Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Need for religion

Religion provides a community within our modern society. Even based on a fallacy, there is something comforting about being with group of well meaning people. There core concept is just wrong, their reason for doing as they do is wrong but there behavior, well some of it is right. It come down to some of everything is likely wrong.

Now on average do churches do any good? Well there is no doubt that they do some good and some bad, they hold back development, birth control, treatment of disease, the protectors of traditions, weather that tradition is right or wrong. There is also no doubt that up until about a hundred years ago, they were on average better than the alternative, nothing. Now, I am not so sure. We live in an overpopulated world. We have too many people, problems of food distribution, labor distribution, aka abandon all that we worked for and move to some other area and start over. Some will say sure, others of us will just stay here and struggle until we die.

Some people accumulate things, others have no attachment to there surroundings, and just rent. These are two very different mindsets, or foundation beliefs.  

The issue, as I see it is continuing education at a social level. We grew up in a limited society. As we change, as the world changes around us, we need time to learn, people to learn from, and that societal anchor, which religion provided for some. There in is the problem, the anchor is just gone in modern cities. It has become irrelevant to the next generation, as a useless residual organization, yet it still has benefits to offer, namely some form of community. 

The biggest issue with churches are the top down control of thing like abortion, birth control, easing of pain, suffering, etc where it is the individuals which will be effected, not church official in the Vatican or elsewhere. They have no right to try to control others from the grave. There only right is we let them do it, we seek the advice of the elders, but we are not bound to there advice. Moving on is not easy, but it is the individual that must do it, not the organization. Governments add one more layer of control freak-ism to our society.

So what right does the government have to control social concepts or our drug use? Too much control and we will rebel. As we approach the end of our lives, we need to have more methods of pain control, some of which actually work.

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