Tuesday, October 11, 2016

meaning of life

There is none. Pleasure, good life of doing right (Stoic), a life of purpose, a life of meaning, be it aimed at ego, understanding, wealth generation, farming, trade, profession, what ever in meaningful to the individual. It is a choice, what are we content with. Most of us do not start out with a clear plan or direction in our life, rather we start, and make decisions as opportunities present themselves. Some create opportunities at school age, other struggle for survival, even in Canada.

I grew up without, living without much was economical, so education fairly economical to start. By the time my formal education ended, it was far from economical. I had undergone hedonistic adaption.

We humans are an opportunistic animals. When we see an opportunity... we take it. Oh well, itewajda.

We start with a hypothesis... and we are off to test that hypothesis... I want to be in the construction industry I think... and then it is too damn cold to be outside in the winter... I need an education... what are my choices? Pick one, and do it. What are my choices for employment? Pick one and do it? Advancement, security, benefits, poor. More education, and the situation is not any better.

There is an underlying hypothesis that education increases the chances of prosperity. This is false. Luck, choice of fields (largely luck, genetics, skills, interests are largely luck), and the time and changes in the economy of the time make such a impact on employment possibilities. Effort, concentration, work are important but more is just luck. A poor memory and work will not equal a gifted memory. Oh well, itewajda.

We start with a concept, an hypothesis, and if it is right, we do well, if it fails to be true, oh well, itewajda. The hypothesis is an unknown, assumed to be true, until shown not to be, or remains unknown.

Many hypothesis are just our best guess at the time, and with more information, are still resistant to change. We adopt hypothesis as true when we are raised with those hypothesis being assumed to be true.  Religions, are examples of hypothesis systems that have built up out of lesser hypothesis. Many are built up to promote a selected group of virtues, obedience to a story and institution being one of the necessary virtues. Once we become obedient to facts, truth, analysis, the whole religion thing falls apart. We see it for what it is, a hypothesis system.

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