Saturday, June 20, 2015

The real cause: world overpopulation.

But, but, they missed the real problem: overpopulation. We have exceeded the viable world population in many areas. Reduction in the birth rate or decrease in the survival rate will be required for a sustainable population long term. China one child policy works. It will need to be a world one child policy or a one couple one child. This would lead to wider diversity in the gene pool. If you want a second child, you meed to find a second mate. Less inheritance, more diversity. Oh, well.

What is the evidence for overpopulation? Look at the big cities in the west, or anywhere in the east. We need to modify agriculture to feed the people, and then we are eating survival foods, not proper  human foods. Water, look at California, the interior plains, and the contamination of the planet, global warming, etc. We can extend the earth capacity a bit, but how much and for how long? A years famine will wake the world up. 

In the sixties, overpopulation was a concern, as was food supply. We only have a "few days" of fresh supply ahead, but oh well, we have a year of survival foods. Water may be a bigger issue, as we are depleting the fresh aquifers in many areas. Fossil fuels to end by 2100. Ya sure, not likely. These will become more expensive, as the supply gets short, unless someone is desperate for money or has a political agenda. But then what do I know? It will not be the issue in my lifetime, for I am past my best by date.

No government but China has taken on this problem. The pope is yodeling about fossil fuel, but is resistant to population growth control. Islam thinks it is there right to reproduce like rabbits or rats, but they also have the right to starve. Oh well. Shit happens. It would be political suicide to suggest that we do something about the problem.

Religions in general depend on ignorance of how to live, what is good and evil, and on the lack of philosophy in schools. Stoicism should be taught as a subject, for it's fundamental beliefs are logic and reasoning is our supreme characteristic. We are here to flourish, and to do that we must all work together, else we will not prosper long term. Short term we can do well as individuals, but long term every individual expires or are returned to whence they came. 

Enough; Jasper elk a few years ago in the fall. 


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Stopping Radical Religion groups

Radical religions are groups that hold a set of delusions of reality strongly, and these group of delusions are passed down from antiquity as a set of memes. They are taught, and the true believer never questions the validity, the origin, and especially not the truth behind the memes.

For those of you that are familiar with memes: A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture".  These things infect healthy minds like chain letters of old. 

People who have never been taught to verify beliefs can hold these concepts so strongly that they are willing to die for and to kill to propagate the concepts.  Dieing for a concept is not an issue as long as that concept has value, like freedom, truth, justice, home or country, but religion, not so much. Protection of self or the values we have, truth, freedom, justice are worthwhile, but to be willing to kill for a concept is just stupid, and has no value. In other words, to kill of a religion is just nuts, as religions are just a set of delusions.

Anyone who is willing to kill for there religion are radicals and dangerous, and should be sent to a penal island or to where they came from. I would vote that we set up a penal on Axel Hieberg Island, along the east coast, about 1/4 of the way north from the south end. Give them pick and spades to dig out some pits, Sea cans containers to bury in for shelter, and they will need to be packed in to stay warm, muzzle loading bunks, and not much food or fuel. They could have a choice, leave for where they came from or the Axel Hieberg Hilton. Oh, well, there is not the political will to address the problem, or to identify the problem. If the government did, they would realize that any true believe can be weaponized. Puncturing the delusion wall and exposing the truth that we are what we think is the inoculation against weaponization of any human. The old Roman Stoics learned this from the Greek Stoics, and the system of stoic thought survives to this day, but does anybody care?

I come down to we have control of our own beliefs. Once we learn that and to adjust our beliefs, and some thing are up to us and some are not, we are off to the races.

and a picture because I can:


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poor-me culture

Having listened more about the Truth and Reconciliation report, I think the native culture has a case of the poor mes. They need to at what they got out of residential schools. Many learned to read and write, an bit of maths, all foundation to additional learning and desire for more education. If Canada had not taken the steps it did, the Natives would be totally living and dieing on the reservations. The only available work for them would be illegal cigarets and menial labor.

To get out of the poor-mes, positive psychology must be applied. Make up your mind, and when you want help after making your mind up what you want to do with your life, get on with it. Choose carefully. You also will need to be happy with your choice and the level of wealth it may bring. Some careers are just not worth the effort. But we do not know this when we start, we may need to train in a few related areas before we find what we are suited for in this world.

I was lucky in many ways. I proceeded by elimination to a field, tried a bunch of areas in that field, and then the economy went for shit, thank you Trudeau, you asshole, with your NEP. The economy to twelve years to sort of recover, it was never the same, and for those twelve years, I tried lots of things, but found none better. It was those years that made me realize that life stinks, hurts, and then you die.


 Note the layering in the rock. In addition, it is fractured in the typical two other axises. Those wall are just like piled cubes with minor friction bonding.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Truth and We want your money

Warning: Rant, politically incorrect, opinion only

We just heard from the natives again, Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It shows how out of touch with many Canadian tax paying citizen, the native culture is. It is a problem of there culture, as it exists today, is out of step with the world they inhabit. The organisms are not adapting to there environment. Soon this Canadian nation will be broke, like Greece, or the Moors will be the majority, and then what will the natives get. The legal system will not work; it is out of honor and integrity that it works at all. Demand to much and you will see civil disobedience. The civil services, utilities, and the like will be overloaded and become unreliable. We are headed toward being a third world country. The US is being dragged down with it's military, we by our soft heart. Oh well, shit happens, even when we know it is coming.

The natives are demanding a apology by the pope. Good luck. The pope considers himself infallible, and the institute of  pope as infallible, according to the RC church. Apology would undermine the office of pope, and leave them open for a legal challenge.  It will not happen is my prediction. The best they can hope for is a mistakes were made but not by me statement.

Ultimately, it can be said that the law and traditions of the time was carried out, and the effort to make the natives into productive citizens failed. Attempted Cultural Genocide perhaps, but many natives are not productive citizens, by working class standards, they are a drag on our economy, that is trying to restore a historical culture, artsie farts stuff. Oh well. There culture, as it existed, and exists today, is stone age culture, thrust into the modern world. Considerable change can be expected to be required. They are lucky that they were not simply eliminated when we invaded this land, or allowed them to be hunted, as they were in Newfoundland and Tasmania. They have no understanding of time, change with time, and the urgency of keeping with the times. There stone age culture does not have the same values as our industrial based culture. They can play ketchup or be trampled. It is there choice.

They are not the first culture to be eliminated by the English. My own fathers native Irish were greatly abused by the English, in a genocide by do nothing Cromwell, during the Potato Famine and since. There was the Black and Tan thugs. They had few choices, starve or leave or be physically beaten. During the land clearances, where the poor were forced off confiscated lands, that had been stolen from the people, deeded to English Barron's; many immigrated to the new world, becoming the foundation of the second world.

The natives want to study the missing women problem, rather than accept is is fundamentally a problem that is brought about by there cultural resistance to accept the reality of life today that makes them easy targets. Predators exist. Predators always hunt the easy targets. They need to accept this and take care of themselves. If they do not take care of themselves, they will fall victim to predators of free society.  It is there choice. The remainder of us tax paying citizens just sit there and pay.

It was the law of the land at the time. Was it wrong, perhaps, but the intention was better than elimination. The situate of  limitations has expired on this. Get on with life, or stay on welfare, it is the individual choice of each of the natives. They are held prisoner by thinking that there treaty claims are rights. It is the attachment to there culture that is holding them prisoner. All the immigrants that came here before WWII, left there culture behind, while many of those who left more recently, have tried to bring there culture and religion with them. That is the root of the other problem we have here.

I have had my own struggles, adapting from a backward 60's small farm horse/small tractor cultural to a city industrial culture, education, computerization, communications, internet age, all with a touch of dyslexia.