Thursday, April 7, 2016

Idiot Muslims

Bangladeshi Police Tell Atheist Bloggers to Stop Criticizing Religion if They Want to Avoid Being Killed

Bangladeshi Official, in Response to Murdered Atheist, Will Investigate His Blog for Offensive Posts

There is no god, therefore all religions are bullshit. We have free speech. With non-rational attitudes like this, what can one do?

It is not safe to travel to these countries.

They think like emotional children. "I want it my way. I do not want to deal with reality or with other people who do not think like I do. I want. I want." (jumping up and down, fists closed, screeming) So they go out and kill the offender. Is that civilized? 

If the peace loving Muslims do not speak out and do something, all Muslims will be tared with the same brush.

and one more

But what  do I know?


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