Saturday, October 1, 2016

Purpose in Life

Finding a purpose for our life is one of Positive Psychology (PP) suggestions for a successful life, what ever that is. When we look at religions, most tell us how to live a good life, but the definition of good varies so much as to be mutually exclusive, aka cannot coexist. So WTF? When I look at any of the belief systems, there is some garbage in them all, as well as in PP, yet in all there are truths. Some of the truths are common throughout; yet each group has exceptions. Buddhism is peace based, and ignores the military forces necessary to maintain a country. Stoicism deals with much but Epictetus acknowledged a god, beyond nature. He did outline five possibilities and leaves it up to the student of philosophy to make a decision or not.

There is the Pleasant life, the Good life, the Meaningful life, the life with Purpose, where the meaning and/or purpose can be picked from a long list. We can switch along the way; we can run two or more and switch for parts of the day or week. We can do only part of the total meaning or purpose, leaving the hard part or just selected parts out. Consider the environmental movement; a good cause, and a major portion of the final solution will be birth control and immigration control, to control population. The Alberta Government will attach the production of industrial carbon, but is unwilling to much on the demand side, which is going to be the only way in the final solution, which will take hundreds of years to develop. Some things are just rationally compatible. Oh well, itewajda.

So what would the universal belief system look like? Well, it would be correct in a scientific way, truth would be one of the cornerstones. Yet truth is an abstract reality; better understood after looking at "the best current knowledge", and truth being the ultimate limit value of the function. We do not know what the final truth is but we ratchet closer to it all the time in science. There is no god is what we are trending toward, so in all probability, there is no god. Some of us have accept this and moved forward; there is no supernatural; no life after death in any form, no reason to pray beyond verbalization of thoughts and perhaps a better self understanding from that verbalization. So what is our purpose now?

Many religions say and think that the only purpose is to serve god, or some such nonsense. Life is the universal purpose, and to make that life comfortable is a secondary purpose, possible to make it comfortable for all or many is also in the running. Warm, fed, clothed- after that all is luxury. And if your priories do not match up with mine, you are on your own. If you want drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc, it is beyond what we are willing to provide, you are on your own.

So what happens when we stop wanting, stop wanting to do things? Just stop caring? About others, and about doing anything beyond sitting and watching the human circus? Online one can just watch, the pointless movement, and idiots flailing about without clear purpose.

It is apparent to me that purpose of life is life, and we can paint on any purpose in life, and if we believe it, all is good. Greed is the purpose of many, the search for money, while other take on mundane thing like defining what and how to build a suitable foundation for structures, roads, lines, and other such things. After a while we get old and cannot or do not want to do it any more. 

Ultimately, a great purpose would be to write the Logos, v 0.1 outline.   


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