Friday, April 14, 2017

Ethics and Religion

SO religion says there is a god, but there is no physical evidence. Lack of evidence is not proof of nonexistence, but after an long search, where can god hide? In the mind of the believer, and is non physical but an mental object. God is a mental object, and as a mental object has no physical or consistent presence. This makes all religions that claim a god to be fraudulent, so how can they claim to be an ethical authority to provide moral direction?

So with religion safely out of the way as a moral authority and all peoples being equal, it is equality that becomes the moral authority. After education and scientific knowledge is corrected for, the greatest moral rule is likely the negative or the golden rule, do not do to other people that which you would not permit others to do to you. We are all here to cooperate with each other, to advance society of humans.

We are overpopulated it we look at the rise of carbon dioxide as the indicator. This should be our guide to creating a universal code of behavior, what ever that might end up being. Religion, aka artificial thinking, historical/cultural creation/guidance hypothesis need to be abandoned, and a cooperative attitude must take it's place. Death must once again be allowed to become the rule of those who cannot live without heroic measures. That is the proper job of the opoids and other medically appropriate drugs if the patient wishes.

Many people have written about what there version of utopia is. I will not. All I want is warmth in the winter, close, food and a bit of space to wander. What more do we old need? In the end we all just die anyway.

Before WWII, there was little for drugs, for welfare, and already too many people in the well populated areas, and too few in great swaths of the globe. Now there are too many even in the least populated areas, where making a living is hard. Once the oil is gone or in decline, we will be desperate for energy. Solar energy will not heat northern homes. That time is coming. our current young will see it, if war does not erupt soon.

Some were about 75,000 thousand years ago, we humans only numbered perhaps 10,000 after the Lake Toba die off. Perhaps it was the supervolcano, or that serves as a marker of time. We have had remarkable reproduction and survival to decimate so many other species and our atmosphere is now in danger. It is time to give up religion and start cooperating to save the planet from being destroyed by overpopulation.

Religions, without a god, are just fraud. So why are religions so unwilling to really take a serious look? Perhaps they have and realized this. Without god, religions are fraudulent organization, and chose to suppress the truth. Feel free to draw Mohamed👦👦👦.    

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