Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump Burns Canadian Asset

OK, so trump burns an Israeli asset. Trump to Russia to Iran and Syria, then kills the whole village and the asset.  A day and a half, and it is all over except for the screaming and more killing to come. A well placed source (the internet, well placed but I did not say reliable) told me so. It could be true but it was the US strike.   http://www.businessinsider.com/air-strikes-on-islamic-state-in-syria-kill-30-12-of-them-children-2017-5

In the world of spy novel, which often have some foundation in the past reality, Trump just burned someone's asset. Oh well, we now know that Trump and by extension, the US, cannot be trusted. The effect is that if anyone wants to be safe, then sharing information about what the undesirables have been up to is risky. It always was, and as the governments have, in the past shared info, it is more of a problem.

That is if Russia can figure out who gave them the information, and Russia has a reason to act, and if ... and if... and if....  .  But the real damage is trump cannot be trusted to keep his mouth shut when dealing with Russia.  Impeach.  Assassinate. Shut him out of the real information flow.  Your choice or not.

Now what does that have to do with anything. I have a neighbor who has three greenhouses. I have never been in the third, yet, from the heat, I know it is active, and has been for years. I also know that he spends a fair bit of time in it, and plants do not come out of it in the winter, nor in the spring that I have ever seen. The other two are part of a smaller greenhouse operation.  Yet occasionally a van pulls up and "something" is moved.  Occasionally stuff comes in as well. But what do I know? Am I going to say anything to anybody? not likely beyond this.

So if the trump cannot be trusted, is the Canadian government going to continue to feed the US information? Not when the information gathering is active, for they value their sources, or at least I hope they do. Or the sources will filter information for their own safety. Although he may have the right to pass on the information, I doubt that he will be given it henceforth. He just shot himself in the foot and has not realized it yet, openly anyway.

If trump cannot be trusted, I suggest that Canada impose a matching softwood export tax on the US and watch them scream. The damage is already done in Canada. Shot down the BC coal port that the US uses, or apply the carbon tax on that coal. Do something anyway.

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