Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oh, the times are a changing...






So now they can charge someone for doing what was allowed at the time? Retroactive law changes?

So some guy goes out with a iron age tool and kills a bear. His mistake was not doing it, but in posting the video, and the very public and far reaching communications about the event. There will always be some people, usually vegans, who object and some of them have a bit of power. Oh well. Idiots always exist, and some will take offense at most any thing.

In South Africa, where the effect of not enough protein is can be seen in the population, they are considering charging parents who enforce a vegan life style on the children, and cause protein deficiency; slow growth, poor muscle development, red hair, eye problems, gut problems, mental development problems (def in O3 fats). Vegan women have a higher frequency of autistic children. Oh well, it is difficult to educate against wrong beliefs. It is the false-truth/gullibility of the religion founding premise that underlies this whole issue. We are taught to believe the authorities, even when they are obviously wrong.

Rational proof must be considered, and at least evaluated. The vegans are just nuts. The Canadian Good Food guide is wrong, and is a leading factor in the obesity epidemic, but why should I care? I know that sugar, wheat, and other carbohydrates that drive weight gain and food fixation, resulting in the epigenetic switch being thrown to to large of appetite. Weight control then becomes a battle. Oh well, it is the public that needs to learn to live with this.

Vegans think they are `saving the planet` when the real problem is overpopulation; Humans need meat, some perhaps more than others, but we all need meat and fats that are just not available from plants. Maintenance of the inactive may be possible with only plants, but when the physical body is screaming for meat, that what should one do?     


  1. Unless they can charge 'em for poor judgment in posting their video, it'll be a big hullabaloo that will blow over in time for the next media circus...
    (I'm like the spokesman: as long as they are hunting humanely, I've got no problem. I don't hunt - I pay the marketplace to prepare my meats.)

  2. Our king Ralph said shoot, shovel and shut-up. He was right.

    He has another video where a turkey get beheaded with an arrow. When I was growing up we used an axe, and the nervous system keeps them flopping, hopping and running until the blood runs out. OH well, I am still going to eat meat, fowl, fish.

    How quick should the kill be to be humane? Many time bullet miss, and that would not be as humane as this spear was.

    Such fun to sit back and watch the world spin.