Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poor-me culture

Having listened more about the Truth and Reconciliation report, I think the native culture has a case of the poor mes. They need to at what they got out of residential schools. Many learned to read and write, an bit of maths, all foundation to additional learning and desire for more education. If Canada had not taken the steps it did, the Natives would be totally living and dieing on the reservations. The only available work for them would be illegal cigarets and menial labor.

To get out of the poor-mes, positive psychology must be applied. Make up your mind, and when you want help after making your mind up what you want to do with your life, get on with it. Choose carefully. You also will need to be happy with your choice and the level of wealth it may bring. Some careers are just not worth the effort. But we do not know this when we start, we may need to train in a few related areas before we find what we are suited for in this world.

I was lucky in many ways. I proceeded by elimination to a field, tried a bunch of areas in that field, and then the economy went for shit, thank you Trudeau, you asshole, with your NEP. The economy to twelve years to sort of recover, it was never the same, and for those twelve years, I tried lots of things, but found none better. It was those years that made me realize that life stinks, hurts, and then you die.


 Note the layering in the rock. In addition, it is fractured in the typical two other axises. Those wall are just like piled cubes with minor friction bonding.


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