Monday, November 16, 2015

Realism v. Paris

Any ideology other than realism is just wrong. It is only realism that is right by definition. So how do we convince the world of this, and what is realism.

Realism has the foundation in truth, knowledge and believing nothing that is not real. How can that be wrong? All these old theologys need to be abandoned, and a new real belief system placed into the automatic part of our minds.

Treat other people as we would like to be treated, the though exercise of turning the roles around is likely one of the underlying principals. I have long held the "primary directive", "not to interfere in alien cultures" was helpful in getting along, but no longer. Paris has made this clear. All religions should be abandoned and replaced with realism, and a solid set of moral guidelines and maximums.  There is a space between virtuous and wrong. As long as people stay in either virtuous or in that neutral space, all is well. When they fall into the wrong zone, correction must be applied.  

I think there is a lot of things religions got right, but for the wrong reasons. Secondly, we have evolved technologically, and now must role this new knowledge into our "automatic thinking" aka "belief system." We each need to clear out the wrongs, and get on with living the good virtuous life voluntarily.

The first wrong that must go is the belief in any supernatural thing like gods, deities, ideologies, and we need to clean philosophies of all garbage. As Marcus Aurelius put it, "we were born to cooperate". That is one of the underlying principles.We can also subdivide important, neutral and damaging concepts. We should endeavor to correct the damaging first, and move on from there. Concepts that block progress, like beliefs in gods, must go first.  

Are we, by nature, social creatures or have we just learned that, as a species, we do better when we cooperate? I think that the former was more correct, now our evolution has changed us. Many have learned to get ahead of the group by force, by driving hard, by using people, and other narcissistic methods. When we we not a crowded, we had little, but we were more humanistic behavior, but less understanding. Now, to be equal to average, we need to go hard to make adequate moneys. This is what over population brings. Some choose to take by force or sell drugs that people want for "escape", and are addicting and/or damaging. Some try to impose there idiotic view on others by force, or kill off the non-believers.

But then what do I know? 

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