Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump goes to Mexico. Will he come back?

As an Canadian who is afraid to go into the US, what Trump does or does not do is none of my concern. It is just entertainment.

Did the Mexico Government invite Trump south so as to educate themselves or him, detain him or eliminate him?  That question will answer itself in a few days. It is doubtful if the Mexican State can provide security to him. They do not provide security to tourists. Why should Trump be any different. He has pissed of so many, come coyote or cartel may simply make a preemptive strike. He is a presidential candidate, a US citizen, and a asshole. A high value target? What? What would make some poor Mexican famous? Good bye Mr. Trump.

Trump is or thinks he is part of the 0.1% that own most of the world. He has nothing in common with the rest of us peoples. Clinton is also.  Bernie Saunders lost out but he would have made the best president for the majority. Oh well, itewajda. (in the end we all just die anyway.) The US already lost.

Neither us nor ornament, as the old saying. (Moore's Principle)


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