Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Much Information

Today we are exposed to too much information to really take in, in a well understood way. We take in much of this based on faith. For the religious it is taking in of god on faith, For the remainder it is taking in science facts on faith that somebody understands this stuff, and we sort of do understand, and can see some evidence for the logic. Religion is fraud; what they point to as evidence is evidence of a result, not the process that in there view, requires a god. There is no physical evidence of a god, yet so many insist there is a god.

The internet has allowed us to find much information, books and the like. Much of it is untrue, hypothesis, pure bullshit, story, but there is also some correct information. It is hard to sort, truth vs pure fabrication, fiction, bullshit. Bullshit now has a definition; the author does not care if it is right or wrong, it is just a good story. 

Atheism is superior to any of the religions today as it is truth and knowledge based. It does not simply go on believing as our ancestors have for thousands of years but stop to ask questions. Is there any physical evidence of god? No. Is there any physical evidence for souls? No. Life after death? No. Afterlife? No. So what is the foundation of Religion? Stories from long ago.

Man, an opportunistic animal developed on this whirling rock. We went from our latest evolution out ward in all directions and mated with our primate relatives, any that we could interbred with. We were just the latest out of Africa group, or were we. The process of evolution, variation and section pressure continues everywhere. So we who carry the genes necessary to reproduce, and those who do not or chose not to do not reproduce. Not reproducing in an over populated world is a proper response, but our genes die out. Overpopulation will become just another selection pressure. Oh well.

So what should be the foundation principle for the morals of the world. This is 2017, I am a man. I am responsible for all that is wrong in my relationships, so the wife tells me. Ultimately, we all are responsible for us all getting along. 

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