Sunday, April 24, 2016

Separation of Faith and Knowledge

Separation of church and state is a fine thing, but more important is Separation of faith and knowledge. Here is a fine example of not doing that.
Even the title is wrong, it should be believing not knowing. Science and evidence is the method of separation of these two.

Absence of evidence is weak evidence of not existence of things like god; enough absence of evidence is must raise doubts, and even more should move us from unable to prove false to probable true range. Oh well, the placebo effect is still a real effect.

Trust of science is something that some of us have, and others do not. Yes, there is wrong science, but most of the time there is also early doubt, or obvious anecdotal condition. Wrong is also different from fraud as in the case of Ansel Keys, and some others. But there is a major step between belief and knowledge, and that must be larger than the placebo effect. You can test one placebo against the other, and pick the best placebo. That is the double blind standard. Unless you can show a real effect, what have you got? The better placebo. Oh well, fun was had by all, dollars turned, and someone made a bit of money.

But what do I know?  

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