Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Be Aware of the Thought Police

We have government goons with guns running around creating bad situations in traffic and writing tickets for anyone who does not handle the situation within the letter of the law. Baiting and trapping. Revenue generation. Not for the public good, just another form of taxation.

Now the government is trying telling us what to think. They can regulate against behavior, but not against thought. We can think they are idiots, we cannot call them idiots. The government has just got silly, and must be treated as silly, for the lack of a better word.

Behavior is cultural. Those who live in the ghetto do not like those outside the ghetto. Those outside are not permitted to express their dislike for those within the ghetto, but those in the ghetto can do or say anything. There is no way to enforce the law. Prison is a better living condition than they have now in some cases. Only there freedom to choose body location is removed from them. Many were too nervous to leave there ghetto before, so what does prison take away?  Nothing they value much anyway.

If government thinks it can change our thinking, it is just silly. Religion has always been just silly anyway. Our thinking is the only thing we have control over. The government can abuse people, but they cannot enforce logic on themselves, and not force ideas onto people. It just cannot be done, even if the idea is good. They may be able to sell the idea, but they will need to state the benefits and drawbacks. Mixed culture have never worked in the past. So who thinks this one can work?

We cannot go around making posters that say the government, colors, or religions are ignorant of the nine point scale of truth, or that they are just silly. We cannot say they are just wrong, but we can certainly think it and teach it to our children, privately. We can certainly teach our children to be psychopaths and sociopaths, anti-social money wasters, religious freaks, criminal, and like depraved sorts. The government does not even speak out against such activities, but say something against a group of people who are causing local unrest in the population, and you are a public enemy. There needs to be a bit of uniformity in the logic. No group can be considered better, more important to protect that the herd. But that is what we have.

If we hung up fliers saying stomp out criminals, would anyone care? So if the government wishes to change the public culture, it better know what it is doing, but it is obvious it does not.        

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