Friday, November 4, 2016

Damn Government

Trudeau, the gutless, is saying no more pipeline, Alberta, but forcing us to figure out what he is saying. There is just no way to comply with what he is asking for. This means there can be no expansion in the oil sands, just the status quote of steady production. This is not an entirely bad thing. It just means the oil sands will be there much longer. Oh well, slow steady production is not that bad.

So the government just fined a deaf school for not treating a teacher with a guide dog better. There were children with allergies, and the teacher was moved to a small classroom where she and here dog could receive allergy free children. An impossible situation for the institute, and the government fined them for not doing better. Stupid Politically Correct movement, stupid government. These allergies and free access for guide dogs are just logically incompatible. The school was in a lose/lose situation. It had no choice.

Compassion is a virtue, but not stupid compassion. Indians do not want a Habitat style housing program, they want total gift, but are not willing to do the maintenance on their housing. WTF. Why should we keep on giving? Either grab a brain, or suffer. It is a cultural issue, native cultural problem. It is up to them to change. Perhaps we need to explain the facts of modern life to them.   

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