Monday, May 15, 2017

Religion, the home of the uneducated

Religion is just not compatible with advanced education. Where ever we look, we find answers but no god, no afterlife, no soul. There is no physical evidence of any gods. The only place left for a god to hide is in the mind of the believer. The more we learn, the more it is apparent that any continued belief is just not compatible with higher education. Cognitive dissonance, is just not reasonable to live with. One concept is wrong, the other is right, both cannot be.

Some of us were raised on farms and saw first hand the development of livestock. Evolution, that is at least change in livestock, generation after generation, is a given. To say that evolution, aka change, did not happen was just a non-starter. Some of us have spent our lives working with the residue of time, geological formations containing traces of the past, fossils, and processes visible today. We have explored for the devil, and found only nature, and natural process, no god or anything that is not natural. There is no god. Some, among us, have moved on. Now it is time to become positive, and develop understanding of the foundation of society at a practical level.  

The foundation of cooperation between humans demands common ground to build a relationship on. Cooperation for survival is a good place to start, once survival gets to be dependent on cooperation. We are near that point now. Survival has always had a component of cooperation, but we are living in a good time of survival. We spend freely on medical research, and now have the capability to extend life of the generally nonviable bodies " about as long as the money lasts." It is time we need to make a decision on our priories. The first should be survival of the species, and to a large extent, that depends on accurately understanding the real problem we face. Religions are not looking at nor helping in the understanding of the problem.

Looking forward, we are facing a number of situations. Islam intent to take over the world with their over control of the people, and those of us who resist religion in general. Europe is a power keg, and there are sparks here and there, so it could touch of at any point. The middle east is unstable, and the US and North Korea, where propaganda is the religion. Unless these are resolved, the problem will just fester, all the time becoming more dangerous. It is time for the religious to see clearly, that they are part of the problem, if the foundation is reality.

One of the truths of the world is that as population grows, so does the variety of possible governments. The problem of government is it is a dead weight that must be carried. As they grow, and they all do, the burden of carrying the government grows, and at some point will kill the incentive to work legally. So tax crime grows, to the point tax avoidance become acceptable in the society, even preferred. Than regime changes occur, and we start over again. We are getting near that point again. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.        

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