Thursday, September 15, 2016

Self Reparenting

There is a psychological process often referred to as reparenting, even though spell-check does not like that word. What it amounts to is that some parents did a less than ideal job or raising children;  they provide physical necessaries for life; little more. As a result many grew up as wild humans, and we need/needed a little house breaking. Some of us need a lot of change also for the environment we live in is nothing like the old home situation. Oh well, itewajda.

All parenting is deficient. How could it be otherwise. Parenting should prepare the youth for most things in life. Yet with the rate of change we have had in the last couple hundred years, what should we know? what should be taught in any course. It is likely obsolete by the time we know it, and most assuredly then, by the time we learn it, what ever it is. Stop the world, I want off.  

This self reparenting process is just adjusting our thinking, habits, behavior to something different that what we are/were, for change is the only constant. What the new us is going to look like is the big question, along with what should be changed. This process may leave us at odds with those around us, for they may not be changing, or may be changing in much different ways. Now what? How to we learn to tolerate those old characteristics that we find annoying, and those negative people?

I may have been negative in the past about some of the idiocy we see around us, where only a optimist could not see the broken conditions, the receding economy, and falling wages, dangerous working conditions, and the like, yet management insisted that all was roses. Oh well, itewalda, and shortly they went broke after declaring themselves big bonuses with the reserves, and not paying out owed wages. It always has been each man for himself.

The big issue with reparenting, if figuring out what we should know, how we should behave, act, and what we should do. Yes, that is life. Now if all we want to do is sit in the sun, we need to find where the sun shines, and go there. What is it that we want from our life? Not having too high of expectations helps, we are assured of success then, for it is life satisfaction that feeds back positive emotion into the positive psychology engine. Parents forcing big expectations on children is abuse, or may create necessity to achieve, even at the expense of there integrity. That is the downfall of a declining culture, a declining environment, a declining society. Oh well, itewajda.

There is doubt the environment in decline, and the issue that we in science are unable to motivate the politicians to do enough about it is a sure sign of a society in decline. It is every man for himself, to the limits of what we will do. All I have to guide me to the good stoic life is my integrity and virtue; if you prefer Epicurean pleasant life, or the religious purpose or meaning concept, have at it. It does not matter to me. In the end, it is each man for himself, and I do not really care what others do anymore.      


  1. I like your acronym "iteawajda", it has a nice exotic pronunciation rolling off the tongue...
    Reminds me of the acronym my HS theology teacher (Father Rick) stuck in my brain when we studied transactional analysis, "IGYYSOB": I Got You, You Son of a Bitch!