Thursday, August 11, 2016

Militant Atheist - No

Militant Atheist or Atheist Activist?

Atheist or one who recognizes that one of the founding premises of religion is just wrong ... false, unproven, not able to be proven, likely wrong, no evidence of, Monty's parrot comes to mind.  So having made that realization, is there any point in pushing that belief onto other? I doubt it. If they do not see the false founding premise as no foundation, is there any point in continuing to talk? I watch the blogs, so what is there point? Well each one are doing there own thing, in a different direction. Some rail against the god pushers, some against the religious views or the preachers of those views. Some make progress, some less so.

So what is the next logical step? To carry on my life, as best I can. Those who do not accept this reality, well, I am just not going to waste my breath, and I will continue to lead the Good life. (as Stoic). Positive psychology (PP) philosophy, a concept of improving how we feel about our life, is happy to provide exercises to help in this matter, but these may not in fact improve, but only change how you feel about them. A Stoic outlook will actually change our inward looking and humanist undertakings can help the outward world view. So not that here I have separated how we feel about life and changing our actual life even a little bit. Change is of more value than changing how we feel about it.

PP makes a point about winning pretty and winning ugly. Many big companies win ugly, take without giving good value. Governments are the same way. We know this, but have little choice. So how do we make corrections? That is where the Stoic had the inside hand. It is all about management of our expectations, delusions, and beliefs. We can lose ugly or lose pretty, and the stoics remove the ugly from us, leaving us with only the pretty. Smile, for we are the pretty, and only the pretty as long as we follow the virtues. Knowledge and wisdom being the first, temperance, courage, justice, fortitude and compassion rounding out the set. Some of us were raised poorly, even trained to be a slave to the family business(farming), and frugally. Living within our means is habit for some, while not for others. Some of us realized that life has more to offer than work, and yet find it difficult to change that mindset, likely encoded epigenetically. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The point is that what others think does not matter when they are wrong. It just does not matter to me if they will not take the time to understand. Life goes on, and if there is wrong committed in this world it is not by me, well intentionally at least. The reserve clauses apply.  

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