Saturday, January 23, 2016

The begining of the end

So the beginning of the end of the usefulness of the internet begins. This idiot shouts down this opponent, and because he does not threaten them, that is ok. Well ok. So the courts say.

The internet is uncharted territory, OK, and with excessive advertising that just gets in the way. It is the advertising that "pays the bills", but once it impacts on the use of the net, it stops being of value to some of the users. How effective is the advertising really anyway?

So can we convince anyone of anything by just shouting them down? No, but we can keep them from getting there message out there in a big way in this form, for a while. It is another form of denial of service attack, a form of overload on the system.

It is a old school method, blunt force, but not lasting effect. It is like the Muslim religion... well not quite... they choose to ignore reality... as the Buddha said... dust in there eyes, wax in there ears. They choose not to hear and see. To them, it is OK to kill off non believers, or that is what there holy book says. The believers that do not follow the teachings completely may be OK, but it is not a religion of peace and should be eliminated, but the government says we must allow freedom of religion, even when that religion wants to take us over and ruin the world. What bullshit from the government and religion. Wake up, there is no god. Gods are concepts and do not exist, just like the self and rainbows. Your mind is just playing tricks, because it has not yet evolved to understand concepts automatically.

It is this automatic part of our mind that allows us to think and do something at the same time. It is a wonderful part, but hard to control, it does not want to be still. That is what meditation does, still the subconscious, shut it right down. That is why meditating people seem so relaxed, the automatic part of there brain is turned off. They lose all sense of urgency in life, all desire to get things done, all industry in life. There ability to chew gum and walk is just not there. Oh well.  They are at peace with the world, at one with all that is.

Getting back to shouting down the competition on the internet is one more reason to not utilize the twitter system. We need to draw a line somewhere, we can only do so much, and if we extend into the communications to far, we cannot be a expert in an major field; there is just not time in our world.

We reality based people cannot shout down all the religious fanatics that cannot separate myths from reality. Oh well.  

But then what do I know?     

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