Thursday, September 29, 2016

Churches are not rational

Churches are not rational and never have been.

They oppose birth control when the major world problem is overpopulation. They each fear they will lose population share. In reality they are lose population share to the none and atheists.

Here is another example:   More irrational thinking, but this comes from the same group that burred people in road allowances outside cemeteries in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan, and sold churches where other were buried.

Religions are bullshit, for there teachings do are not provable either true or false, yet at ever turn in science, we do not find a god anywhere. The obvious but unprofitable and unproven-able solution is there is not one. They do not really care either, therefore bullshit. The bullshater is not concerned with the correct of the statement. They are unable to offer explanation for there supernatural statements.

They just made a Saint out of someone who would no give pain relief to the dying because suffering would ensure a better outcome in the afterlife. Why would I or anyone care about what they think?  

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