Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hypothesis, Hypothesis, all is hypothesis, until we can prove it.

Definition: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. So all is hypothesis, until we can prove it. God, gods and the various concepts, no god atheism is also; however, when there are two opposing hypothesis, only one or neither can be correct. Evidence toward one is away from the other, we grow toward the more correct in science. Religions are dying for lack of evidence; yet they hold on. Starting hypothesis, formed without any knowledge are usually wildly wrong. This can almost always assumed. When there are many different, they are likely all wrong, except for the universal opposed, like there is no god. 

Once we start to look at religion as hypothesis, and each story as a separate hypothesis, it becomes apparent that each was an attempt at explanation, and we know more today, so the new hypothesis is more correct, yet are lacking. When we/I look at these as hypothesis, it becomes easier to let go of the lesser hypothesis.  

Considering the triune brain, physical, emotional, and rational behaviors, thoughts, and looking at US presidential election, the emotions are in the way of rational decisions. Religion is in the way of rational progress in society, and in the criminal element. Make drugs legal, but regulated and tax it. That is the only way to get control of the drugs, otherwise the US is just playing whak-a-mole. 

Mixed race culture has never worked in the past, except when one was subservient. What makes the government think it can work today? Canada has a problem with natives, Us with blacks, and everybody has a problem with Islams. Carbon dixoide is on the rise worldwide. The real problem is overpopulation, so what is the obvious solution? Pakistan - India tried it, and did it work? Not well. So we need a new hypothesis, and I suggest the problem is overpopulation, and the antibiotic resistance bacteria are the world's solution. 

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