Monday, April 25, 2016

Deconstruct Religion

After we separate our beliefs from our knowledge, we can deconstruct religion. We can separate into five heaps at least; organization growth, fanatic/supernatural, story/myth, desirable virtues/characteristics, desirable behaviors/concepts. Little else remains. The first heap is to provide money and growth to the organization.  Two of those heaps have no real value, and two are important to civilization. These form the foundation of society, without these there would be continual strife.

Except for thieves who steal pensions like this guy... ...   If this is permitted, and not reversed, all "company pensions" are at risk. Now what? Buy the company, borrow money against it, take the money out of the company and pension plan, and walk away leaving the corpse of the company circling the drain. 

Anyway, in a general way Seligman found that that all the virtues/characteristics could be grouped into 6 categorizes: Courage, Justice, Temperance, Wisdom, Humanity, and Transcendence. Even philosophy falls in transcendence, but Seligman seems to ignore that. Oh well. Seligman did not concern himself with the recommended behaviors, and that is where the big difference between the various religions is at. Seligman is considered to be the father of Positive Psychology profession, and has blind spots to the drawbacks; any movement has some.

So now that the desired virtues/characteristics are established we have something to work toward. The behaviors become consistent with the virtues; well sort of, but there is conflicts, and choices. In many cases the choices become any one of many suitable options. There is plenty of space between "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others" and "Whatever you would that others should do to you, do you even so to them". The negative version is more correct; for there is also much space between what we like and do not like. Oh well, life goes on and I remain godfree. What do I know anyway?


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