capacity to supply the US, and Canada has currently adequate but dwindling supply and lower cost. Most of the small lumber mills are gone; our domestic need is served by big companies who rape the land. Oh well, it employees people.

The US has a problem, whether or not they realize it. They are a society in decline. Europe is on the rise, as is China, Britain is about to split, Canada - who knows, but we are going broke also. Trump has become hated in many industries and parts of the world. The fasted solution would be assassination, them impeachment for conflict of interest, but that does not fix there problems. The next in line may be less bombastic, but still has no solutions. The world has over-regulated itself into a corner; we have laws which we are unwilling to spend the money to enforce, laws that we do not have the moral authority to make or enforce, hence do not have the good will of the people. Government is useless in that case. The people themselves must want to enforce the law, and abide by those laws. If that is not the case, civilization is lost. Truth must be the foundation of laws. a religion cannot bring peace except through annihilation of opposition, of truth seeking opposition. The US is doomed if this trumping continues. 

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