Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are all religions just... well, bool?

Bool is a new hip term for bullshit. OK. You must believe X,Y, and Z. Because if you do not... well you are sentenced to spend the remainder of eternity in an unpleasant place. Bool. The word will carry on, just like it did before we were. We were not, we were, we will not be, who should care?

All religions are efforts to control people from the grave. What is important is how we live this life. That is all we know that we get.

Treat other people was we would like to be treated. That says would like, not as we expect to be treated. Many of us are so pressured by society that we have come to expect to be treated in specific ways that we do not like, but accept. The people in authority are not in control, but we allow them to treat us like they are. We become to expect it and accept it. It is not right, so treat people like we would like to be treated becomes the first commandment of the atheist creed. Mostly from others, I just want to be left alone to do my thing. This is not saying anything about friends, relatives, but just the general population. We are born to cooperate together to create a great flourishing society without the need to eliminate other people. Telephone solicitors just f-off.

So what should be the second commandment of modern culture? Believe only that which we can demonstrate to be likely true. Some thing are up to us and some are not. That which is up to us are our opinions, our values, our beliefs, our motivations, our motives, our decisions, and our rules of conduct. All else is beyond our direct control, and there is a bunch of stuff that we have some influence over, but not control. We, after becoming adults, have control over our beliefs. We have the power of assent, that is accept or reject any idea. If we have similar beliefs, we can accept the same concepts. The problem arises when people feel trapped in a stone age belief system, that is trapped by stone age beliefs into a stone age belief system. Is that lunatic thinking or what?

So how can one step out of the stone age thinking? Just put down the belief that beliefs are fixed to history. Only some fraction of what I believe is correct, and that is true of all humans. Believing that our beliefs are 100% correct, rather that some of our beliefs are probably correct, some dead wrong, is a delusion created  by our ancestors to control the people. Religion is all about control of the masses.

Amsterdam, has the concept of license, regulate, and tax the deviant behaviors. That may be the way to move forward. They banned religions buildings at one point in there history. Churches became meeting halls. Discussion about some of these issues came into the open. They became a open society, rather than the closed segmented society we have today, which often claims to be open. Open societies are ones which are in the process of change, they have few fixed beliefs. Any topic is not forbidden by law, belief is tolerated, no matter idiotic. The prime directive applies, not to interfere in alien life and beliefs.

But then what do I know?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Realism v. Paris

Any ideology other than realism is just wrong. It is only realism that is right by definition. So how do we convince the world of this, and what is realism.

Realism has the foundation in truth, knowledge and believing nothing that is not real. How can that be wrong? All these old theologys need to be abandoned, and a new real belief system placed into the automatic part of our minds.

Treat other people as we would like to be treated, the though exercise of turning the roles around is likely one of the underlying principals. I have long held the "primary directive", "not to interfere in alien cultures" was helpful in getting along, but no longer. Paris has made this clear. All religions should be abandoned and replaced with realism, and a solid set of moral guidelines and maximums.  There is a space between virtuous and wrong. As long as people stay in either virtuous or in that neutral space, all is well. When they fall into the wrong zone, correction must be applied.  

I think there is a lot of things religions got right, but for the wrong reasons. Secondly, we have evolved technologically, and now must role this new knowledge into our "automatic thinking" aka "belief system." We each need to clear out the wrongs, and get on with living the good virtuous life voluntarily.

The first wrong that must go is the belief in any supernatural thing like gods, deities, ideologies, and we need to clean philosophies of all garbage. As Marcus Aurelius put it, "we were born to cooperate". That is one of the underlying principles.We can also subdivide important, neutral and damaging concepts. We should endeavor to correct the damaging first, and move on from there. Concepts that block progress, like beliefs in gods, must go first.  

Are we, by nature, social creatures or have we just learned that, as a species, we do better when we cooperate? I think that the former was more correct, now our evolution has changed us. Many have learned to get ahead of the group by force, by driving hard, by using people, and other narcissistic methods. When we we not a crowded, we had little, but we were more humanistic behavior, but less understanding. Now, to be equal to average, we need to go hard to make adequate moneys. This is what over population brings. Some choose to take by force or sell drugs that people want for "escape", and are addicting and/or damaging. Some try to impose there idiotic view on others by force, or kill off the non-believers.

But then what do I know? 

Saturday, November 14, 2015


A Trudeau is back in power, and now once again, the west will suffer. Since "Trudeau I" gave the Salmon Arm salute, the west has suffered. "Trudeau I" was responsible for the natural energy program, metrication, and human rights policy that places a burden on the working people.

Now "Trudeau II" is in power with his liberal ideas and we will pay the price. Waste of public money. Inquire into native missing women. The real question is why native, not the rest of society. Predators still exist, and harvest the one's they can cut from the herd. Herd mentality, sticking to the known safe group is a cultural imperative for other cultures. It is therefore a native cultural issue / individual personality issue / group personality issue, behavioral issue, dominate in the native population. It is part of the "give me" personality. 

Legalization of bud for the damaged, ok, but what about those smoked operators of heavy equipment, iron workers, roofers, labors, drivers for that matter? When you work with the smoke damaged, we often know. Low enthusiasm for the work, no concentration, low effort lay back attitude. Markedly different than the aggression of meth and coke, but both dangerous. Who will support those of us us who will not work with either group? Oh, well, I am retired now.

Is the legislation going to include a "piss in the bottle" after every accident clause? Who will pay? We taxpayers, of course/coarse.

What do I care, I am just doing life without parole, but the door is always open, according to stoic philo.

Is there a standard of social norms among cultures in Canada? I think there is, but it in a state of flux. There certainly is not in France. We see 140 dead out of Muslim attach. Which bunch of Muslims? The "true solution" is to eliminate religion, and live free of delusions.

Also, in this time of unrest, Trudeau II has decreed that there will be no oil shipped from the west coast. Alberta has no way to get our oil out now. Trudeau II has a desire to separate west and east.    

But what do I know?