Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Now for Climate Change

These are exciting time. Change just got a big push. It will soon be politically correct to be a sociopath, when the US elected one as president elect. Those who voted for him have four years to change there minds, and see the removal of all social support systems. It will be each man for himself now. Crime will increase, policing will increase, the prisons will be death sentences, and the rich will get richer.    

Now that Trump is coming in, any cooperation with the reduction of Co2 is not going to happen. What is the next logical step? There is no point flogging a downed horse.

What is the antidote to high Co2, high methane? Well that is dirt in the atmosphere, nuclear winter, asteroid strike, to block the sun light for a while. So shutting down coal plants, and clean coal plants are suddenly out, dirt coal is the way to go. Blow soot into the air, to block out the sun. China has it right. Carbon capture on land as grow high oxygen producing, carbon fixing plants. Cattails and sedges, rice, in the sewage, and kill two problems at once. Oh well, I am not in charge, and nobody listens to the unpleasant but a correct answer to the problem. Plant potatoes corner post to corner post, and cabbage.

We the people need to learn to live with much less, and to die earlier. We need to lower our expectations to a life of struggle, and relearn self sufficiency, and community self-sufficiency,  where the community needs little from the outside world.  We need to relearn community cooperation, where the ideals of a commune can be practiced. That would fix a government; there would be no way to collect taxes beyond expropriation. Welfare, is the solution, all pile onto the system, and soon, we will be free of the government.

Other alternatives are tax revolt, or as the US did, elect a radical... Trump. We have or soon will pass the Co2 point of no return. Climate change is on us. Trying to keep the rise below 2 degrees C has been lost by electing Trump; 10 degrees as a target is now possible. Inland Canada will not too bad off for a time. I am glad I am retired now. I expect a big die off of population, and I could be part of the first wave of the correction to overpopulation through extreme hot climate. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.  

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