Saturday, October 31, 2015

Legal Issues

I was down yesterday doing a defense "professional witness" gig on a non binding arbitration. What an experience. A delusional home owner/landlord who suffered some vibration damage on two house that originally had severe settlement problems, and here lawyer is as bad, but not delusional, but hourly paid hustler. The houses are worth about 380,000 and a vacant lot is worth 400,000 current price. At the time of damage, which she would not settle the damage at the going rate, about 30,000 per unit. She want two new houses out of the deal. Oh well.

The legal people have a term for this; the thin skull situation.

Even the lawyer does not want to believe physical evidence of previous damage, a tile floor set in segments to accommodate the hump in the floor. It is difficult to convince anyone when his paycheck depends on not accepting reality.


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