Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day of Trump vs. Clinton

The US election is upon us. Both of the main choices are less than ideal, but the US will bare the blunt of this choice. Trump does not lie, for to lie is to know it is false, he is a bullshiter, as he does not know what is true or not, and does not care. Hillery, has experience, and little will change, yet it need to.

No one has the right to push their views on others, and I do not have the right to push my views on others, at least in trivial matters like religion, abortion, gays, politics, yet the government does push it laws onto us, and we submit to a point. I can lay out my views, where you can examine and pick over. The US may have a few radicals who get out of hand after this election. Oh well, that is in the US, where I fear to tread.

The most pressing issue is temperature rise and green house gasses, co2, methane, CFCs. These are gasses that are lighter than air, but still attracted to the earth. The carbon dioxide level is over 400ppm, and will clime fast until spring. We are at the point of no return, all governments will need to force carbon dioxide cuts on all populations. No government can be exempt. If any do not comply, there will be no progress on the issue, and the earth will be doomed to higher temperature, which is the likely outcome. There is a correlation to population, but it is in least partly causation, depending on how well we live. By the time Co2 climes to 475ppm, methane, from seeps and methane hydrates thawing will also be so high that we will have a real fast temperature rise. We are at the point of no return in temperature rise, save nuclear winter. Oh well, the politicians are not listening.

Ozone is the only solution, to oxidize the methane and CFC at high altitude and low temperatures, that and dirt in the atmosphere to cause cooling... or to learn to live and the new higher temperatures, until nuclear winter, and then learn to live with cold temperatures. That will be the likely outcome. Human life, in a overpopulated world will have even less value. We will just terminate the terminators, with government license. Lung disease, drug resistant bacteria, food issues, new diseases, and bigger ranges of warn areas disease may be some of the population reducers. Civil unrest is likely to be also major factors. Oh well. in the end we all just die anyway. Death is inevitable, growing old is not.


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