Saturday, August 13, 2016

Medieval Attitudes

Medieval Attitudes of the religious folk as show the real reason that religion should be abandoned. Not only are religions based on false premises, they are just irrational. As it was, as it is, as it will be... attitude. No time to step back and take a good look at the problem, just push on, unflinchingly. Persistence without evaluation or consideration of others views.

We see this kind of stupidity in government as well, when it tries to do the political thing. Same blind doing as they have always done. Rather than stating the obvious, asking for a report from a group of experts, and ending the debate, the government spends millions with another Indian  inquiry, which is the political thing to do, the outcome is largely irrelevant. The natives get there way, spend our money, and learn nothing. I am truth seeking, not caring how this all sounds.

More difference between groups of peoples can be found in looking and comparing within the most common areas;
  • cultural / social behavior, 
  • polymorphic (differences in distribution of characteristics), 
  • clinical (differences due to location, distance, time, development, education) and 
  • then finally epigenetic/genetic. 
These are listed in descending order of differences, cultural / social behavior being the largest, so it is the first place one should look. This can be changed widely by education.

We know that there are human predators; these exist and until we can determine who they are and lock them up by the rules established in law, all we can do is study them and there behaviors. We know they harvest those who they can cut from the herd, and isolate. It is doubtful that race is one of there considerations. It is all about opportunity within there hunting territory. The fact that there is a disproportionate native may indicate hunting territory or a cultural/social behavior that makes the native population most susceptible, hence most frequent prey. This may also indicate that the predictors are native or familiar with native ways, or marginalized within there own society. The devil takes the hinder-most.

It is all about personal safety, self preservation, and caution in life. Likewise, self-sufficiency, personal finical responsibility, and developing money generating skills are all required, all of which require education and a frugal attitude. Without frugal attitude you can have a pleasant life but never accumulate anything. Compassion is a fine attitude, but too much compassion for self and others will break the bank also. Needs and wants separation is a necessary skill also. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.          

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