Thursday, April 20, 2017

Directions Anyone

I was at a atheist meeting... where the topic was Countering Apologist or similar. I guess I am just not interested in debate or the illogical or quzi logical "science" arguments. Fine tuning.  Consider 𝞹. 3.14159... and how fine tuned is that. It is what it is, the science constants are what they are. The constants are what they need to be. There was competence without comprehension, just like in evolution.  A schism of self.

The numbers are what they are. The order is the universe, last big bang 13.8 EE9 years, sun 4.8 EE6 years, earth 4.54 EE6 years, man 200EE3, H. sapiens, since the last population bottleneck 74 or 75 EE3. Religion 3 EE3. Religions are created by man, and is a artifact of abstract thinking and time not devoted to carving out a living. If there is any doubt that religions were created by man, consider Ron L Hubart, Joseph Smith, Rastafarians, etc, and the Cargo Cult. Promises that are impossible, in effect fraud, if there is no god and there is not. Expect for North Korea, which is leader worship religion, Praise, thank, praise..., repetition brain washing.

There is no physical evidence of a god. We are just opportunistic animal with a capacity for abstract thinking and problem solving. Arguing, debating is just not my style, take my word or not, I just do not care, is more my style.

Many of the people there were new to the atheist way of thinking, and/or were actively converting. Some were abstract thinking still, and were interested in debating the religious. Not I. I know some of the truths, and seek more truth.

Some one said that our beliefs do not impact our behavior and that go a rise out of me. Our behavior is a direct result of our beliefs, we do not do things that oppose our beliefs, and we only do that which aligns with our beliefs, unless we are forced by a more basic need to do otherwise; greed or money need... to do work that we do not value, as an example. We do it for the money. We do it at the government direction. We do it for our defense. We do it for our safety. We do it for our god. We do it for our religion.

Moral behavior is conducted as a result of empathy for people and their lives, our lives. In the short run, we may follow the directions of others, as a learning method; competence without comprehension. Some later come to understand it.

I guess my approach is more one of reworking history, an anthropological approach. It may come from the geology, how our near surface soils deposits came to be.  There were floods, small in geological scale; massive in human scale. If there was a boat, it likely involved the farm animals. It may have had a visible cause, someone who understood water flows downhill, and may have been just a river flat "world".

We know that the Macedonians and later the Romans burned the bodies of the defeated as a final act of brutality to prevent martyrdom of dead heroes and hamper to grieving. Is this the resurrection story reworked?   

It becomes a schism of self. And in the end we all just die anyway.   

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