Saturday, November 12, 2016

Moving On

It is time to accept the environmental loss that is coming and prepare for the future, as best we can predict the future. If the Co2 is not controlled, we can expect climate warming, drying of the Southern US, Mexico, and people on the move northward to where the climate is more suitable for human activities. I expect that there will be seasonal migration as well, where people are trying to avoid winter.

One of the antidotes to high Co2 is dust in the atmosphere to block sunlight, nuclear winter if you like. Ozone production is another. Ozone oxidizes methane at low temperatures, and thereby reduces the methane and methane effect. That would be one way of storing solar energy, spit water into oxygen and hydrogen, store the hydrogen for night use, and convert the O2 to O3 with a bit more electricity. Release the O3, to clean our O2 of all sorts of nasties. We can live with trace amounts of O3 and dust.

Clean air Rachel Notley will not like that but that is but one choice if we are unable to keep Co2 down. We will lose much of the ocean and lake fish, and with that there will be a shortage of omega 3 oils. To some extent grass feed beef can make that up, but only grass feed beef. Humans will be eating jellyfish where they are dependent on fish for protein. Oh well.

Canada will need to become tough to deal with Trump. No more NAFTA, but we are likely to develop medical tourism with Mexico. Many of our imported vehicles will come from Mexico, China, Korea, perhaps even India. Expect the US to become protectionist. They will not honor many of there treaties either, so US will lose credit rating quickly.

Oh well, we live in a rapidly changing world. Who knows what the new US government will do next year, 68 days from now.


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