Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vitriol on Religious

This post is about the religious arrogance and stupidity of those who believe  that god has all power and this allows not having personal responsibility for anything that happens. Providence is not a real physical concept, what happens is in the past by the time we thing about it, that is the problem. We should do nothing until we think about it.

Providence is we simply are unaware of all the factors, decisions of others and choices made to lead up to an event. We chose to believe it is all luck, which it is not.

Speed is dangerous, for those that speed, should carry the liability of those actions. I know that single axle trucks and school buses have a high center of gravity and are unstable on curves. Lose loads, like children, and reverse crown make this worse. School buses have repeated routes, so the driver should have know all the typical conditions. If we is that aggressive of driver, should he be driving children? So what am I on about?

So this religious person is not willing to assign responsibility, or take responsibility for their actions. Well at least the mother not. That is a dangerous attitude for anyone. This person is not involved, but this sort of dangerous attitude is what causes these religious people to fail to take responsibility for there own actions. Failure to take responsibility, self forgiveness for atrocities committed to benefit one's self, must be considered a crime to humanity. It is sociopathic behavior, and should be called out as such. It is like Hitler's "how terrible for you." No society should permit such sociopathic behavior, nor the organizations that support such attitudes.

Failure to follow the laws of society shows a lack of respect for society, which is the essential definition of sociopathic behavior. Now granted there are some laws that the reason for there existence may be a control freak city council, cash cows like photo radar, or some other city council personality issue. There may also be conditional or time dependent needs for some laws, that full time enforcement is applied. Not rational, but the law conditions.

Speed is dangerous in other ways. We typically make traffic decisions based on distance, not the speed of drivers. We would otherwise need to study the speed and distance of oncoming traffic, which would require waiting a bit more time to make decisions, which we often do not have. When pulling out onto a busy roadway, we often know how much space we need, but if someone is coming at twice the speed limit, we need twice the space. I frequently turn onto a main road with a 80 kmh speed limit, onto a road suitable for a 100 kmh speed limit, where people frequently travel 120 to 140 kmh. Now should I assume everyone is a sociopath, or everyone is law abiding? On that road I am forced to assume everyone is a sociopath until proven otherwise.

But to get back to the wrong thing that religion trains into people, that is the basic cause of terrorism. Training that our life does not matter, and that death is a glorious thing, better than living this life is just training terrorism. It is just training sociopaths. It is a small step from this mother to a bomber. Once we realize that death is final, that afterlife is pure fiction, fantasy, bullshit, then we are open to testing if there is a god or not, and as soon as we test, we see that a god is similar fantasy, Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 


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